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There are an estimated 47,500 life coaches across the globe, and nearly 16,000 of those can be found in North America [PDF]. But there are hundreds of training programs that promise to teach the essentials, and at least one accrediting body, the International Coaching Federation, maintains a list of what it considers more legitimate training programs. According to Ziev, one solid coaching method is “listening and asking powerful questions.” By that she means open-ended questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” “For instance, ‘What would be a stretch goal for you? If a client is depressed or wallowing in the past, Ziev says she’ll refer them to a therapist. The way Cataldo puts it, coaching requires a lot more hands-on work on behalf of the client than therapy. Annie Lin, a life coach in New York, estimates that she turns down roughly 15 percent of people who approach her, usually because they have a pessimistic attitude. While each client is unique, coaches say there are a handful of weaknesses we all have in common. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is likely something you have this niggly thought that you should know more about than you actually do.
Keeping up with your blogging and making sure all your links work on your site is more than enough to do with your time as a life coach right?
I was absolutely one of those coaches that when I first got a website and started blogging regularly, who paid no attention whatsoever to SEO. I realised that I simply had not been paying enough attention to my content writing and blogging in such a way that could serve my ideal clients – and isn’t that what being an amazing life coach is all about? I had been paying attention to getting the copy on my website and my regular blogging formatted in such a way that was highly useful for my ideal client – but not highly findable and searchable in the world of Google. SEO, even when done in the simplest, quickest and most time and brain friendly way, is more than worth it, especially when it comes to getting you more traffic to your website for the exact things that you want your ideal clients to find you for. Absolutely Nicki – being across those social channels is so important with helping with your traffic.
I was just talking about this topic with my computer programmer friend over dumplings and wine on the weekend! It really is all about having a go Diana – so if you do even just that by yourself or with your friend it will help.
Thanks for the mention Julie and so glad to see you and the other coaches tackling SEO head on.

I was just doing some research into Googles latest Panda and Penguin updates and came across this post. April 13th, 2016 (Updated) by Pratish Mistry.Life coaching is a term that is bandied about quite loosely these days and it seems that anybody and his three-legged donkey can become one.
Life coaching is the practice of supporting an individual or team through the process of achieving one or more specific goals.
Depending on where you’re based, there are coaching professional bodies such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) in North America, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and COMENSA in South Africa that provide some level of recognised accreditation for coaches. Since much of the success in a coaching relationship is dependent on rapport, it is important to meet or at least chat with your prospective coach before signing up for a package.
Since there is an abundance of potential coaches available for both business and personal coaching, Wonkie recommends that you request a trial session before engaging someone as a coach. At it’s very core, coaching lends itself to collaboration, growth and innovation within individuals, businesses, relationships and more.
When Jen realizes that she has the power to influence she chooses to be responsible in advising and is eager to learn and have a bigger impact. Choosing a life coach is like going to the grocery store and grabbing a box of cereal off the shelf. These “experts” help clients set goals in every realm of life—from health to romance to career—and create a strategy to meet those goals, all the while maintaining a cheery, motivational disposition.
At any given time, Ziev is managing roughly 20 clients, and all the coaching takes place over the phone or Skype.
She likes to write about science, history, innovation, and life in NYC for such publications as mental_floss, Fast Company, and FORTUNE. If you come at it from the angle of – how people use search engines to find it gets really interesting.
SEO has been something that confused and frightened me to be honest, but with Shae’s help, I am ever so slowly starting to wrap my head around it. Wonkie thought it would be useful to provide a clear definition of what life coaching is and to strip away some of the fluff that’s floating about in public. Coaching sessions typically begin by determining what the goal is for the individual or team. Unfortunately, this has resulted in anybody being able to call themselves a life coach and going out and practising their personal brand of “coaching”.

Many coaches give discounted or free preliminary sessions – use this to help establish whether you will enjoy working with them. These goals can be quite diverse from dropping bad habits to increasing creativity at work. Establishing a fit in coaching relationships generally requires a look at more than just somebody’s experience on paper. Jen knows that if she is successful in creating better coaches, the world will gradually become a positive and fulfilling place. While there’s some debate about how legit a practice life coaching is (one recent lawsuit accuses a life coaching business in Colorado of running a lucrative Ponzi scheme), there’s no doubt business is booming.
Once the goal is articulated, the life coach, through a process of asking open-ended questions (i.e. This places the onus on the individual to do their due diligence and seek out a suitably qualified, professional life coach. Chances are they have coached leaders in almost any industry, individuals from many backgrounds and within offices of 1 to Fortune 500.
Like cereal, some may seem metaphorically delicious but lack the substance to keep you healthy.
Also, people believe their negative thoughts are true and not just a bunch of random gibberish. A mentor, friend, family member, guru, therapist or many types of counsellors may give you what you want instead. Coaching is very much a buyers market, so shop around and make sure you’re fully satisfied with what you’re going to get before signing up. A good coach will be someone who can combine a welcoming exterior with an inner substance that will help you in the long run. We talked to a few professional coaches about their jobs and what they’ve learned about human nature during their tenure. The best life coach for you will depend on your life situation and the experience and specialty of the coach.

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