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Gallery of Wonderful Quotes About Life ChangesThere are 7 high resolution photographs to check, so do not miss to see theme all at Wonderful Quotes About Life Changes galleries for your next inspiration by clicking the thumbnail below. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. Flirty Fleurs The Florist Blog - Inspiration for Floral DesignersThoughtful musings of florists who adore florists and flowers. August 19, 2013 by Alicia 17 Comments Well, flower friends, I have some big news – we are moving to Washington State. My husband has accepted a job position in Washington State that he is extremely excited about, so after just 8 months in California it is time to move again! There are a lot of positives to Washington State — it is gorgeous, I mean really, really gorgeous.
That being said – if you do live in that area and know of anything I must see, please let me know! Last April when I visited the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington I had no idea that 4 months later I’d be moving there! There are a few flower friends here in California that I would like to say a *huge* thank-you to, new friends or friends that I’ve gotten to know better over the past 8 months. Nancy of Oak & The Owl, love this lady ~ such a sweetheart and thrilled I got to hang out with her at Photoshoots and for introducing me to Max Gill. Yasmin from Floral Theory, I had barely arrived in CA and she invited me to join her at The Lab Event, where I got to meet Polly and to see an old friend, Marian of Savage Rose. I feel like I only touched the tip of the iceberg that is the floral industry in California, still so many farms and flower shops to visit in California! Plus, I still have a few weddings to design flowers for this fall in the Sonoma Wine Country.
Filed Under: from Alicia, Making Changes Tagged With: washingtonThe Floral Designer Marketing Workbook! The Floral Designers Marketing Workbook is an e-book written by a florist for florists, available for immediate download.
The workbook includes ten marketing ideas and each marketing  idea is broken into an exercise. When you purchase the workbook, you will receive a link to download an electronic zip file and will be able to start using the workbook TODAY!
Yesterday I purchased your new marketing handbook and wanted to thank you for your concise presentation and useful information which can be implemented easily and immediately!
November 1, 2012 by Alicia 15 Comments Yesterday was perhaps one of the biggest days of my life as I’ve made a huge change. I was happy and thrilled with an amazing wedding season, I had accomplished so much of what I had wished for. Sometime around, oh let’s say – Christmas Day 2011, I felt a huge and slightly painful need to change. I continued on with a full schedule of weddings and events on the books for the 2012 season, all the meanwhile selling off my large inventory. I am absolutely beyond excited to be visiting Holland with Florabundance Wholesale – can you just imagine all the behind-the-scenes access I will get to experience?? A trip to Europe will do my soul good; time re-focus and re-energize… and absorb the changes that are taking place. Thank you to my parents, who have been amazing pillars of strength and remain my biggest cheerleaders.
Thank you to the few friends who saw this coming, who have watched me over the past few months come to accept the changes already taking shape in my life, who were there for me when the freak-outs would flare up – I love you beyond words. I realized keeping this list updated was a time suck – and this year is all about making my life simpler! Try to maintain a work routine – I found that “time blocking” for floral work was much more efficient than multitasking between home and work.
Make lists – Making a task list is a natural thing to do when there are many details to stay on top of, but the act of writing congeals and commits things to memory beyond just thinking things out. Ask for help – If I had a nickel for every minute spent second guessing myself over an arrangement I’d have covered my annual Starbucks tab. Keep up your family and networks – Family for support, work for posterity; nothing can exist long-term in a vacuum, you included. Stay creative – Take the time to learn new things, keep a notebook for ideas, be inspired by things outside the industry, try to learn new ways of doing things.
November 7, 2011 by Alicia 5 Comments Over a week ago I wrote about why I quit the floral business (here).

Last Fall, I received a phone call from a wedding planner who got a call from the groom stating that he was very upset as he had just picked up a huge and very full arrangement of flowers from a local floral shop that was half the price that I was charging for centerpieces for their wedding. Compare Holly’s website to this company who also offers wedding flowers – Wedding flowers.
Tomorrow I will write about the importance of taking care of yourself and the importance of making time for you and those you love.
2) Talk to the vendors you work with and be forthcoming about what it is you really like to design.
3) I did update the contact page on my website last year and added options for brides to discuss what they are looking for. I actually just updated my contact page this past weekend and it has more details on it now.
Do you have an interesting story about how you made changes that you would like to share on Flirty Fleurs? October 28, 2011 by Alicia 18 Comments This week on Flirty Fleurs we bring to you the stories from 5 different floral designers who changed the way they are doing business to better fit their lifestyles. There were so many factors that contributed to my decision to unplug my floral cooler it has proven difficult to translate my thoughts cohesively into one post.
First, the simplest way to explain why I retired is that the sacrifices far outweighed gains.
Second, I was burned-out and fatigued and I did not want that stress to carry over to my work or to my clients.
The idea of quitting the business hit early summer 2010 as my in-box started to fill with 2011 inquires. I do want to recognize that there are many vendors in the bridal and floral industry that have families with similar dynamics to mine and are able to grow their businesses while beautifully balancing a happy and healthy home life. October 27, 2011 by Alicia 8 Comments This week on Flirty Fleurs we bring to you the stories from 5 different floral designers who changed the way they are doing business to better fit their lifestyles.
I used to own a full-on flower shop in the 80’s with a partner, and we were big,, beautiful and very wire-service happy.
You must see it at all.Check out the rest of the Wonderful Quotes About Life Changes photos, and the full page gallery as well. I am sad to be leaving my family and friends in California and all the new friends that I’ve been making here.
I introduced myself when I first arrived, she invited me to coffee and then to the Pilates class she teaches ~ so fun! After fourteen years in the business, I’ve learned a quite a few do’s & don’ts regarding marketing. These are marketing ideas that are focused on the floral industry, with a focus on floral designers looking to increase their wedding and event business. Yesterday I turned off the lights and walked out the door of Bella Fiori Studio for the last time. I kept it quiet, not wanting to ruffle any feathers and most importantly, NOT worry any of my clients.
In the words of my friend, Robyn: Leap and the net will appear – I sure hope she is right!! It’s funny, when I told my friend, Kaye, that October 31 would be my last day at the shop she replied with – where will you be on November 1st?
I realize it is probably an oversight because, honestly, I know I had a few oversights on my list. Yesterday morning I spent over an hour just checking links and I didn’t even finish checking all of them. Decide what is right for you & your own business and where you are in the course of your business. We have phones with cameras so snap a shot and ask for guidance from your network on hang-ups like color matching and texture, etc. Chuck and I cannot believe the feedback, emails, facebook comments, comments on the blog and tweets we received! If I felt something didn’t really fit my desired look I would pass the wedding onto another floral designer. A lot of the designers I admire do this, too, including Holly Chapple in Virginia and Jenn at Modern Day Floral in Michigan.
Make a vision board & be honest what you want for yourself, for your family and for your business. I looked at my calendar and started to embrace the fact that spring and summer 2011 was potentially free.

Luckily, I am quite familiar with Washington State, having spent a lot of time there over the years. I hear it rarely snows (I’m just not a fan of snow and all my friends in Colorado know it!). Here I will share some of my successes and lessons learned, I hope you will learn from them while working on the marketing for your own floral design business.
I give an overview of how the marketing idea has worked for me, followed by the workbook sections where you will be prompted to answer questions, sketch out ideas and brainstorm {marked by Action Item}. The past few months have been intense; I resolved myself to not force anything to happen, just letting it fall into place. By mid-September Chad and I had finished off all our Bella Rents events, I was down to my last six weeks of weddings for Bella Fiori. For a long time I heard from brides that they loved this and how it helped with their planning process.
One caterer had deleted their preferred florist list because they are now doing flowers in house (why am I sending traffic to them??!!). A bride deserves to work with someone that really shares her vision and can best bring it to life. In my mind I was trying to plan summer with my family and started to imagine weekends of camping, hiking, neighborhood BBQ’s, soccer games, and swimming.
I kept my horticulture and creativity alive through my gardening and special “craft” nights with friends. My Uncle lives just outside Seattle and is offering us a place to land until we find our *home*. Flowers grow like crazy and I am already looking forward to the garden I will be able to grow. I’m excited to design a modern style look, it’ll be a change from aspen containers and mason jars. However, over the course of the past two years more and more Denver or Colorado based planning websites popped up and it seemed less people needed this planning piece on my site. Plus, I came across a few businesses that didn’t have me listed as a preferred vendor.
You’ll notice another comment on the original post by Debbie Orwat, she’s a planner I’ve known for years and she could tell you exactly what I like to design. I absolutely adored working with brides, grooms, and their family and took the responsibility of a vendor very seriously. As prospective clients started to ask about my availability I began referring them to other florists while dreaming of summer. Before I knew it, I now was spending my days managing staff, who were managing staff, who were managing things.
My favorite Aunt, his wife of 40 years, passed away in June ~ perhaps her Angel-self decided to re-route us to Washington?!
I’ll be within easy driving of Vancouver and Portland – lots and lots of flower things to explore up in the Pacific Northwest, right?!
I have thoroughly enjoyed shredding a ridiculous amount of paperwork and purging through old files.
I should have been driving to the wholesaler to pick up the flowers for this Saturday’s wedding. Just have to believe that it’ll work out for the best in the long run and you’ll keep a date open for a wedding that you really want to work on. If I could not fully commit myself to each client than I needed to take a step back and reconsider what I was doing. Plus, I have quite a few visits & adventures lined up with florists and flower shops – which, I will happily share here on Flirty Fleurs!!
I was working more hours and was earning significantly less than I was when I worked corporate job. Ultimately, business was not working for me, it was working against me and I was paying the price. I was at a crossroad and either I had to completely overhaul business to be more profitable or needed to walk away.

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