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From afar, life along Scenic Highway 30A may seem quite idyllic, but that doesn’t mean that living in paradise comes without a price.
For a town our size, per capita, we’re spoiled absolutely rotten by the talent that chooses to call 30A home. You know those big storms that sometimes form out in the Gulf of Mexico between June and November? Surfers get excited by tropical storms, as favorable swells can produce the optimal conditions necessary to feed their primal addiction. The problem on 30A is that the person sitting next to them is their boss’ next-door neighbor, and the bartender is their daughter. 100% bona fide 30A locals — people who have lived here literally since birth — are almost as elusive as our local black bears.
But teeth-rattling temps in the upper-50s aren’t the only thing we’ve lost perspective on.
Schedules aren’t based on time, but rather, around things like surf conditions and sun sets. And you know you’ve lost perspective on expenses when your visiting guests from Manhattan comment on how pricey things are.
You know how you felt when the waitress handed you that $108 bill for an appetizer, fried shrimp basket and two Mai Tais?
Groceries can be obscenely expensive compared to other cities and long-term home or apartment rentals can be almost impossible to find. Jimmy Buffett — The Pied Piper of Paradise — is probably responsible for more people quitting their jobs and moving to the beach than any other human being on the planet. While you’ll hear Jimmy Buffett played in many other beach destinations, you won’t here it much on 30A.
Fortunately, Walton County has a wonderfully proactive sheriff who is quick to remind us all to use common sense.
This is the kind of deeply divisive social issue that keeps some 30A locals spinning their mental wheels at night. Cycling purists will argue that they peddle at speeds in excess of 20 to 25 miles per hour and that striking a child or family on a pleasant stroll would be disastrous.
As for us, we strictly avoid taking sides on local issues, preferring to watch these casual coastal squabbles from the sidelines, with a sense of humor and a cold draft beer.

There are even Misfit Christmas parties for those of us who find ourselves alone over the holidays, as we stay behind to wait tables, check in guests and organize activities for out-of-towners who want to bring their families to the beach for Christmas. Her best-selling book Ask and it is Given has changed the lives of many people, mine too, so let’s look at some of the most popular Abraham Hicks quotes that can change your life! What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.
And yet, any night of the week, locals can indulge in truly world-class cuisine, an abundance of cultural events and live music performances that rival what you’ll find in much larger cities. They belly-up to their favorite new beach bar and eventually gripe about their employer or co-worker to anyone willing to listen. In the Kevin Bacon game of 30A, we’re all ONE link away from each other, and word travels faster than Snapchat along the Coconut Telegraph. We’ve lost perspective on basic concepts like time, prices, temperature and distance. When you’re stuck with a double-mortgage in a landlocked city working a job that you despise, Jimmy Buffett can become an all-important lifeline to this sugar-sand fantasyland.
Jimmy Buffet is a gateway drug, and once you’ve arrived, those same songs can get old pretty fast. We prefer our homegrown sounds like Forrest Williams, Dread Clampitt, Geoff McBride and, of course, 30A Radio.
None of us likes crime, but using simple courtesy and common sense can go a long way to help prevent it. Motorists say that’s all fine and dandy, but a 2-ton car traveling at 45 miles per hour striking a cyclist can’t be healthy either. Whether it’s Key West or South Beach, Santa Monica or the Jersey Shore, the beach serves as a cosmic magnet for derelicts and social misfits. Ultra-conservatives, diehard liberals, artists, mullet fishermen, the super-affluent, the dirt poor, the devout, the agnostic.
You may know her from the famous movie The Secret, as it is one of the most popular films on the topic of the Law of Attraction at all. In the confidential privacy of our own homes, we repeatedly refresh NOAA trajectory maps online and quietly calculate the last possible moment we can evacuate before Highway 331 (the only road out of town) becomes a nightmarish Walking Dead-like parking lot.
Of course in a regular city, this is just part of the drinking ritual, and it wouldn’t be any big deal.

If you’ve been here for 30 years or more, you’re a mystical creature that commands a special kind of respect. You probably have a park or trail named after you.
We all race to break out the North Face jackets, digging in for another bitter cold winter (which might actually witness two or three nights of freezing temperatures). In the evenings, we fill a plastic cup full of screw-cap wine and watch a giant orange orb dip gently into the Gulf of Mexico.
This place is going to hell in a hand basket! Oh, all of the cars were carelessly left unlocked? Yes, 30A is Mayberry at the beach, and it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of false security here. While the rest of humanity is wrestling with topics like unemployment, homelessness, terrorism or the federal deficit, we tend to hyper-focus on things like “traffic” and parking. What infuriates motorists even more is when they finally get around the Lance Armstrong parade, only to be passed by them again as they whiz right through the stop sign at WaterColor. Though we may disagree on things like politics and religion (and bike paths uses), we all share the same wonderful place we call home.
But just like Harry Potter has his Voldemort, we never utter the “H-word” here, even in the off-season. Yes, a few places offer locals a modest discount, but visitors can enjoy the same or better savings with the 30A Deal app. But even Mayberry had its ample share of passing bank robbers, snake oil salesmen and shysters (otherwise, why have a sheriff and a deputy with a bullet in his pocket?).
You have to venture a couple of hours further southeast along the coast to find palm trees growing in the wild.
Developers use those propped-up palms to make visitors feel as though they’ve finally arrived in the paradise of their frondy fantasies.

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