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A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. After running a battery of tests, blood and otherwise, it was decided that I needed a colonoscopy, which occurred in May.
As it turns out, the concept of a camera documenting my digestive system is massively fascinating to friends. Prep begins after lunch the day before the procedure, when you switch to a clear liquid diet. They also give you a take-home sheet that also serves as a diary; they need you to write down everything you eat or drink with times, as well as any other notes, like unexpected strenuous activity.
There is no early diagnosis – it takes 25 minutes just to download the footage by Firewire, and then a lab tech has to painstakingly step through EVERY IMAGE to make sure nothing is missed. But for friends who may be looking to diagnose a problem with their small intestines, ask your doctor. Cheryl is also a professional stage and film actress, appearing regularly with her home companies Unexpected Productions (Seattle TheatreSports) and Seattle Experimental Theater.
Back in February, this manifested as an extended, painful bout that lasted weeks at a time, recurred every few weeks, and began to lead to malnourishment (and, counterintuitively, skyrocketing iron levels). She prescribed a capsule endoscopy: instead of a corded camera, you swallow a pill-sized Bluetooth camera with embedded flash capable of taking 8 hours of video while making its trip through your digestive system.

In the end, you’re fasting for the capsule endoscopy for about 24 hours and then a small meal for the next 4-6. It just seems a misplaced adjective, as if they think they’re the Champagne of Laxatives.
It appears to contain a standard hard drive, since it vibrated a couple of times when receiving photos. It was stranger than I thought to get my head around swallowing the pill because it was flashing – my brain tried to tell me it was a small fairy and thus not food. You are also told to monitor the receiver – it should be blinking blue several times a second to indicate receiving pictures, and if it turns yellow prematurely the pill might be stuck.
I suppose I should take heart that we’ve confirmed I HAVE a digestive system (hey, with me you never know) and that it is normal.
As a founding member of NERDprov, Cheryl has been seen at performing arts and comic festivals for years.
The PillCam was brought out in a plastic case and the serial number recorded, which gave me a few minutes to document the situation.
There is a covered cable that runs from the antenna to a receiver device, which is worn in a purse across your body from one shoulder to the opposite hip.
It has three lights – one green power light, an orange light for hard drive writes, and a blue light that links when it receives transmissions from the capsule.

Besides, that saved me the 2,000 conversations I would have had explaining the equipment I was hooked up to. The sheet also helpfully reminds you that PillCam is metal, and if you go anywhere near an MRI you are going to be super sorry. They take your diary sheet, and rapidly disconnect you from the devices – and you’re done!
Liquid-only diet, laxative prep so salty my body tried to insist it was poison… DISLIKE. I also took the opportunity to photograph myself modeling the equipment for my curious friends.
You can tell the PillCam is on because the flash engages – three flashes every second as long as the pill battery is alive.

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