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This is an excerpt from my upcoming book Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent at the Right time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person.
The previous two posts in this series focused on how working too hard and engaging your own ideas and attitudes can reduce coaching effectiveness. This is the second post in a series reflecting on how to take your coaching to the next level. ILCT is honored that our renowned Wellness Coaching Specialist (WCS) certification program was approved as one of the programs that meets the requirements for the new National Certification offered by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches. It has long been my dream to have the power and benefits of coaching conversations reach beyond the individual business leaders or professionals we generally coach. Personal Transformation through Empowered Communication, Courageous Introspection and Purposeful Action CALL US NOW! The Satvatove Institute’s Coach Training Program has a proven track record of creating lasting change in the lives of both coaches and clients. Aslo, we have more than 30 years of experience facilitating principles of transformational coaching in a variety of programs, including the internationally renowned Satvatove Foundational and Advanced Seminars.
You are already a “coach” to the people in your life and you want the training and credentials. You are willing to be challenged and stretched in a supportive, loving environment of respect and accountability. You want the freedom to take the courses from your laptop, while still having a high level of personal connection with the facilitators and other students. You DO NOT want a generic program that can be completed in a few days with little effort on your part because you GENUINELY want to make a difference in people’s lives. Also, between classes students will be expected to read assigned material and engage in coaching practice within specific frameworks explained by the instructors.
Satvatove life coaches are systematic scientists as well as creative artists, expert in directing flow and evoking sublime qualities in people. This course will be offered, beginning in OCTOBER, 2016, in the form of 36 2-hour teleclasses.
Complete the information below, and within 48 hours a Satvatove coach will contact you to schedule a complimentary session.
This is a profoundly powerful coach training for developing your capacities as a stand for transformation and awakening for others, and for your own personal growth. Part of knowing how to support someone is discovering opportunities and barriers to achieving their goals.
MANAGE CHANGEThe goal of a successful Life Coach is to help their clients manage positive changes in their lives. What is a Life Coach?Life Coach (noun) - A person whose job is to improve the quality of his or her client's life, by offering advice on professional and personal matters, such as career, health, personal relationships, etc.
At the core of life coaching is the belief that every person has the capability to be, do and have anything he or she desires.We are all unique individuals but we share one very powerful attribute a€“ the ability to create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions. There's another a€“ perhaps more compelling a€“ way to answer the questions:What is life coaching? For more fascinating insights on 'What is Life Coaching' and 'What does a Life Coach do', why not download the free eBook,'Confessions of a Life Coach' by Neil Asher?
Is formal life coach training really necessary?If so, which life coach training programme is right for you?What are the current market dynamics in South Africa in relation to life coach training courses and accreditation bodies?
The next step is to look at what it takes to become a successful life coach and then choose the best way forward by deciding which life coach training course is right for you. The reality in South Africa - and most developed countries - right now, is that coaching is an unregulated 'profession'. If your aim is to be a high quality life coach and make a real and positive difference in your community - and the world - then committing to suitable coach training, followed by ongoing personal development in the discipline, is essential. If you're the type of person that genuinely cares about helping others transform their lives, then you'll be concerned about doing so in a thoroughly ethical and professional manner. The long-term sustainability of coaching as a discipline, is inextricably linked to the value that the market (or clients) ascribes to it. Understanding the impact you can have as a coach, knowing when not to overstep the line between offering coaching and prescribing therapy, and appreciating the fine balance between being compassionate without tolerating mediocrity from your clients, are crucial skills to be mastered.
A reputable training programme will incorporate professional ethics and standards at it's very heart. There are, of course, numerous coach training institutions, courses and programmes available in the UK right now.

PhilosophyIs the programme broad based, drawing from a wide range of sources and philosophies? Does the programme demonstrate a suitably open-minded and flexible approach to coaching or is it rigid and inflexible? Will it provide you with suitable certification - or proof that you have completed training? Will it impart the basic business skills you will require to open your own coaching practice? AffordabilityIs the coaching programme within your means to afford while still providing all you need to get out and coach professionally? ConvenienceDecide whether you are able to fit in with the training institute's schedule or whether you need the training programme to fit in with your schedule. Decide where on the continuum between totally online and totally face-to-face you prefer the course to be.
StructureThe newer you are to life coaching the more structure you will want to rely on when you start practising. Does the programme offer a coaching structure for you to follow or does it simply impart theoretical skills and cast you out on your own to fathom out what do do with them? SupportWhat sort of relationship does the institution offer you while in training and after training?
If all else is equal, go with the institute and programme that instinctively feels right for you! PROFESSIONAL COACH TRAINING Join the CCI Newsletter and Receive 7 Must-Have Forms EVERY Coach Needs to Build a Successful Coaching Business! Subscribe for Instant AccessJoin the "Christian Coach Newsletter" and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit!
At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries. Our research shows that most people develop an interest in life coaching after working in employment for some time or while holding down busy roles such as stay-at-home mother.Regular attendance at workshops and seminars, held when and where it suits the specific training institute is just not that attractive or practical. More than fifty hours of real life, hands-on structured practice coaching undertaken in accordance with a simple yet strict code of ethics. Some training institutes believe their job is done once they've imparted the theory and a bit of classroom practice.At New Insights we go well beyond that. At New Insights we want nothing more than to see our trainees become successful certified life coaches. We make it our business to be on hand to answer questions and give advice whenever our trainees need it. Bill Burridge and New Insights have featured in a number of press and magazine articles about life coaching and life coach training. Find out what it takes to become a life coach (and answers to other questions you are likely to have about becoming a life coach). Find out more about New Insights Africa, the company behind New Insights in South and southern Africa. Read about Bill Burridge, the Managing Director of New Insights Africa and New Insights Life Coaching UK. Read about why becoming a New Insights certified life coach is one of the best home based business opportunities you could consider. Find out more about the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme a€“ for those who want life coach training without compromise but with convenience, affordability and flexibility. Read about our Introductory course, New Insights Life Coaching 101, perfect for those starting out, wanting to know more or needing help to understand if life coaching is a fit for them. Why not take a look at some of the great Testimonials we have received from trainee life coaches and certified life coaches over the years.
Body-Mind Awareness is the next step by noticing your breath and where you experience it in your body. The quality of the  courses, and the one-on-one attention you receive from David and Marie, and the group support is unparalleled.
But as far as we know, there is no other program combining transformative communication with personal development, rooted in ancient spiritual principles. Classes include presentations on specific subject material, as well as instructor demonstrations, student practice coaching sessions, and interactive, participatory, and experiential exercises. This format gives the student powerful tools for profound intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness-raising, deep grasp of the principles of effective, transformative coaching, and mastery of the skills, strategies and techniques of the professional coach.

Through intensive skill development exercises students in this program will equip themselves with technical proficiency to effectively coach individuals and groups.
You can enroll in the full 72-hour course, or the first 24-hour segment (12 2-hour teleclasses), or the first 2 segments (48 hours; 24 2-hour teleclasses).
Once these challenges are addressed head on, the course is clear to move forward productively. Ultimately, great coaching, regardless whether we label it business coaching, executive coaching, health coaching, wellenss coaching, career coaching, personal coaching, whatever coaching – all boils down to one thing – bringing out the very best in yourself and others and the value of support and encouragement is something continue to make a difference for the long term.
You're passionate about people and your curiosity about whether you could making a living out of helping others be the best they can be has been suitably aroused! There is nothing to stop you from writing life coach on your business card and launching a new life coaching practice tomorrow. By this we mean that only those who consistently receive strong word-of-mouth endorsements and gain good client testimonials will prosper.
Is it registered with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association) or CETASA (Coach Education and Training Association)?
You can pay heavy premiums for programmes that claim to offer fancy international affiliations or accreditations without adding a great deal of value.
Is sufficient flexibility built into the coaching structure for you to adapt it as you gain in experience? Good coaches are those who have an underlying passion for, and desire to work with people, coupled with sound skills and techniques and an effective overall coaching structure. My goal was to learn and apply coaching skills to my ministry skill set as a pastor of a multi-staff, multi-campus church. President and founder of CCI, Janice LaVore-Fletcher brings loads of coaching education and experience along with years of corporate experience into the CCI training process. Both are leading experts in self-awareness facilitation, empathic listening and spiritual life coaching. Also, through ongoing personal development the students of the Transformative Communication Model of Coaching continually refine and nourish themselves, enabling them to support and challenge people to fully manifest their capacities. Similar to the idea of a sports coach, a Life Coach helps individuals perform at their highest level professionally, personally, and financially.
As a Life Coach, you will learn to ask the right questions, listen, and give honest and open feedback appropriately.
In fact, as more and more people are looking to alternative methods for health and wellness maintenance, the call for trained Life Coaches is on the rise. Life coaches will work with their clients to help them design and execute their own solutions to their problems and challenges. The market will quickly decide if you're someone who's really effective at helping people transform their lives - or not! She personally invests in each student so they have the opportunity to become the best coach possible. It's split into categories (see the blue blocks) each with one or more relevant pages (see the clickable grey buttons).However, if you'd prefer to have a document at your fingertips to read in your own time a€“ we call it 'everything in a nutshell' a€“ then simply request our free report.
Many clients seek Life Coaches for help with relationships, careers, communication, motivation, health, and spirituality. CCI provides comprehensive Christian Coach training that thoroughly equips individuals to become knowledgeable and effective coaches in whatever niche they decide to pursue.
Its a very comprehensive yet easy-to-read brochure that's designed to answer all the questions you may have about becoming a life coach. Read how our Christian Life Coaching Courses equip people to do this as a Christian Life Coach.
After you complete the assessment, you will receive information about Christian Life Coaching. Register for one of our free, informative, live Professional Christian Life Coach Training Introduction Webinars.

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