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Kelly and Meester hit their marks and look pretty doing it, while supporting players Cam Gigandet, Billy Zane and Aly Michalka fade into the background so blandly that viewers will never remember they were there.
Do you think that this is one of the reasons that boomer women today relate to the Golden Girls Network? I think that it would be natural for a woman to feel a bit depressed when her life “slows down” and she is suddenly alone. So, most women in your community are interested in friendship, financial security and emotional support.
If you haven’t figured it out already, Omaha is a lot more cultured than you may have thought. If you prefer your beef corned, you should also make sure to find a Reuben sandwich while you’re in Omaha. When you’re finished eating, you can toss your scraps to the nearby raccoons that are waiting to pounce on your delicious leftovers.
Omaha has a cool and storied history, and it’s done a great job of preserving old houses and buildings that hold some significance. In general, the cleaner your apartment is, the less likely you’ll have to deal with allergens. Your laundry hamper traps everything from dust mites to pet dander, if you have a furry friend. Pet allergies are some of the most common, so if you own a cat or dog, your furry friend may be to blame for your sniffles.
Also, give Fido a bath every once in a while – the more on top of his grooming you are, the less likely his dander and fur will get all over your apartment. When the weather starts to warm up for spring, it feels blissful to open your windows and let in the breeze. Building good credit is crucial for things like applying for jobs, loans or apartments (you know, the little things in life), so you never want to do anything that could affect your score negatively. If you’re an online shopper, you know that you never buy something big online without checking out the reviews first. Even if you already have a credit card or two, a new one can be just exciting enough to make you feel comfortable spending a little more than you normally would. If one of your socks recently became single, you may want to give it a few weeks before condemning it to singlehood forever.
This works especially well for covering the smell of moth balls, so if you use the bug repellants in linen drawers or clothes storage bins, add a sock as well.
Any old piece of clothing can be recycled as wash rags or dust cloths, including your old socks. Cut a sock into small strips, and stuff them inside a tennis ball (just cut a slit along the slide) along with some dog treats to keep him occupied for hours.
Smelly shoes are pretty common, but if you have the problem, your mismatched socks can save the day. Choose a sock with a design you like, cut off the toe part of it, and slide it around your bottle. Similarly, many people lean on their credit cards when they’re earning a starting salary. When I have a bad day, nothing makes me feel better than a quick shopping trip or drowning my sorrows in Thai food (crab rangoons are my Achilles’ heel).
Limit these expenditures when possible, or work them into your budget if you know you’re in for a stressful week or month.
Believe it or not, if you’re still paying your bills yourself each month, you may be costing yourself some money. One of the tried-and-true tactics interior designers use when decorating with mirrors is placing them across from windows. And two, it reflects the natural light that the window is letting in, flooding the space with even more sunshine than is shining in from the single window.
Try placing a framed floor-length mirror on one wall and using it as a focal point for your decorating scheme. One of the only real rules there are when decorating with mirrors is to be aware of its placement– keep in mind what it will be reflecting. Mirrors are particularly useful in really narrow areas, like tiny bathrooms or skinny hallways.
If you love mirrors but don’t want to spend a lot more money for a huge one, opt instead for arranging several smaller ones in a gallery style along one wall. This has the same brightening effect of hanging a single large mirror, but also adds some visual whimsy to your room. If you’ve moved even once in your life, you know the stresses that go along with the process. The first thing you need to do when throwing a moving party is decide which aspect of the move you need to get help with. The people you invite will depend highly on the type of moving party you’re planning.
Packing parties are a lot of fun with a group of close friends who can all work together and be silly at the same time. When your friends come over to help you pack or move, they’ll be ready and raring to get started.
In fact, you may want to plan some fun games you all can do while taking breaks throughout the night– keep a deck of cards or a couple of board games out of boxes. Order a pizza and open a couple of bottles of wine, or pick up a box of doughnuts and coffees the morning of your moving day.
No matter how stressed you are about moving to a new apartment (or even a new city or state), moving parties are a great way to get help while letting yourself relax a bit– so send out your invites and have fun! So what are you supposed to do when you’re apartment living situation is one that you aren’t crazy about? Believe it or not, your furniture arrangements may make a huge difference when it comes to how you feel about your apartment. If, like mine, your apartment is woefully lacking in illumination, supplement with extra floor lamps and use full-spectrum lightbulbs that imitate sunlight. Bright colors, like yellow and pink, are joyful and energizing, whereas greens, blues, and browns offer a more calming effect. Whether you’re in a studio or have a separate bedroom, the area where your bed is should be as comfortable and serene as possible. Clutter is a lot more psychologically stressful than you might think, which means keeping your apartment tidy may help you enjoy spending time in it.
Spend the first couple of weeks (or months, if you’re a procrastinator like me) after moving into your apartment making each room pretty. If you’re in the market for a few furniture basics, you may want to consider springing for one that you absolutely love. Whether it’s a large antique armoire or a beautiful couch, this sort of splurge will make you enjoy your apartment more. To make your apartment feel like home, surround yourself with your favorite and most sentimental belongings.
This could mean displaying photographs on your dresser, stacking a few of your favorite books on your nightstand, or keeping a secret stash of chocolate in your freezer.

If you aren’t in love with your apartment right away, keep in mind that it may take a little bit of time to settle in. Make changes, add decor, and rearrange things every so often until you figure out the best way to use the space you have. Downtown Cincinnati has developed from a relatively seedy neighborhood to one that’s packed with residences, restaurants, bars, attractions, and various other things to do. If you’re in the area, head to the local favorite The Presidents Room for a more high-end meal, or to Horse and Barrel or Incline Public House for a bit more of a casual drinking or dining experience.
Located along the Ohio River right next to Downtown, Mount Adams is one of the best and most central Cincinnati neighborhoods without being directly downtown.
If you’re talking about up-and-coming Cincinnati neighborhoods, Walnut Hills (and its neighbor, East Walnut Hills) should be first on the list. Just a few minutes away from the University of Cincinnati, this neighborhood has all the diversity you would expect from a college area, which means you’ll find an eclectic range of foods and a variety of things to do. Hyde Park is a beautiful neighborhood in Cincinnati, once thought of as a hub for the city’s more wealthy residents. The unarguable hub of the neighborhood is Hyde Park Square, which is a central plaza (complete with a picturesque fountain) surrounded by shops and restaurants.
Clifton’s pretty spot on a hillside is just one of the things that makes it a really cool place to live and hang out. The things that motivated us when we were younger are the same as the things that motivate us now.
Sure, Chicago and Milwaukee may be bigger, but Omaha and its residents have a character all their own. One of the most popular things to do in Omaha is meander through the Gene Leahy Pedestrian Mall.
Nebraska’s largest city actually has several world-renowned museums, including the Joslyn Art Museum and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.
Because of this, there are tons of restaurants in Omaha where you can find amazing sirloins, filets, ribeyes and more. The lunch staple is said to have originated in the Nebraska city, so you’ll never have a better Reuben than the one you have here.
During your time in the city, spend an afternoon wandering around the historic Old Market neighborhood, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, galleries, and cafes lining the cobblestone streets. They’re the only people who know how it feels to be constantly at war with everything from dust to pollen to pet hair, all in an effort to continue breathing effortlessly. Use dust covers on your pillows and mattresses, get rid of any unused baskets or bins in your closets that gather dust, and wash your sheets regularly.
Set a cleaning schedule with your roommates to make sure the place is dusted, wiped down, swept, and vacuumed at least once a week. However, carpet, more so than other types of flooring, easily traps allergens in its fibers. On top of doing laundry more, you can also put your hamper in the closet to keep any dust or dander better contained. And you know what that means: Your heat or air conditioning then blows that debris into your apartment, filling the air with potential allergens.
That pile of clothes in your closet and the stack of old magazines in the basket in the living room gather tons of dust.
A frequent traveler may decide it’s worth it to open a credit card that offers reward miles, for instance.
So, if you have a $2,000 credit limit on your current card, and you’re using $1,500, your credit usage is very high, which could cause your score to drop. Every time you fill out a credit card application, the company places a hard inquiry on your account, which dings your score a bit.
There are so many credit cards with no fees that you should easily be able to find one that suits you.
That’s the only explanation for why you put two socks into the laundry, and only one came out.
Socks often turn up later, whether one is stuck between the hamper and the closet wall or another found its way into your roomie’s drawer. Pick up or DIY a small bulletin board, hang it in your laundry room or closet, and use thumb tacks or clothespins glued to the board to display socks that lost their matches.
All you have to do is stuff one with potpourri up to the ankle, tie the top closed with a piece of string, and stick it in whichever drawer needs some freshening up.
Keep the sock intact and wear it like a mitten over your hand to dust all of the surfaces in your house.
Or, stuff those strips into a longer mismatched sock along with some squeakers (you can buy these at pet stores and online), and tie a few knots. Just fill two socks with baking soda, tie off the ends, then push them into the pair of shoes you’re trying to de-odorize. If you have a selection of loners, pair a couple together and rock the mismatched style with confidence. Do you follow your budget perfectly, spending only as much as you make and saving an ideal amount each month?
It takes a serious commitment to create a budget and stick to it– something not everyone is great at. While credit cards are useful tools, maxing them out is a financial burden you want to avoid as much as possible.
Though the purchases may seem small at the time, make sure you’re keeping track of every last penny spent. Between rent, electricity, cable, Internet, gas, and everything else, keeping track of bills can be tough– and not keeping track carefully enough can lead to expensive late charges.
For some people they’re the perfect size, and they often have a natural warmth and coziness that bigger spaces can sometimes lack.
This does two things: One, it reflects the outdoors, which makes the room appear much bigger (and much less claustrophobic).
This added brightness makes the apartment seem bigger and airier, and it can even positively affect your mood. You don’t want to hang a mirror only to find that you can now see the toilet from your living room when your bathroom door is open.
They give the illusion of spaciousness, making the area appear a lot wider than it really is. Decorators agree that they have a welcoming effect, probably because they reflect the light in the room, which will naturally makes any entryway brighter. While it’s not for everyone, if your style is a little funkier, consider picking up some mirrored side tables for your bed or a coffee table for the living room. A moving party is a fun way to handle the day of the move, but it can be tiring for the people involved. For a moving day party, get help from some of your stronger friends or anyone who doesn’t mind lifting furniture and heavy boxes.
Besides, your apartment will likely be in a state of disarray anyway, and your friends aren’t likely to care about what your place looks like.
Do a little prep work before the party to come up with specific tasks that your friends can help you with– that way nobody is left without something to do.

For a moving day party, keep everyone excited with music and hold regular dance breaks during the move.
In exchange for your friends’ help, make sure you have some good food and drinks around to help keep things fun. My apartment is adjacent to an alley, which unfortunately means most of the sunlight is blocked by the building next to me. A few pops of color on an accent wall or two can add some zest to otherwise boring white walls. In fact, ensuring the bed itself is just the way you like it can help you feel better about your whole apartment. If you’re feeling like any room in your apartment is too cluttered, whether with furniture, tchotchkes, or anything else, make yourself get rid of five to 10 items. Real or fake, flowers in a vase are a charming touch that can make for a happier apartment.
Having comforting items around is a bit like hanging onto an old security blanket (in the best possible way). Like other city centers, this area of Cincinnati is considered the hub of the business district, and the neighborhood also contains several museums, and a growing number of residential buildings, including everything from luxury condos to lofts. It also contains tons of trendy shops, bars, and restaurants, most of which are a relatively easy walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. The area is known for being hip, liberal, and LGBTQ-friendly, which makes it a very chill neighborhood with tons to do.
Though it used to be considered one of the most dangerous Cincinnati neighborhoods, OTR has undergone a massive redevelopment and is now a fun and youthful area with a lot to offer.
Like OTR, Walnut Hills has developed from seedy to trendy, and is becoming increasingly more hip and exciting.
The neighborhood, which is largely residential but very close to Downtown, is now home to everyone from wealthy people to young professionals just making their way. The neighborhood, which is home to the University of Cincinnati, has an interesting history, and a lot of fun attractions, shops, restaurants, and bars.
Stop by the historic Esquire Theater to check out an independent flick, or wander the Gaslight District to browse the shops and eateries at your leisure.
Between its affordable rent, thriving business district, ample shopping, and cool and diverse locals, you’ll never want to leave. Check the status of your ads by clicking My ClassifiedsHere are few more ads in and near Saint Paul, MNSorry, there are no listings matching your search criteria. Post your requirement and get instant responses. The Nebraska city is known for many things, including being home to five Fortune 500 companies – as well as Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. Even if you don’t love art, the interesting exhibits at these celebrated venues may just convert you into a connoisseur. Infusion Brewing Company and Brickway Brewery and Distillery both offer behind-the-scenes tours, but there are tons of other microbreweries and tap rooms to check out during your time in Omaha.
This little hole-in-the-wall eatery serves bar basics, like chicken wings and potato salad. If you’re struggling with sniffles and sneezes, you may want to amp up your laundry schedule. Use a brush or fur-grabbing tool to pick up loose fur, and take it immediately out of your apartment so it doesn’t find its way into your carpet or bedding.
Keep your windows closed if you notice yourself getting really stuffed up during the typical spring allergy season.
If your landlord didn’t replace the vent filters before you moved in, see if he or she is willing to make that upgrade now. Or, a person with an average credit score may try opening a new card to raise his or her credit limit.
One inquiry isn’t a big deal, but more than one can start making a noticeable difference. Do some comparison shopping to figure out which cards will be best for you based on your credit score and history.
Narrow your options down to a few prospective ones, then check out some reviews online to see what people like and don’t like about them. From the hamper to the laundry room to the washer to the dryer and back to your bedroom, socks can go missing in any phase of the whole laundry process. Or, cut it down the middle to make a larger piece of fabric you can use to wash windows or a bathroom sink. If you find one, check with your friends and roommates to see how many you can round up to donate.
Some people find the lifestyle easier than others, but inevitably, no matter how good you are at it, you’ll need to dip into your savings at one point or another. While these things may be delicious and convenient, they’re certainly bad habits that could be costing a lot of money. For one thing, many people spend more than they budget on impulse buys (like those frozen taquitos that are on sale). If you notice yourself throwing away food from your fridge regularly, you may need to start planning your meals and grocery shopping a little better. If you’re having a packing party, play music, take breaks, chat, and do whatever else you want to make the evening exciting. Almost anything is better with the addition of a few great memories, so have your girl or guy friends over to watch your favorite show or invite a bunch of people over for a party.
I think that because we have had those experiences, it’s easier to accept the idea of living with someone else. Use a damp rag or a Dustbuster on every surface, including your blinds and window treatments, and make sure to clean every inch of your floors thoroughly. Open a new card with another limit of $2,000 and your total usage is all of a sudden much lower – $1,500 out of $4,000, or about 38%. But what exactly are you supposed to do with those lonely singles when they lose their match?
Sure, you’ll still have to deal with other packing stresses, but at least you won’t have to worry about your fragile belongings! Some bad habits are small and relatively harmless, while others can affect your health or well-being a great deal. Avoid this by making a list before heading to the store and buying only what’s on it. A moving party is the perfect way to get help from friends, have fun, and let loose a bit while still crossing everything off of your moving checklist. This will help you determine when the party should be, who to invite, and all of the other details involved. Situations involving wire transfers or a landlord who is traveling and can't meet you in person can be red flags. We are offering 1 bed 1 bath in 2 bed 2 bath apartment preferably to female, we are family, we are looking for strict vegetarian (egg is ok) & someone who can be friendly.

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