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The market for self-published books closely mimics that of the traditional publishing industry with most books not selling well and a few making it to the bestseller lists. Where independent authors once wore the stigma of being self-published, they now call themselves “indie authors.” Is this just marketing hype or is there something tangible behind the catchphrase?
Amy Miles is another of Smashwords’ best selling authors and agrees that the stigma has largely disappeared. Reasons Miles cited for her shift to independent publishing include freedom to control the content, covers, and pricing.
Coker sees several reasons why indie authors are gaining market share, including attempts to pioneer best practices for professional authorship and the consolidation of New York publishers. Terry Ambrose is a former bill collector and skip tracer who now uses that background to write mysteries and thrillers. Founder and CEO Mark Coker expected the company to be popular, but even he has been surprised by the success.

One of those bestselling authors is Chanda Hahn, whose Unfortunate Fairy Tale series has made the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Coker said, “You’ll see us continue to provide writers with free, easy-to-use tools that help writers publish with greater pride, professionalism and success. Coker said, “If a writer couldn’t sell their book to a publisher, it was impossible for them to reach a lot of readers. Miles added, “Authors can now blend genres together that would never fit into a traditional box. Unlike Amazon’s “winner-take-all” war against traditional publishers, Coker believes traditional publishers are still valuable. Mark Coker’s free ebooks about ebook publishing best practices include The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, and The Smashwords Style Guide.
It was seen as the easy way into publishing and the idea was put forward that indie authors were not paying their dues.

He was once in a room his entire life, where he gained his extra weight, but he doesn't let that stop him from being outgoing. The move to digital made it possible—desirable even—for every major ebookstore to carry every self-published ebook.
You should also upload your book to Amazon, but be careful not to make your book exclusive to Amazon.
He loves to hang out in the office, jumping on desks like the lot of them, craving human attention. If you are looking for a cat that will settle down and hang out for a while, apply for Obi!

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