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When you are taking big leaps in expanding your business you will begin to bump up against other people’s money stuff. You see when you are breaking free of fear and scarcity around money and taking bold actions to grow your business you are really bucking the cultural norm around money right now—which is money victimhood. A few hours later I checked my emails and found a seething email from a massage therapist who was accusing me of just caring about money and this sale was just a horrible thing, etc. Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, is a 6-figure holisitic psychotherapist, and Presiedent and Founder of GAHP–a respected, professional organization that gives YOU credibility, support, training and more. Many of us do not focus our attention and energy directly upon money even though money is the currency that allows us to purchase necessities in life such as food, shelter, clothing and transportation. Many of us whom practice presence and hold spiritual beliefs about service and sharing and being love in the world tend to have some sort of negative thought about the idea of purposely drawing money into our lives.
It can be challenging to center into presence of possibility, to share abundantly, when one feels the strain of having not quite enough money to pay the bills. Testimonial: I loved taking this class…Joy has a lot of interesting *tid bits* to share with love and encouragement! The energy of joy is a wonderful manifesting energy – for when you are feeling joy, you are also open to receive, with ease.
You will receive an invitation to join a private Facebook forum group – people can see who is in the group, but can only see the posts and comments if they are in it. External doesn’t have to be optimal and internal doesn’t have to be in alignment – magic transforms that perceived imperfection to the most extraordinary visual sign of trust and faith.
The structure of this class is that of a sacred container, a space of unconditional love and gratitude, in which we all feel comfortable exploring and experimenting.  While cultivating the feel of possibility daily, and holding our money intention with awareness, we are in essence cultivating the feel of abundance.
Excitement: ideas come gushing to the surface and curiosity invites you to explore as your heart whispers “Yes, please!” to connection and creation. The truth is, I supply the parameters of the sacred space with energetic intention, daily prompts, and affirmation of your creative expressions….. So, we really won’t know what shape the class will take, what it will feel like, what energetic doors will open.
We can say, what we focus on grows, so there is the possibility that doors you thought were closed, might open, and you might find yourself in new spaces in the midst of money miracles. For this specific class, the Facebook Forum is a wonderful space for us to share our daily progress, insights and money miracles. I absolutely understand that your time is precious and participating in another Forum cuts into your time *and* what we focus on grows, so even a few minutes spent in the Forum daily has the potential to inspire, affirm, encourage and motivate you to continue creating in this new way. Participation in the Forum is not required; however, it is highly recommended for this specific class. Yes, you may absolutely still enroll if you wish not to participate in the Forum – the class is written with presence to unfolding, each prompt containing the principles of presence to manifesting money miracles. A device to read the prompts that you receive via email and to link to the Facebook Forum (if you choose).
Approximately 30 minutes daily to read and contemplate the prompts and apply the practices directly to your intention for class. While there is no formal coaching in this program, I do weave energetic and principles into all that I practice and share.  I fully understand that each prompt, and this entire process of “immersion into magic”, is an exercise in trust-building and faith.
When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).
When you choose to register to Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core. There is no guarantee that enrollment in this class will bring the physical element of money into your life. Your presence is vital to the energy and existence of this forum.  I appreciate your choice to walk a few energetic steps together and I very much look forward to all that you have to share! Let me know how you feel about an article or practice I have shared, about an experience in life you are stuck or celebrating or if you have a question or a request for a practice you would like me to share. I *love* interacting here in the comment section and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (my instagram account is at the bottom of this sidebar).
When you choose to join the Facets community, you will receive the complimentary gift of this eBook "The Art of Receiving Abundance". The May Online Energetic Intention Circle will be open to add your intentions from May 1-7, 2015. Receive affirmation of your intention and personal encouragement and support as your intention unfolds.

I currently offer a paid one-month or one-year subscription (including accountability and reflection).
Schedule a Personal Empowerment SessionIn a personal empowerment session, we work together to customize practices of presence and energy movement to support you as you connect and create in life. Please click this link Personal Empowerment Sessions for more information, and to schedule your session. I facilitate the space by posting a daily affirmation along with my thoughts and experience on that affirmation. I invite you to share *your* thoughts, feelings and experience about that affirmation as well as photos or creative expression regarding that affirmation. This is a short message offering insight and guidance on the topic of not worrying about money.
It might seem like a bold statement, but I believe that the majority of all success or failure in any endeavor is a direct result of what’s happening in your head and heart, which I explain succinctly through the TEAR formula.
Understanding and following the TEAR formula will make you exponentially more likely to achieve your goals. This is why it is the cornerstone of all I teach and do, and those who work with me are people who get this concept (and if they don’t, I cannot work with them). If you don't have a clear pathway for money to come to you, you are not set up for financial success. Whether you have had issues with money your whole life or if, like me, your money challenges started when you began your business, becoming very clear on how you are aware of money in your life is a key element to having a better experience with it.
Are you experiencing changes in your life that will eventually lead to a better and more free “you”? I’ve done a lot of my own inner work around various money blocks and have learned some great concepts and techniques around attracting money more easily and consistently, and I share these with my private clients. Treat money like you would a person you are dating and want to have a good relationship with. This perspective has completely shifted my concept about money and my relationship with it! I promised to share in this next blog some specific ways that I and my clients and readers have used that have helped us to get measurable (and often very quick) results from tapping into the power of gratitude. Like many, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction in late 2007, when Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” was all the rage. One of the biggest stumbling blocks of the law of attraction is the fear of success – the irrational, age-old fear of change. As stated by Albert Einstein, “Realty is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” If you want to become one of the few people who learn, understand and actually successfully implement the law of attraction, then Dr. While the idea of effortlessly manifesting money has been in print since the early 1900’s, it only became mainstream in the past five years. Even among the supporters of The Secret (or the Law of Attraction, as it’s called in general), there was dissent as to how much the universe was supposed to take care of, and how much was your responsibility.
Or did you have to work step by step on implementing your goals in order for there to be any result?
Even Hale Dwoskin, from the Sedona Method, says that proper belief cannot take the place of right action.  He says “effort is ego in motion,” but that effortless action is the real key to success.
At first glance, this might seem like a marketing tactic to get you to buy his products.  After all, having money appear at your doorstep sounds like a better deal than having to work every day, right?
A couple days later, I got a letter saying I was part of a winning class action lawsuit concerning a company I worked for five years ago.  They awarded me $67 dollars. I set my next goal for $2500, and have gotten $500 so far, without any extra work needed.  When I say I didn’t work for it, I mean that I began getting paid for something I was doing for fun anyway, so there was no net increase in my efforts. Can this be scaled to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars?  I think so.  I think a lot of what keeps us back from achieving goals like this are our fears of what would happen if our wishes came true. Tell me this, if you meditated for a day on getting $54,501 in the mail, and then the next day you got a check for exactly that amount, would you be a little freaked out?  Maybe more than a little?  Our minds like to keep things at status quo, because it feels safer. I’ll report more manifestations as we go.  For now, keep an open mind about what’s possible in this area. I found your site from an article you wrote on seomoz, I was wondering if you could give me an explanation of how you release, do you sit with your eyes closed saying to yourself I want $100 then gat up and forget about it, or is there more to this technique? You posed a question on seomoz which people thought got the most traffic, I would say the one that attracted me Money Without Working – Is it Possible? Sign up and you will receive tips and insights from the Akashic Records about manifestation and creating the prosperity you want for your life!

Truths and Little Known Facts About Successfully Manifesting What You Really Want For Your Life. Mary Jane is available for speaking engagements and presentations to groups both large and small.
Meaning many, many people feel disempowered in their life around creating abundance and feel like outside forces are determining this for them.
The most important thing I learned was how to establish money boundaries—meaning how to not take personally someone else’s money issues. Make sure to honor the value of the Service at the true level of their Value rather than what you think other people would be comfortable with. View your clients as powerful Spiritual Beings capable of creating whatever level of abundance they desire. An organization that not only supports your career as a Therapist but also supports, inspires and nourishes your Spirit.
I recommend this class for anyone wanting to manifest money while growing without judgement!
The Facebook forum is a place for sharing and affirming – not critiquing quality and content, but to visually see and feel that which others wish to share.
Conversely, failure to understand and follow this formula is likely to lead to a failure to achieve your goals. Is it a loving passionate affair, or is it fizzled out and down in the dumps?  Is it a love story or a horror story?  Has it been that way for a while (even “all your life”)? If you have difficulty here, and some people do, look on-line.  If you would like a new house, what will it look like? I use the Akashic Records to heal you energetically and get you the answers you need to help you create the prosperity you want for your life! It was around my dog, Niyo’s, Birthday and the sale was part of celebrating his Birthday too. Her reaction had more to do with her and her own relationship with money than about anything that I was doing. If they are having money struggles continue to focus on the truth of what they are truly capable of rather than to buy into what they are creating right now.
I have been amazed over the years how my assumptions over the years have been so inaccurate with what people can pay.
I know at times it may seem like it, but take comfort in knowing that you create your own reality. Would you rather continue working a 9 - 5 job that is uninspiring and always feel like you are "waiting for the weekend" OR would you rather be working in your life purpose and manifesting what you REALLY want for your life? I LOVED these CD’s and they have helped so many people and all I could think about was how much this sale was going to help more people. Once I established those money boundaries it made it easier to continue to follow my Spirit and take bold actions to be of service on the Planet—and not hold back because of other people’s fears and reactions.
What I have learned is that people who truly desire your service will move mountains to get the money to pay for your services—if it is important enough to them.
Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify where your money blocks are so you can sign more clients to make more money and make a difference in more lives! Instead of looking at your situation as negative, try to identify how it serves you for it to be happening.
Is it because you feel this is what people would pay and you don’t think you could go higher? The more you are viewing them as powerful, you are actually energetically supporting them to step into this much more than buying into the false belief that they are limited. Lester Levinson said to see it, feel it and taste it…and hold your mind on already HAVING.
If you love to travel you'd probably love to take 3 or 4 nice trips a year or more!  Is there an incredible house or dream car you would LOVE to own?

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