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Self-esteem struggles of teenagersStudents and psychologists share why obtaining healthy self-esteem is such an important factor as a teenager.
Colter has actually been a victim of eating disorders and depression due to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can cause teenagers to turn to depression, eating disorders, as well as suicidal thoughts and behavior. With positive family and friends surrounding Colter, she grew a healthier self-esteem level. Low self-esteem can stem from many different factors, including the environment a person is surrounded by. Lakebrink also finds that a negative view point on your own self can be crucial to your self-worth. According to senior Jack Webb, the cause of low or high self-esteem is related to achievements, productivity, and appearance. Psychologist Goetz Viola says making comparisons is a contributing factor into self-esteem. According to Harty, many teenagers feel self-conscious about how they look, how they dress, and how they are judged by their peers. Lakebrink confirms Harty’s statement, adding there are a number of things teenagers feel self-conscious about.
Ask every girl, and almost all of them would say that girls feel more self-conscious than boys. Webb, Colter, and Harty all agree that teenage girls tend to have lower self-esteem than teenage boys.
The majority of the time, girls usually have to spend more time on their appearance than guys do. Though Colter has healthier self-esteem today, she still struggles with how she feels about herself sometimes.
Generally speaking, the higher the self-esteem a person has, the greater the confidence a person has.
Aiming for a better self-esteemStudents and psychologists give their advice on how to achieve a healthier self-esteem.
Just to reiterate, the purpose of this self esteem video series is help you discover why your level of self esteem is the most crucial element to achieving happiness and success and why so many of us lack the esteem essential for healthy relationships and a fulfilling life!
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The Dove Movement for Self Esteem is an initiative that aims at supporting positive self esteem among girls and women as a way of enabling them to exploit their full potential in the society. The initiative acknowledges the fact that every girl in the world has a potential in a particular field but it all depends on how the potential is being utilized. According to a global study carried out in 2011 by Dove® it was discovered that only a shocking 4% of women in the world acknowledge that they are beautiful. Jeannette recently posted..Making Healthy Taste Delicious with the New Del Monte Fruit Cups! Be Attentive-When your child speaks to you give them eye contact and listen make them feel what they are saying is important to you.
Make a child feel special-Praise children when they do a good job and also for trying hard. See the learning in mistakes– When a child makes a mistake turn the negative into a positive. Be a positive role model- If you are constantly hard on your-self, putting your self down or pessimistic your children will see that and may eventually copy those same feelings.
Tune in to their feelings- Sometimes this can be hard especially when a child has done something wrong and you yourself get angry and when to yell and scream.
I focus on my flaws rather than what’s good about me which makes me think that other people are better than me,” Colter said. As far as home life goes, Colter changed the way she looked at herself once she started recognizing encouragement and care from her family and friends. I didn’t end up going to counseling, but just knowing that they cared pushed me to eat healthier,” Colter said. Each person is different and if you are always comparing yourself to someone, you’ll always find something you think is bad about yourself and be let down.
Hearing and seeing positivity from friends and family can leave a mark of positivity on yourself. For example both teenage girls and boys struggle with peer acceptance and body image,” Lakebrink said. This may result to teens doing and saying things that does not truly represent how they feel. Girls may be more judgmental towards each other, but boys generally and universally have more pressure on themselves.
Girls have long hair they have to maintain, have to take care of their skin as well as use make-up, have to shave in more places than boys do, and style involves more than just a t-shirt and jeans. Boys don’t have to change their appearance that much, but girls have make-up and have to depend on what they eat,” Harty said.

Though some people may think the highest level of self-esteem is the healthiest level there is, Lakebrink states that balance is what makes a healthy self-esteem level. This initiative was founded for girls and women to learn the true definition of beauty and make them be proud of themselves. According to statistics, 70% of girls normally lose hope with life the moment they start feeling odd about their looks. This feeling may hide the full potential of that particular girl thus hindering her ambitions to become the future leader, role model and so on. On that note, different steps are used to enable successful and influential women to interact with young girls and educate them about how to build self esteem. It also revealed that 72% of girls are normally under high pressure to find the possible ways of looking beautiful and only 11% of them feel beautiful.
It is so very true that a young girl is in great need of others to help her understand what beauty is, and that she does possess it!
When it's time to answer the interviewer's questions you freeze, have a blank, completely forgot what you have planned to say. Once formed, this negative view permeates every thought, producing faulty assumptions and ongoing self-defeating behavior. Ever since its launch, this initiative has attracted over 4.8 million girls in the world seeking to learn more from it. This movement believes that beauty should be used to portray confidence and this is the major reason the initiative unites the most influential women in the nation as strong role models in conjunction with girls’ organizations to establish the Dove Movement for Self Esteem. Thanks to the introduction of the Dove Self Esteem Wall, women and girls can now share ideas about the definition of beauty, how to enhance self esteem and finally, how to utilize their full potential. And the more you stress, the more you struggle with the interview and the more that voice in your head is telling you "I told you will make a fool of yourself". Though perhaps you did not know she was one of the many teenagers who have associated with low self-esteem. Earlier this month I shared my own personal self esteem story, I think the message is so important that I just needed to share it again.

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