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A mystery footballer's wife lifts the lid on what the World Cup means for a Wag, the troubles of trust, and why she hates shopping. For the majority of the country, the England team might - at least until a ball is kicked in anger at the World Cup - be able to do no wrong.
But their wives and girlfriends are frequently the target of criticism and ridicule, and yet they have more than just results to worry about when their husbands and boyfriends are spending a month on the other side of the world. Russell Crowe famously starred in Robin Hood, where he played the forest-dwelling British folk hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.A  Now it has been revealed that the Hollywood star made a secret donation of $20,000 to the Men Of League foundation - to help a rugby league player who broke his leg during a match Crowe organised. But it turns out that the New Zealand-born actor paid Geyer's medical bills - and more to other affected footballers - through a secret donation to the Men Of League Foundation.The gesture - while no doubt admirable - had its shine tarnished ever so slightly by the fact that it was Crowe himself who revealed the secret.
In a personally signed letter to the organisation, printed by The Sunday Telegraph, Crowe said: 'Given that your organisation can make ex gratia payments to ex-players in financial difficulty, I would ask that you put some of this money towards helping Mark Geyer fill the gap between his medical bills and insurance for the broken leg he suffered while playing in the Orara Valley Sevens tournament. In December last year the Gladiator star donated $40,000 to the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Pool so it could buy a disability hoist for those in a wheelchair. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. There is a theory that playing abroad will open your eyes to the more technical side of the beautiful game.
Most, if not all, British clubs are now sensitive to the cultural differences within their squads and the needs that arise for those players with different beliefs to our own, whatever they are.
The laws of football are the same the world over but the way different countries approach every aspect of the game can vary hugely. Playing abroad isn’t simply a case of jumping on a plane, signing a deal and getting started. Does anybody really know if having multiple schools by the time they have reached the age of six or seven is a good thing? At the time, I was simply immersed in the football and I was having my first real exposure to players from the continent. This happened on a training day and so, by the time I rolled in, I just had enough time to shower and attempt to eat some breakfast before rolling into work at 8.30am. But these players didn’t only know when to let their hair down but also when to get their head down. We had no less than 16 different nationalities in a squad of roughly 30 players and to see people embrace each other’s religion and way of life was, without getting mushy, pretty special in itself. During the season, we hit the inevitable bump in the road and, for a while, results were poor. But during this meeting we all had our own say in whatever language it was (no Steve McClaren attempt at a foreign accent from me) and most of us managed to get our point across. It was this back-to-basics grass-roots approach to football that brought about and demanded respect. But any similarities that I may have with a gap-year student ends at my refusal to continue living out of a backpack for any longer than I have to.
I was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t getting the apartment and that I had to find myself a place at my own expense. She pulled me on to the top of the table, took off my T-shirt and smothered baby lotion all over my chest, which she accompanied with wildcat noises.
The manager would leave no stone unturned and would make sure that we all knew our individual opponents inside out. It can be hard to settle abroad and I have seen foreign players coming over to England and being shocked at our culture. In my experience, as with any job abroad, it is very important to immerse yourself in the culture and the way of life.
Would be interested in playing abroad, Been a pro footballer at Hartlepool United was released as manager was sacked and new manager didnt see me train but was still released.
Danny Higginbotham played on loan at Royal Antwerp from November 1st 1998 until June 30th 1999.
I truly think the secret footballer is the biggest April 1st joke out…come on Guardian, just let us know who the journalist is that is pretending to be this mystery man. I still think it’s Kitson, if he had played abroad he would have mentioned it in his book, no?

Also not many Englishman have played abroad and therefore his identity could easily be narrowed down. Hollywood actress Kerry Washington has married her Nigerian-American footballer boyfriend secretly.
The 36-year-old actress married 31-year-old Nnamdi Asomugha on the 24th of June, 2013 in Hailey, Idaho. Kerry Washington’s parents were listed as witnesses during the secret wedding ceremony. The lovers started dating in summer last year after Kerry broke up with her former lover, Hollywood actor David Moscow.
The life of a footballer's wife or girlfriend must be as glamorous and exciting as her other half, right?
John Terry, Ryan Giggs, Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney have all had high-profile affairs, and many more top players have been accused of infidelities by their alleged partners.
In fact, it would be a total act of utter buffoonery to partake in any controversial behaviour," she says. When trust is damaged, even ever so slightly, irrespective if the cause is true or not, it’s so very hard to repair it. A reminder as we unite to support the boys at the World Cup, that the women behind them don’t need slating as vacuous hangers-on but they need a little support too.
The revelation comes after Triple M radio host and former rugby league player Mark Geyer hit out at Crowe, who he said abandoned him 10 years ago after he broke his leg playing in a sevens tournament on the 50-year-old's rural NSW property. Then he tried to drive a wedge between me and my life-long friend Spudd Carroll.'At the time I was a father of four on $45,000-a-year.
Just three months earlier he was listening to the Kyle and Jackie O from Singapore and asked his manager to call in and donate $10,000 to a family who lost their home in a bushfire.Back in 2004 when he was filming Cinderella Man in Toronto, he gave $250,000 to rebuild Jewish school United Talmud Torahs, which was fire-bombed in an anti-Semitic crime. Modern football has given many young people a worldly outlook on life despite spending little time abroad themselves.
But I only really appreciated what some of our finest imports experience when they are plying their trade in foreign climes when I found myself playing abroad. Today, the difference in playing for many of Europe’s elite clubs is negligible but, when I was playing abroad the nuances were that much trickier to navigate.
I always looked at the situation without attaching the emotion to it; my aim was to help secure a bright financial future for my family and so a little time spent playing football in a different country felt like a modest price to pay. Moving abroad is a lot to ask of a kid and, despite our best efforts, he remained horribly unsettled by the whole experience. They are settled now and they are very outgoing because they have had to make new friends again. Closing time came as a great relief to me … or so I thought until I was told to sit down by the captain, who through drunken and cracked English informed me that I was going nowhere. I was still very much the worse for wear when I stepped into his office to offer the obligatory.
I’ve generally found footballers to be fairly good at this balance, despite some high-profile examples to the contrary. We had Brazilians, Hungarians, Germans, Dutch and Macedonians, to name but a few, and the banter was always flowing and everybody took it in good humour. I had started tentative discussions with the club to see if they could offer my family a more permanent living arrangement than the hotel we were crammed into and, much to my surprise, the club said that they would look into it. My team-mates, the chairman, the chief executive and manager were in uncontrollable fits of laughter.
It was all about “football” and training was just to keep things topped up while drilling into us what we could expect from the other team. The natives will certainly appreciate you that bit more for the effort … especially the strippers. My anonymity let’s me tell you how it is, from inside the game without the shackles of pre-conception or fan bias.
So many great experiences (actually just back from playing with my all-Czech six a side team) but equally very tough aspects, especially when so many things look culturally the same as back home on the surface, only to turn out to be completely different in reality! Surely someone can find an Englishman playing for a foreign club with Hungarian and Macedonian players?

Let us know in the comments section below or by tweeting the hashtag #CNNTSF.How would you describe the relationship between sports stars and the media?A friend of mine who runs one of the big weekly gossip magazines once told me that her publication goes out of their way to place David and Victoria Beckham on their front cover every week. But behind the closed doors of the Wag's world, there are all the pressures as well as pleasures of success.
A lot of people who I know subscribe to the theory that different environments are good for children but, in reality, my family were here because of me. It was a great insight for me in terms of how different people from different backgrounds can unite. Yes, I missed home and so did my family, but the way I was made to feel welcome was something that will remain with me for life. We went on to win the next eight games and the free Monday night meals, courtesy of the chairman, began.
One Monday evening, just before the chairman’s meal (we were on a roll), I was summoned to the end of the table, where the chairman, manager, chief executive and coaches were sat.
When it all calmed down, the chief executive stood up and proclaimed that the club would give me an apartment and to “enjoy” the rest of the evening. We would study them on a daily basis, with video analysis on which foot the player preferred, his strengths and his weaknesses and although this is hardly stimulating for a young footballer, come matchday I was equipped with everything I needed to have a good go at being successful.
I think British football would benefit massively if it became the norm for all young players and young managers to spend a couple of years abroad. Helicopters were the same game, but the approach the Japanese take toward aviation was eyeopening to say the least. Dave Kitson played against him for Portsmouth in that time, as did Kenny Miller in the home nations (he has played abroad). Closest I found was Robbie Keane, who’s obviously Irish but he may have crossed paths with Goran Pandev at Inter about a decade ago. Only joking.'When he learned of the Oscar-winner's contribution, Geyer, 46, told the newspaper that he refused to back down. He wouldna€™t even take my calls.'It's not unusual for Crowe to make a generous donation and not make a big fuss about it, in fact, he's well-known for his behind-the-scenes work. Needless to say, I remained at the top of my game for the remainder of my time at the club. I’m sure he felt that his money was safe and, to be honest, at that time, we were fairly certain it was, too. I learnt so much in my time at the club that I would definitely advise a young player, or any player for that matter, to have a go at playing abroad. At every one of my clubs, there have been players who simply could not settle despite being very talented. In fact, she said in the absence of a real story they will simply "generate" one just to get their picture on the cover.
We went to a bar that the eastern European element of our team often frequented; not too surprisingly because it was managed by eastern Europeans.
This simple gimmick encouraged you to look after the ball, just as you are told to during games.
That level of involvement from the top to the bottom of a football club is all but dead in Britain now. It is about fashion and fame, sex and scandal, but, like the bestselling Secret Footballer books, is also an honest appraisal of life on and off the field of play which will change your preconceptions about footballers and their partners.
Everybody knew that parts of the media were less than trustworthy but I don't think many of us realized exactly how deceitful and disgusting some of them were prepared to be.How did the column come about and has it changed your opinion of the media?Some time ago I was turned on to a column in The Financial Times called "The Secret Agent," who worked in London sourcing real estate for the very wealthy. It was only because I was involved in something with one in particular that I ran the idea past him.

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