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You can now purchase my natural products, such as salves and magnesium lotion, through my on-line store. Also, I would like to thank in advance those of you who choose to purchase through affiliate links on my site. 3 tablespoons bentonite clay: Bentonite clay is such a fantastic base for tooth powder because it is a very gentle cleaner.
30-45 drops of essential oils: Peppermint is known to help whiten teeth, but we use a combination of orange and vanilla.
You will be getting a product or service that I believe in and at the same time I will be blessed by your support. Apart from all the nasty additives that can cause irritation, there is one horrible ingredient that almost every store-bought toothpaste has.

For a pretty penny, we could buy glycerin-free toothpaste, but I’m a DIY kind of girl, so I’ve been making this tooth powder for the last several months! Seems strange that something black can make your teeth white, but give it a try and see for yourself!
Start with a tiny amount of stevia powder and work your way up, since it can be overpowering, if you use too much.
Bentonite clay also has tons of minerals that are good for your teeth and it absorbs toxins.
Just be sure to get a naturally-mined, chemical-free one, such as Frontier or Bob’s Red Mill. Now, glycerin can be a wonderful thing when it’s the base for an herbal tincture or when a little squirt is added to liquid soap or lotion.

That barrier stops the natural remineralization that God intended when He designed our teeth.
Teeth wear down, but God planned for minerals to be replenished and for teeth to heal, just like skin, bone and tissue heals.

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