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Some less experienced meditators complain about how easily the mind’s wandering thoughts distract them from paying attention and deepening concentration. These words would clarify what best meets what your needs are, and what you think other people may need.
3) To enhance practice effects, as you say the words feel the associated emotions in your body.
4) When you move to another person, as you say the words do your best to project outwardly the associated emotions of the words. Yoga Nidra and Your Inner Peace Yoga Nidra will allow you to relax like you may never have relaxed before.
A major part of suffering comes with the inability to shift unhelpful, negative focus on troubling thoughts and feelings.
Human Needs and Spiritual Experience and the Need for Supportive Rituals From the Eleanor R. Today’s Troubled World Needs More Self Compassion and Compassion This is an interactive activity on contemplation between your executive brain, your conscious mind, and your emotional brain areas. Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation Practices Meditation Master Thich Nhat Hanh offers some of the most helpful mindfulness, movement, and meditation instructions available today. Practice Approaches to for Mindful and  Enhanced Emotion Regulation Brought to us by way of  The Eleanor R. Many Benefits of Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation The Dalai Lama (Gyatso, Tenzin), the world leader of Tibetan Buddhism, and Paul Ekman, the world famous Psychologist of human emotions, have teamed up to discuss how to use mindful emotional awareness skills to become more emotionally balanced and compassionate.
Meditation Process in Chan Buddhism Chan Master Changlu’s The Deportmant for Sitting Meditation  (12th century China) is a clear and helpful set of instruction. A Primary Source of Unhappiness Self-medication to reduce or avoid pain and suffering is a major unhelpful habit in the United States.
How We Make Habits – An Understanding Twenty-five hundred years ago the Buddha reportedly taught how humans make habits.
Mindfulness and Concentration –  Experience Differences In this post I will explain some basic differences between mindfulness and concentration, both of which are required for effective meditation practice. Risks and Solutions for Compassion Fatigue Perhaps nothing more than compassion fatigue causes more helpers to prematurely exit their fields.
Mindfulness-Based Emotion Regulation The following emotional regulation practices (also called emotional balance skills) have been supported by over 2500 years of mindfulness training and current psychological research on human emotions. Concentration, Contentment, and Loving Kindness I have written various entries on concentration meditations in prior posts. Stress In America – How to Deal with it Effectively The American Psychological Association just released the results of its annual stress survey for 2014.
The Discourse on Loving-Kindness (Metta Sutta) was given by Buddha Shakyamuni 2600 years ago. Including this powerful meditation of Loving-Kindness in our practice brings immense benefit. The radiance of our loving-kindness brings protection from harmful influences and offers blessings and beneficience to all it touches.
Enjoy The Loving-Kindness Meditation Altar Card ?  See below for more meditation tools and Dharma Altar Cards and Thangka Altar Cards. Rooted in Buddhism, it’s been the subject of positive psychology studies as well, conducted by world renowned researcher Dr.
Not only that, but the participants experienced more mindfulness, self-acceptance, positive relationships and good health.   And over time, the good feelings strengthened their sense of satisfaction with their lives and built the resources available to them to live fully and well.

The phrase “loving kindness” comes from the Pali word metta.  Its meaning embraces the concepts of friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, inoffensiveness and non-violence as well. Loving Kindness Meditation is a practice of sending loving thoughts to all breathing beings, starting with you. Although practicing it will reveal many layers of yourself to you, the process itself is simple.
After you have practiced wishing yourself well for a several sessions, practice sending your wishes for safety, health, happiness and ease to your circle of loved ones, imagining each of them one at a time and speaking your wishes to him or her directly in your mind. The next stage is to move on to those people whom you know casually—neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, members of your community. After that comes the challenging part: to send your four wishes to those toward whom you feel anger or resentment or hostility. Another variation is to begin with yourself, then, in the same session, to send your wishes outwards to others in the same order listed above, ending with your wishes circling the entire globe. Even if you decide that a steady practice of it isn’t for you, doing a few casual rounds of it in the morning when you think of it can make a tremendous difference in your day.  That’s what the participants in Dr. Guided loving kindness meditation invokes our love and compassion for ourself and for others.Evoking compassion can be harder than we often imagine because the sources of our love and compassion can be hidden from us. Water can’t become any wetter, because being wet is not something apart from water.In the same way, love and kindness are not attributes that we can add to our being. Looking at the world today any aware person must admit the human race is in serious trouble.
Liebman Center for Secular Meditation in Monkton, Vermont Mindful Approaches for Enhanced Emotion Regulation; here are some approaches to practice. It is a desperate human effort to reduce pain and suffering in physical and psychological experiences. The heart-opening verses of the Loving-kindness Meditation are shown over an exquisite photograph of a lotus flower; an ancient symbol of the pure heart-mind of wisdom and compassion.
In the Anguttara Nikaya 11:16, Buddha Shakyamuni tells us there are eleven different blessings that one can expect from the dedicated practice of universal loving-kindness!
Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. A brief commentary, along with instructions for practicing with the Loving-kindness Meditation Altar Card are offered on the back of the card. The Pali word 'metta' (maitri in Sanskrit) mean universal loving-kindness, friendliness and goodwill, free from expectation and possessiveness. We dissolve the barriers in our hearts that create separation between ourselves and others. With this sublime heart of love, we express care and concern for all beings through benevolent thoughts, feelings and words, as well as through selfless acts of kindness and generosity.
We transform fear and negativity into courage and kindness, and we learn to care for and love all beings without exception.
It will also make you feel worthy of love and really lovable.Basics firstRecord these instructions in your own voice or ask someone you trust to read them to you while you meditate.
Then – little by little – the bud begins to unfurl and finally the flower appears in all its beauty.You can’t hurry up the process. Well, maybe you can, but the bud will be ruined.Can YOU feel deeply – or is your heart numb?It can happen to all of us that our heart goes numb.
At such times, even if we know that we love others, or that we love life – we can’t quite feel it.

Extend your love to them and wish that they be happy, healthy and free from suffering at all times. Every time we have a painful experience, we tend to grow a protective layer around our heart.
The awful thing is that this protective layer doesn’t just shield us from pain, it numbs all emotions.There is a way we try to rationalize our numb heart. Maybe we think, “I’m a realist, not a romantic”, or “I don’t like all that lovey-dovey stuff,” or, “I’d rather not get hurt.” Or we respond to others or ourselves in a sarcastic, cutting or snide way.
These are all signs of a numb heart.How can the heart awaken?There is a natural way of awakening the heart that we all know about.
Ask any one who is freshly in love, and they will rave about how wonderful the person they love is. And that is through loving-kindness practice.What loving-kindness does is to ease away the protective layers around the heart.
The practice of loving-kindness (or Metta) allows love to transform us.What holds us back from the transformation of love is fear. The English psychoanalyst John McMurray spoke of people being either ‘fear-determined’ or ‘love-determined’:There are two…emotional attitudes through which human life can be radically determined.
The fear-determined have no sun in themselves and go about putting out the sun in other people. Whether we experience joy, or anguish, or restlessness, or fear, or anger – if we shine the soft light of awareness on our experience, we are no longer separate from ourselves.What is the natural state of the heart?Imagine that you release your heart from all the protective layers. What do you find at the core?What you find is that the heart is joyful, radiant, and boundless.
Our natural way of being is a state of intimate connection with all beings.Maybe you feel worlds away from such an experience?It doesn’t matter. Thich Nhat Hanh translates the term loving-kindness or metta as “the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness.”The most important point here is that you need to start with yourself. It can slowly strip away the layers of protection, and reveal the radiant heart at the core of your being.As you breathe in – cherish yourself As you breathe out – cherish all beingsAt first, you may find it difficult to cherish yourself. I answer all my children’s letters — sometimes very hastily — but this one I lingered over.
But it can transform the way you experience life.As your heart’s capacity for love and kindness grows, you’ll find a great fullness of being, discover a warm kinship with all beings, and reveal the radiant heart within.What happens when you try this meditation? It is so clear “when you speak”, I understand and cherish all the good words you write, they are so soothing!!! That is the stage I aim to be in; in control of life and living it to the full of my capacity, as a humanbeing. So often people have good ideas that they want to share but only give a shallow description.
Then over the course of time, I started practicing unconditional love and acceptance for myself. It felt weird initially, but as time passed, it is one of the best things that changed my life and business.

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