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Organizations are implementing a wide variety of changes to their workspace, ranging from a simple shift to open planning and lower horizons at a single location, to complex enterprise-wide programs that offer new types of workspaces and planning approaches. While there are good business reasons for changes in the workplace, employees frequently feel threatened by the process. Workplace change management is a process for engaging with employees who are about to experience workplace change.
The scope of a workplace change and its associated workplace change program can vary widely (Figure 1).
Any change management effort starts with a clear vision of why the change is occurring as well as desired outcomes of the change. Any major change management initiative should be tracked to determine the effectiveness of your strategies and to identify areas that should be improved upon during the next situation requiring change management. Once you've established the baseline for what you want to change and created benchmarks to measure success, plan strategies for achieving those goals. The tide has turned against the major management consultancies Despite the fact the a€?change industrya€? is a multi-billion pound business for UK consultancies, the tide has finally turned against the major blue-chip management consultancies, in terms of perception of a€?value for moneya€?.
This is about ensuring that your people have the full resources and capabilities they need to support them thro the change.
Getting things done "It's just about setting out in a logical way, day after day, to do the things you know need to be done to make the customer feel good. June 28, 2013 By Teri Beckman 2 Comments Europeans have been studying what personality traits help business people manage change and generate higher profits.
It turns out almost all strongly held personality traits actually inhibit people from being able to work successfully with change.
The professor’s results show that “teams with markedly strong personality traits were more inflexible than teams with less strong traits”, and therefore had less ability to adapt to change. He reports, “This became a significant problem for the management teams during the three-year period.
Within a Skillful Means framework, strongly held traits may indicate an imbalance within individuals which becomes a liability to organizations as individuals struggle to manage change.

Indeed, the study found the stronger the personality trait, the stronger the tendency to act on personal preferences and not adapt to the situation at hand. Go here to learn how other organizations have used Skillful Means methods to learn to work effectively with change. If you are solo-preneur, keep your eyes out for a local training in North Carolina this summer.   If you will be in Asheville July 28th join us for a workshop to transform stress and re-direct that energy into building a thriving business.
3. Skillful Means books can also be an excellent resource for you as develop skills in problem solving and dissolving stress to support your ability to manage change and make your organization more financially sustainable.
Knoll has worked with many customers through the process of implementing workplace changes—some simple, some quite complex. The natural resistance to change that often emerges must be managed for a successful transition to new workspace.
Its goal is to help people more quickly (and happily) adjust to new workspaces and new ways of working. A change management program is a useful process for successfully managing employee transitions. Your change management process should respond to the size and complexity of your project and the culture of your organization. For example, if the change is a new business process being implemented across your company, define for stakeholders — employees, board members, investors, etc. First establish a baseline by collecting data related to the issue as it currently stands, then develop targets for further growth and achievement.
When you choose an integrated HR platform, it's possible to pull on strengths throughout your organization to implement the change process and then measure its impact across different parts of the company. It's not sophisticated and it's not complicated, but it's amazing how often it doesn't happen." Sir Gerry Robinson Leadership, cultural analysis and change models alone will not deliver the benefits of your change initiative. Further he found managers with both of these qualities achieved better profitability for their companies and businesses than individuals in whom these traits were relatively weak. Organizations of all sizes, across all sectors, are re-planning and re-configuring their workplaces to better attune them to the work processes and workstyles at hand.

Whatever the size of the enterprise or the scope of the project, the success of change management comes down to addressing the concerns, anxieties and expectations of the people involved.
Good change management lets people get back to work faster and feel more satisfied with their change experience—and the new space. Overcome this challenge by building in success points along the way; small victories and near-term wins can be balanced with long-term goals to keep your team on course. Any opinions expressed within materials are not necessarily the opinion of, or supported by, Paychex. The responsibility for this lies predominantly with the directors and senior management. The main reason for this is the UK culture of a€?short-termisma€? where monthly and quarterly targets drive companies. Many (probably most) of them are not able to make the leap from hearing and understanding your vision and strategy to translating that into purposeful productive action.
As leader of the change, you face the challenge of getting your people to do whatever it is that is required to deliver your change initiative, to achieve the organizational benefits that you anticipate. This is addressed in the "Practitioners Masterclass" which takes a holistic view of the key areas and shows you how to put all this into practise. This just underlines the value of stress management and the importance of the skills you teach. This paper shares some of our experiences and insights and offers a few guidelines for successfully managing the challenge. Effectively communicating the anticipated positive outcomes can help excite your team and increase ownership in the project. The information in these materials should not be considered legal or accounting advice, and it should not substitute for legal, accounting, and other professional advice where the facts and circumstances warrant.
It is a pity such skills are not yet widely taught as most people would benefit by having some stress management tools in their toolkit. It is critical to ask people for input, to address concerns as they arise, to identify the influencers within employee groups and to engage them in your efforts.

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