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October 20, 2011 by Dana Bosley 4 Comments I’m a great advocate for reading books, especially life coaching books. The more knowledge you have, or are perceived to have, the more trust and credibility you’ll build with your clients and network. When it comes to networking talking about the latest book you have been reading is an easy way to break the ice. It keeps you up to date with the latest trends, techniques, tips, insights, and information in the life coaching world that you may want to incorporate into your business.
If it is your book, mark the parts that say something to you in the margins, and if it’s not your own book or an eBook, then write notes in a note book. When you have finished the book, record the date and then summa¬rize what you learned from that book either in the back of the book if it is yours, or in your note book. Remember the greatest value you’ll get from reading life coaching books, lies in your decision to take action on the things that you read, so act on your notes.

In addition, as you are reading, when you run across a recommended book that looks good, jot down the name and author and obtain it soon after.
Here is a short list and a brief of some life coaching books that might spark your interest. Neural Linguistic Programming Coaching, by Susie Linder-Peiz: An evidence-based approach for coaches, leaders and individuals.
Starting and Running a Coaching Business, by Aryanne Oade: A complete guide to setting up and managing a coaching practice.
I encourage you to start making a list of life coaching books you think would be helpful to you and your clients then go out and buy at least one this week and start reading. If you would like me to do some proper book reviews of the life coaching books I’m reading, please leave a comment.
By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Life Coaching Business Blueprint” video toolkit.

It was also an excellent idea to record the date and personal thoughts about what was playing out in your life at that time.
As a coach I find it is important to my business and for my life to stay up to date with the latest books on coaching in a broad range of areas and niches. If it is life coaching books what better way to start a conversation with potential client or contact. It can then lead to the opportunity to share what you know in your niche or area of expertise. If I don’t underline or write down notes about what I read, I most likely will forget the important things.

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