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It's summer once again and kids flock from everywhere to go to Camp Pinewood in Clifton, Maine (originally filmed in Georgia). A young and inexperienced camp counselor learns about life and love while at camp for the summer.
Each week, Chris Sims and David Uzumeri take a look back at one of the most successful and influential comic book movie franchises of all time, in ComicsAlliance’s in-depth retrospective on the Batman films. Chris: And now, it’s time to see if my bold (and so far 100% correct) that this is the best of these four Batman movies despite being almost universally reviled holds up in the second half!
David: After that, we go to Arkham Asylum, which is apparently on top of a straight-up mesa with sheer cliff faces.
Chris: It looks so much like Castlevania that I expected to see a dude in a loincloth whipping Medusa Heads. David: She also causes plants to grow by dropping what looks like a combination of gelcaps and cheap crystals. Chris: Now that Poison Ivy has her headquarters set up, we cut to Bruce having dinner with Julie Madison, as played by Elle Macpherson. Chris: She was originally going to have a larger role that involved her getting killed, but that was cut out of the final draft for pretty obvious reasons of wanting to make a live-action cartoon devoted to kids. Chris: If the Midtown Dandies are not on DC Reboot Continuity, I am going to protest so hard at San Diego. Chris: The way they drive on the crazy sky-bridges and statuary of Movie Gotham is seriously like a live-action version of Mario Kart, only crazier. David: But now, Bane shows up in his established role as The Dude Who Wrecks Stuff, and reaches through the window to pull the guard out of the building through the wall. Chris: Would you care to elaborate for our readers who aren’t following along at home? Chris: The movie also makes an attempt to present Bruce as being in the wrong for not trusting Robin, conveniently ignoring the fact that Robin totally sucks at being a crime-fighter and actually is responsible for everyone getting away all the time. David: Considering the password ends up being three letters long, it probably would have taken her less time to brute force it. Chris: But not before Barbara actually figures out the password, which is literally written on a photograph sitting right next to her the entire time. David: Anyway, so Robin goes after Poison Ivy, and after getting her to tell him her plan, he finally kisses her before revealing he’s got fake lips! David: Then she gets some plants to tie Batman up, right before Batgirl crashes through the roof out of damn nowhere.
Chris: Presumably because the guards want Freeze to straight up murder her because she offed Jesse the Body.
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If you grew up in the 90s, you definitely remember "Little Giants," the movie about a group of misfit kids who want to become their town's official football team. Since Little Giants, Devon has appeared on a multitude of projects, including the TV Series "Nikita," the Final Destination movie, and 2015's The Exorcism of Molly Hartley.
After Little Giants, Courtney went on to make appearances in Home Improvement, then as an adult had a role on Boston Public. After the movie, Jon Paul went on to star as Quentin in the hit tv series "Grace Under Fire." He left that show in 1996 and was replaced with Little Giants co-star Sam Horrigan.

Start Gallery Start GalleryThat wicked shot of adrenaline that Uma Thurman’s character received in Pulp Fiction seemed to affect Thurman’s career, as well. Sign up for the Paste newsletter Get our daily summary of the day's top articles and new items. There he falls in love with the camp nurse and teaches some life lessons to his group of campers during a camp tradition called Color Wars. Now, as we resume, Dick Grayson heads to the garage, where, after an hour of him bitching about Batman not thinking he’s as good at crime-fighting as he should be because he totally is, he gets put flat on his ass by a schoolgirl. But yeah, Poison Ivy gets Bane to scare them off, and then do all the work of redecorating.
There’s an entire group dressed up like Alex DeLarge and another group dressed up like British dandies and you still think they’re saying things about the neon people? Anyway, we now learn that Barbara has been sneaking out and using Bruce Wayne’s collection of vintage motorcycles to win street races and make a ton of money.
Robin saves Barbara’s life at the end and we return to the mansion for an argument about Alfred. While we know that Bruce and Alfred really are that close, from the outside it looks weird and exploitative. When, really, that requires way more subjugating of one’s own life and dreams than just cooking for some rich dude. But then I remember that the Schumacher movies are the only ones that don’t have the bad guys dying at the end. They discover Nora Fries, and also the knowledge that Freeze has discovered a cure for the first stage of MacGregor Syndrome, but not the advanced fourth stage that Nora has. And considering that about an hour ago it made Batman whip out his credit card to pay $7,000,000 so that he could bang her, this doesn’t really make any sense. As near as I can tell, the movie offers no explanation whatsoever for why Batman can suddenly resist Ivy’s charms with the power of righteousness. One would think that these plans would have difficulty co-existing, but, well, there you go. Back at the batcave, a doctor reveals that Alfred is suffering from — you guessed it — MacGregor Syndrome! I mean, it sounds like Bruce is basically totally right, and Robin’s completely hurting his groove. Then, at a party, Poison Ivy uses her pheromones on Commissioner Gordon to get the key to the top of the GCPD building, where she promptly has Bane throw the Bat-Signal onto the street. Either way, she pops the disc into her Mac and we get to see her trying to crack his password with the slowest.
Andi t would be here, too, if Clooney and Gough weren’t actually doing a really good job with this scene. It is then revealed that he totally saw her finding the Batcave and wanting her own suit coming.
Say it’s silly if you want, but how else are you going to make out with Poison Ivy and not die?
Either way, Ivy gets eaten by her own giant flytrap (which doesn’t make a lot of sense) and Robin almost drowns because he sucks. Freeze starts icing up the city with his super-telescope cold-gun, freezing Gothamites in their tracks, which means that Batman and Robin have, as previously established, eleven minutes to thaw out the city.

Thus, Alfred is cured in a matter of about five minutes, Ivy is defeated and locked up in Arkham with bad hair, Freeze is actually more-or-less redeemed, and everything works out okay. The former model turned heads as an exploited ingenue in the critically acclaimed Dangerous Liaisons, and then turned in solid performances in several other, more esoteric films. In the first half, we witnessed the debuts of Mister Freeze and Poison Ivy, who was nerdy scientist Pamela Isley before being transformed by a totally random bunch of chemicals and foliage into … well, Poison Ivy. I seriously think it comes down to the fact that nobody could be bothered to pass that information along to Silverstone. No wonder they can’t keep anyone locked up when this is the best specialized equipment that they can afford. Just dudes crashing through windows and hitting posts in this weird urban-neon environment.
And that’s without knowing about the scene in Year One where Bruce counts Alfred among the possessions his father left to him. It’s weird, but if Batman is a Dark Knight then Alfred is really way more of a squire than Robin is, chauffeuring him around, making his meals, carrying his suit, etc.
Unless of course his life and dreams are to hang out with Batman, something I can definitely relate to.
It’s hard to have a Rocket Penguin or an acid flower in there when those dudes were straight up killed in their movies. He even rounds up all of Freeze’s equipment and runs it to his cell in a shopping cart. And I kind of buy the idea that this brilliant scientist would dedicate himself to his gimmick to the point of every single thing he says being a pun. How was she supposed to get to Wilfred in India when Alfred couldn’t do it and he had Bruce Wayne’s money backing him up? But it was Quentin Tarantino’s genre blenders Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill that allowed Thurman to mix it up, proving she can be vamp and villain, comedian and action hero, and not just the beautiful one—although she’s always that, too. We also met Bane, who is basically Captain America, if Steve Rogers was a killer from a South American prison. I’m just saying, when you get matching hoodies and then install blacklights so that you can hang out with your boys in an abandoned Turkish Bath, the other gangs are going to talk.
Every scene with Bane is hilarious — holy shit did that laundry service line really just happen? Freeze also has some bombs that don’t really do anything except add five minutes to the running time of the movie and show us once again that Batgirl and Robin are basically useless. Like, I imagine him in the Freezemobile, on his way to a heist, writing this stuff down in a notebook. Why was her coming to Wayne Manor a big surprise when she had plans to free Alfred from servitude? But the craziest thing about all those questions is that none of them actually matter to the plot.

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