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AboutI believe passion and a sense of purpose fuel successful marketing messages, whether delivered via a product, a service, an experience, or a presentation.
Why is change management an additional discipline to project management, with separate qualification courses? Some people say project and programme management include change management, as they provide a structured way to move from point A to point B.
Successful change will only occur when each individual involved is ready, and willing, to do something different.
Guidelines for change management often focus on the role of leaders and leadership, but change affects individuals, teams and organisations in equal measure. Success in change management depends on a blend of managing the delivery of change, through a good process, whilst supporting people through the emotional side of change, with strong behavioural skills. Not to mention the effort in becoming integrated with the internal team once you win the business. In the case of the prospect who expressed the desire (and need) to help us, her company has been doing all marketing work internally thus far. Rapid growth and increasing competition in their industry prompted this bright VP of Marketing to recognize she needs help from outside.
Is it too obvious to say that managing this change successfully is a major initiative unto itself?
Ultimately, responsibility for getting your agency team fully integrated into a prospective or new client organization rests heavily with your primary contact. In some ways, you may have the most to gain by very effectively managing the development of your relationship with your new client’s internal team — and potentially the most to lose if you neglect to manage this change process effectively with all key players in their organization. As the VP of Marketing in our recent new business call illuminated, managing what is a change process may very well begin BEFORE the close. If you need help building your strategy as a collaborative partner in implementing this process, call us, or see the Agency New Business Resources tab on our website. About Jane BroweJane Browe has marketing and sales experience on both client and agency sides of the industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
If educators plan to transform their schools into institutions that promote 21st century learning skills, systemic change must occur. I came across this graphic while reading Darren Kuropatwa’s blog which I think wonderfully summarizes the sorts of leadership principles that are necessary to promote meaningful educational reform. Preparing a school or district for significant change also requires building organizational capacity for this type of change. Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing school leaders is the general resistance to change that is often expressed by teachers. Another important roadblock for school leaders to avoid is frustration that results from a lack of resources. My background includes a decade working deep inside the marketing departments at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market.
They certainly go a long way towards making organisational change happen, and are absolutely necessary, but they tend to neglect the emotional side of things. Change Management training needs to enable managers to address every step of the process and all stakeholder groups. Change is constant, competition is fierce and global, and there is increased pressure to contain costs while still increasing market share.The role of change management has taken on increased importance as leaders are more and more frequently being charged with creating and executing changes in direction, strategy and organization priorities. This sort of change will not only require significant resources,  but the type of transformation we are looking for demands highly effective leadership– leadership that fosters meaningful change.
Effective change requires a clear vision, appropriate skills, meaningful incentives directly related to outcomes, necessary resources, and a well thought out action plan. Simply put, administrators and teachers must have the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to make change happen. Many schools face the seemingly insurmountable task of convincing their faculties of the necessity of implementing the sort of systemic change discussed earlier.
With the terrible budget cuts facing most schools, building organizational capacity for change is as difficult as ever. The sticky part is that having a very specific vision is difficult, because technology advances at an amazing rate.

So the state of maturity to a large degree reflects the prevailing dominant corporate culture. Where you and your organisation sit on these maturity models is one of the key factors in leading change that will determine your chances of success. This is what makes the behavioural people skills so important for project and change managers. Equally important, is recognising and dealing with the emotional fallout that is inevitable during change. Those skilled in change management principles and in engaging others in change management processes will be much more successful in introducing and sustaining organization change initiatives.Two Day WorkshopA two day workshop, designed for those actually leading change initiatives, provides focus on key change management skills. When team members lack these skills,  a sort of professional anxiety results which usually cripples an organization. Without meaningful incentives, resistance naturally occurs, particularly when the extent of the organizational change is significant.
Building a 21st century learning environment sounds great when teachers have fast computers, a network that is reliable, the technological resources necessary, and worthwhile professional development.
You ignore soft skills at your peril if youa€™re aiming to influence your teams and your stakeholders, and to be a skilled facilitator or trainer. Supporting people through the ups and downs of this journey enables them to make the personal transformation necessary to make organisational change effective and 'stick'. But, how many administrators have access to the sort of capital that would enable them to build the type of  infrastructure necessary to transform their schools? Participants come prepared to discuss a current change initiative in which they are or will be involved, and will use their current situation to assess what is going well, and what changes need to be made in order to assure success.One Day WorkshopA one day workshop for leaders offers an overview of the people side of change management.
Upon leaving the workshop leaders will have a high level understanding of what their managers will be doing to successfully implement change, and their role in helping them achieve success. This is an interactive session and will draw on the experience of the participants to demonstrate key points.Don't let this be the perception around your change initiative!

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