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Even in current world, many people try to write love poems for their partner but it is not an easy task. Learn the language of love viewed 4,138 timesEasy way to express your feelings viewed 1,299 timesHow Do I Know that My Girlfriend Loves Me?
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After making such a fool of myself at the party by kissing a stranger I sat down and sobbed my heart out.I desperately wanted to be with someone but the future seemed so bleak.
S MAGJulia Sawalha decided the single life is absolutely fabulousHair wild and curly, Julia Sawalha bounces into the photographic studio in leather jeggings, a T-shirt and trainers.
Look for other ways to find the perfect match rather than just looking around to see who’s nearby.
Having a close circle of friends might be great in many ways, but there are more chances of falling for them.
THE LEGACY of the great broadcaster Sir David Frost is set to continue, a year after his death from a heart attack on a cruise ship.
This entry was posted by administrator on February 1, 2013 at 3:28 pm, and is filed under Dating News, Dress, Fashion Style, Female Fashion. SITTING on the plane from Melbourne to Rio de Janeiro, the first stop on her around-the-world tour, Bambi Smyth tallied up all the dates she was about to go on.
You feel really excited and out of the world when you hear “YES” or “I DO” from your partner. Clutching a glass of bubbly I waltzed across the room and flashed my best come-hither smile at the stranger by the bar.
Look for other ways to find the perfect match rather than just looking around to see who’s nearby. Then you are not physically turning your back on them or abandoning them on a night out which they might take offence to. Your friends might have the same opinions as you on a lot of things but they might not be in the same place when it comes to dating.

Always a keen traveller she wanted to broaden her horizons and hopefully meet interesting people on the way.Then the romantic in her took over. Regularly I do not make posts on blogs, but I have to say that this posting really forced me to do so.
It’s a big problem.Who drives you wild, who sets your sheets alight and who turns you cold? I might sound like I was brimming with confidence but I never dreamed I would be single again in my late 40s and to be honest I was scared to death.So when I read the new Bridget Jones novel I couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated. But the riding habit has bypassed her brother Peter Phillips."I grew up with horses but I don't have the same enthusiasm for them as my sister," he told me at a party at the Oxfordshire home of philanthropist Sir Victor Blank. Really fantastic and I will be coming back for more information at your site and revisit it!
Bridget, now 51 and single again, is shown as a sexily-dressed hot-to-trot cougar living life in the fast lane and loving every minute.
When I pulled back in horror as he lunged at me in the taxi after dinner, he swivelled round."Listen," he said, eyes popping with rage. Inside, I was just Julia – the frumpy girl who used to burst out of her school blouse. And yet Peter, pictured with Zara, is not averse to making hay out of his sister's equestrian success."Actually I'm now Zara's agent," he says. Yet nothing could be further from my experience.Clearly author Helen Fielding has very different ideas about what it's like to be single in your 40s and 50s. So when asked if she’d like to play the role of a mother in real life, she is absolutely adamant. You should be grateful."I had forgotten how cruel it is out there for a woman on her own in mid-life. However, it's a problem many women face as mid-life divorce is on the rise.In recent weeks there has been a slew of celebrity bust-ups. Tamzin Outhwaite, 42, who is filing for divorce from her husband Tom Ellis and Nigella Lawson, 53, whose 10-year marriage to Charles Saatchi ended in July, are starting down the mid-life single route.I didn't expect to be on my own just two years shy of the big 50.

One particularly unpleasant man whose wife was an old friend made it his mission one evening to grope me every time she left the table. Even though I ended my last relationship after seven years when he refused to marry me it was still unbelievably painful.
Everyone thought it was my fault.It was a defining moment and it made things clear in my head. There is a whole new breed of attractive and intelligent women who find themselves single in the middle of their lives and who are not sad lonely spinsters or sex-starved harpies but just happen to be without a man.So I decided to embrace the upsides of being single in your 40s and 50s. Maybe it was a midlife crisis or a confidence blow, but I knew that I was going to come out the other side. And she loved spending time with Michael Palin, who heads the cast of Remember Me as a frail old Yorkshireman, whose admission to a nursing home causes a series of inexplicable events. Make sure your prospective partner is on the same romantic page.Take actionThe more dates you go on the more chances you have to meet the next love of your life. Sign up to speed-dating events or try anything that starts the ball rolling.Find a dating buddyIf nervous about attending events alone, get a dating buddy.
This is ideally a fellow single mid-life female friend you can have a laugh with and who will boost your confidence if you have a setback.Find love onlineThere are a huge number of dating sites. Make sure you use a good profile picture that shows you in your best light.Ditch the baggageIf you get a date the last thing you want to do is start pouring out your post-divorce angst.
Life happens in phases, and I feel as though I’ve gone through a long phase of being quiet and thinking, and strengthening bonds with my lifelong friends and family.

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