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Golden Freddy appears in minigames, one of which further hints that he was the original mascot of the original Freddy Fazbear's pizza along with Spring-Bonnie or possibly even Fredbear's family diner.
It's possible that Golden Freddy is like Springtrap in the sense of the ability to be both an animatronic and a wearable suit, given that A) The Purple Guy used the Golden Freddy suit to lure the 5 kids to the back and kill them B) the endoskeleton is visible in the images of Golden Freddy C) like Springtrap, it shares the yellow color and D) in one of the minigames in "Five Nights at Freddy's 3" Golden Freddy is shown entertaining children on a stage alongside Springtrap. Since Golden Freddy has the phrase "It's me" whenever he is summoned and crashes the game if one has 1-9-8-7 as the custom AI in the Custom Night, many players suspected that he was the cause of the Bite of '87. Many theories say Golden Freddy was originally brown, but being in the dark, never being used or the lighting turned him yellow, but in third game this theory was confirmed be false, because in the "Stage01" Mini-Game Golden Freddy is still golden. Golden Freddy's kill screen is similar to the Freddy hallucination screen but is gold and without eyes. In the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 2, one of the children drawings depicts Golden Freddy with the endoskeleton eyes doing what is possibly singing to them.
His scream is the same scream that the four used, simply slowed down, supporting another old theory that the Puppet stuffed deceased children in the animatronic suits with the fifth child going inside Golden Freddy. In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, it's scream is also different, it's the same as normal, except it's louder and clips.
Before the third game, Golden Freddy was believed to be the suit the Murderer wore to kill the children However some evidence points towards another suit but the theory is still popular. Some believe that Fredbear from FNAF 4 to be Golden Freddy, and there is evidence to support this.
Although his full name is Michael Brooks in The Silver Eye's novel, the events of the novel are non-canon to the game series. Dateline has traveled the world, retracing Michael Jackson's footsteps to uncover the mysteries of the last years of his life, and uncovering evidence that may hold the key to his death, including a phone message left by Dr.
It was a time when Michael Jackson was a nomad, simultaneously searching for a new home, and for a fix that would give him even a couple of hours of peace.
Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC correspondent: During the trial, he was aware of what might happen if he was convicted?
And to those who saw Jackson's erratic behavior in court every day, it was clear something else was very wrong. And attorney Mesereau had one key bit of legal - and personal- advice for his client: Leave Neverland. Tom Mesereau: I had seen for over a year how viciously-- the prosecutors and the sheriffs went after him.
Jackson's sister Latoya - who's told different stories to different interviewers at different times - says her brother felt Neverland could never be his home again. Days after his acquittal, Jackson saw his friend Deepak Chopra, who says Jackson asked him for a prescription for the addictive painkiller Oxycontin.  Chopra refused.
And Bahrain was tolerant enough to host the most eccentric of Americans as Michael Jackson began his self-imposed exile as the guest of this man: Sheikh Abdulla Hamad Al Khalifa, son of the king of Bahrain. Claire Hoffman: Jermaine had converted to Islam and had worked on music with Sheik Abdulla who was this big pop music fan and who had-- musical aspirations himself. And they made music together.  The sheikh agreed to finance Jackson's life in Bahrain, and Jackson was expected to record songs written by the sheikh on his new label, called Two Seas Records. Michael Jackson seemed to be putting his life back together, and on someone else's dime, enjoying a leisurely life with his three children.  He may even have used this restful time in the desert to end his dependency on prescription drugs.
Mohammed Bin Sulayem is an off-road racing champion and entrepreneur as well as a close friend of Sheikh Abdulla. At first Jackson seemed to blend in fairly well in Bahrain, a country where a lot of people cover their faces in public. Gerald Posner: He went into the ladies' bathroom in a-- and started to apply make-up in a-- shopping center in Dubai. And when Jackson arrived for his stay, Flatley used a reliable Irish custom to break the ice.
This is the first time Michael Flatley has spoken about Jackson's time at Castle Hyde.  He says the castle's surroundings and the Irish countryside seemed to be a refuge for his friend. Michael Flatley: He could be himself completely somehow here, away from the world's eye, away from prying eyes, I guess. Although Jackson seemed to enjoy his stay, Flatley says he couldn't help noticing a certain sadness in his guest. Michael Flatley: I remember when he finally left Castle Hyde, there was a bit of a sadness, I think, in all of us, we all felt sad that he was leaving, and there was an emptiness of some kind. Over 18 months, Jackson would rent a number of estates throughout Ireland - including this one, Ballinacurra house. Des McGahan: We've been open as a business, as a private estate, for exclusive hire for approximately five years.
Des McGahan: There's lots of very fine, big country estates in Ireland where I guess he was possibly tryin' to find the next Neverland or the next home for his children.
Jackson was mostly house-bound, staying in this Africa-themed bedroom and spending time with his kids outside on the playground.  McGahan and his wife kept their distance but did snap these photos. But to the McGahans, Michael Jackson all in all was far more normal than they had expected him to be. Jackson was also looking for a creative spark for some new songs, trying to catch up with a music industry that had left him behind. Michael Jackson: I'm pretty much being inspired by the music and hearing other counter, you know riffs what I can add on to inspire to it. Michael Jackson: Music is very much like tapestry, it's just layers, but sometimes you can put too much.
He said little in the interview itself, but in these outtakes, as he talks to the cameraman about his lighting, Jackson hints at that insomnia that plagued him. It was November 2006 at the world music awards in London, Michael Jackson was expected to perform for the first time publicly in nearly a decade. During that time he was living far away from the excesses of show business, but that Christmas Jackson and his children came home to the U.S.
Michael Jackson was back where he had once entertained audiences as a teen alongside his brothers on the Vegas strip.  Back in the city that was full of the same temptations he may have been trying to escape, including drugs - and the people who could provide them. By now Jackson's financial situation was precarious: Some estimates put his debt at $500 million.

Norm Clarke: We've heard that he-- was-- definitely into-- doctor shopping, while he was here.
Josh Mankiewicz: Meaning that if he wanted some particular kind of drug, he could get that too? But it was in Las Vegas that a new doctor first entered Jackson's life: Cardiologist Conrad Murray.
Murray had a large practice, with a clinic in Houston where he regularly treated low-income patients, and an office in Las Vegas, where his patients describe him as a caring and talented doctor.
Bob Russell: I went to the emergency room and- and I must say that-- I felt extraordinarily blessed at that time to have Dr. Michael Jackson's blockbuster album “Thriller” was now 25 years old, and the star released a video statement to celebrate.
There was more to come, but it wouldn't be music.  Jackson's base was now a rented home in Las Vegas. On and off for years Jackson had been dulling the pains of his life - both physical and emotional - with various prescription drugs. Josh Mankiewicz: So if you use Propofol anyplace besides a hospital or surgical setting, what?  You're rolling the dice? For the cardiologist, it would mean suspending his practice for a once-in-a lifetime job, and a financial windfall that would have come in handy, because Murray was stretched thin financially.  One of Murray's patients in Las Vegas, Bob Russell, says the doctor was thrilled with the new opportunity. And it wasn't long before Russell noticed a change in the doctor he had trusted so completely. Bob Russell: I think he just got enamored with the-- the star, the-- wow-- I-- I don't know how to-- how to define it.
Though he rode in the ambulance with Jackson, police say Murray didn't share key information with the paramedics - that Murray had given Jackson the powerful anesthetic Propofol to help him sleep. But Jackson still wasn't sleeping, and Murray said his famous patient was specifically asking for propofol. Dateline has learned the results of the coroner's tests for propofol in jackson's blood and shared them with toxicology professor Bruce Goldberger. Bruce Goldberger: The toxicicological evidence from the coroner's office does not support Dr. We would love to continue to see you as a patient even though I may have to be absent from my practice for uh-because of an overseas sabbatical.
Police did find a disposable bag-valve device like this one that could have been used to pump air into Jackson's lungs at the scene.
Back in November, and speaking softly,  Murray talked to his Houston church about what he's been going through.
Today showed all the signs of an OJ-sized story, with Murray's attorneys openly threatening to surrender their client at a police station even if charges weren't yet filed. Investigators asked roughly a dozen members of the California medical board to review the case. The comeback tour that never happened could have been memorable for both the artist and his physician.  It seemed so perfect for both of them. Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. One theory states that the Golden Freddy suit is the original Freddy Fazbear that was replaced due to age.
A girls laughter will be heard and if you look back at the room you will see an empty costume. In the final minigame where you play as the Puppet, you and the spirits of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy greet him and offer him cake (presumably to make up for putting him in Fredbear's mouth). Maybe he was an aging superstar, but the concert film "This Is It" - now out on DVD - shows Michael Jackson still very much on top of his game.
Conrad Murray surrendered to police.  But he has not yet been officially charged in Jackson's death. But to understand how this doctor and patient became forever entwined, we have to go back in time.
Randy Taraborrelli: I really believe that Michael Jackson would have paid a million dollars for one good night's sleep. Back in the 80's and 90's, it was where his fantasies came to life, where friends young and old could gather. So that was the first time I met him.  I mean, there was no stigma-- associated with any of it. And now a 13 year old boy was claiming Jackson had molested him at Neverland.  Jackson denied ever having molested a child.
And they were so humiliated by the result that I felt they would be gunning for him all the time.
The very next day, Michael Jackson left his California castle for a new sort of fairy tale kingdom on the other side of the globe. Thirteen years later, Jackson would begin his own real life adventure into the Middle East.
Randy Taraborrelli: He wanted to go as far away as he could from what had occurred at Neverland, and what farther place can you think of but Bahrain?
So Michael called-- Sheik Abdullah and-- and somehow-- on that phone call-- Sheik Abdullah decided to pay Jackson's remaining legal fees for the Santa Barbara case. Dateline was given exclusive access to this luxurious villa in Bahrain where Jackson stayed with his three children, all courtesy of his new benefactor Sheikh Abdullah. He wore an Abaya, the traditional Muslim dress.  But as the months went on, Jackson apparently wore out his welcome when a few public appearances outside of Bahrain generated that traditional Michael Jackson controversy.
And a woman, an Arab woman who was there-- who-- took a picture of him.  And he called over his security guards, they grabbed her.
And he apparently wasn't getting that help in Ireland after nearly a year and a half of living out of suitcases, Jackson finally came home to the U.S. But all he could muster was a few bars of “We Are The World.” It was yet another bizarre performance by a man who once ruled the world of music, and it fed stories that Jackson was in a downward spiral. Randy Taraborrelli agrees that family probably played a role in getting Jackson back home, specifically, his mother Katherine.

At the same time, he continued to search for a new Neverland and it looked as if he might have found one.
He hadn't released any new music in six years.  But he continued live in the same luxurious lifestyle of his “Thriller” days, shopping for other opulent palaces that were beyond his means. And he couldn't find evidence of a cough or congestion.  And he figured out quite quickly that-- that this was a ruse. The doctor that would be with him when he died.  Their relationship began with a phone call from a hotel suite where Jackson was staying. This was where - on August 29, 2008 - Michael Jackson looked at the man in the mirror, and saw a 50-year-old looking back at him. In 1997 he even released a song called “Morphine" written after he'd been to rehab, written about a drug that once ruled his life.
At the hospital, police say Murray didn't tell the e-r doctors about Propofol and he also didn't mention it to the first detectives on the scene, suggesting to investigators that Murray was aware he'd done something wrong. Murray's cell phone records tell a very different story, according to the LAPD.  They show that during the time that Murray says he was monitoring Jackson --essential for someone under the influence of Propofol-- the doctor was on the phone, calling a friend, his medical office - and his patient - Bob Russell.
Murray on your voicemail is too calm and composed for someone who had already gone through what he says he went through when Mr. Anesthesiologists are pretty much unanimous in saying that Propofol should never be given outside a hospital or surgical setting, because patients require close and constant monitoring. Murray admitted giving Jackson Propofol with almost no safeguards in place.  Jackson was hooked up, sources say, to a pulse oximeter but not to a heart or blood-pressure monitor. Their trump card is that they can always have police arrest Murray and drag him into court.
Murray being involved in essentially negligent, reckless conduct that could cause someone's death? The weeks ahead may provide answers to how all of that ended in tragedy for both doctor and patient.
In the office, he has extremely small white pupils, but the close-up of his face doesn't show them.
Golden Freddy's eyes widen and he equips the mask of his signature costume and accepts this offering, and with this he and the other children finally descend into the afterlife (it is also possible it is his head that is glowing in the background of the obtainable bad ending. What you don't see is that when these pictures were taken, Jackson was already using a dangerous drug, and had only days to live. As the days wore on, and as the testimony—continued, it became very clear to everybody that he was on some serious medication. Jackson family members were there for support at his trial, including his brother Jermaine.
He had been traveling the world, from the deserts of the Middle East, to the greenery of Ireland. For someone who saw himself as Peter Pan, hitting the big 5-0 couldn't have been an easy milestone. Murray did, and what he didn't do leading up to Jackson's death, and the doctor's actions in the minutes and hours after. When Murray finally sat down with detectives two days after Jackson died, sources say he told them he had at first tried to talk Jackson out of using Propofol but that the singer knew the risks of the drug and insisted on it anyway.
Murray gave in, and administered 25 milligrams of Propofol --a fairly small dose-- to Jackson through an I.V. County Coroner's Office found concentrations of Propofol in Jackson's blood that suggest Dr.
Speaking for him, his attorney said the doctor never gave Jackson anything that should have killed him.
In the novel Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes, he is actually known as a deceased child named Michael Brooks. To stop him, the player must put up the monitor (or put on the Freddy Head.) If the giant head is flashed at, Golden Freddy will attack, and end your night. It was summer 2006 - and Jackson's nomadic existence had him house-hunting, or rather castle-hunting - on the emerald isle.  But first he paid a visit to an old friend. Instead, he went to Las Vegas, where he would soon meet the man who could supply him with that good night's sleep. That would set in motion the final chain of events in Jackson's life, and it would make Dr.
Randy Taraborrelli began to hear about a new, different drug that Jackson was using: the ultimate cure for his insomnia, and his nightmares. Conrad Murray.  Reporter Gerald Posner interviewed Murray for the web site The Daily Beast.
Investigators can't say for sure, and if there is a trial, Murray could claim that he device was his.
My cat-loving co-anchor, Dan Harris, revealed surprising truths, to make sure you never think of your feline friends the same way again. But this new documentary from nat geo, called "The secret life of cats," provides me with useful ammunition. This blind and partially deaf dog lived most of his life in dead, until he found a seeing-eye cat. Reporter: As the film explains, cats need to mark everything and everyone with their scent so their world stays familiar to them.
Reporter: The documentary is filled with fascinating facts about cats I never knew, even though I lived with these creatures my entire life. Reporter: This cat, sugar, survived a fall from the 19th particular of an apartment in Boston.

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