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For me, love is the great divide and it’s a connection that in many ways will never disappear. Various situations have led me to now accept the reality that if you can not disconnect feelings from actions, love can become a very restrictive, self damaging thing. The past two months have had ups and downs (mostly ups), and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.
The day you caught my eye is the day you captured my heart, on a day when I thought the idea of ‘love’ was nothing more than a theory, a myth, was the same day you made it real.
I do not question the love that was and give the benefit of the doubt that it still exists today but love changes and evolves like anything else.
This transition period I’ve been in from HR professional to professional blogging and Social Media consultation has had some interesting moments. I can love you and still be 100% pissed at how business is moving and feel fine in expressing that.

Sometimes love exists in the present primarily because of the history and foundation it was built on, and not the actions taking place today. Love in its purest form is equally a balance of what you feel and how you express those feelings.
My folks have seen my work and the direction I’m going and have shared many words of encouragement and support. With me anger leaves little room for misunderstandings that can often arise when keeping things cordial. For the majority of my life I’ve allowed love to double as an indefinite get out of jail free card for people. The changes may not make sense to you and you may not know what set that change in motion but yesterday and today are distinctively different. They all run through my head as I reflect on and internalize all the changes taking place within me.

Don’t miss what the future has in store for you because you were chasing that good old feeling you once knew. The more I surround myself with outspoken, direct business people the more it cements the person that I am and the person I have to be so others know I am to be respected. I liken the manner I focus anger to a Bruce Wayne but others may be more of a Bruce Banner. Recently what I’m realizing is that in pursuit of the goals I have, while conducting efficient business, that anger is necessary.
All I know is that playing nice is a sure-fire way to miss out on something and get the shorter end of the stick.

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