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Indeed Uebert Angel pioneered the concept of Miracle money and demonstrated it to the world.
The controversial, multimillionaire, erudite Prophet Uebert Angel, took his miracle filled Good News revolution to Hyderabad where hundreds of congregates received miracle money and queued up to testify.
Indeed, Uebert Angel pioneered the concept of Miracle money and demonstrated it to the world. According to Onward Christian Radio, men and women alike were shaking their heads and clapping their hands in total disbelief.

So popular was his first day of conference at Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries church such that they had to have two venues in two separate locations to cope with the huge crowds that had come to witness and receive their own miracle. Uebert Angel, who together with his wife Beverly Angel are in India championing the Good News revolution and actively taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world. Prophet Uebert Angel has been described by some as a prosperity preacher and he certainly is not a proponent of poverty. In December 2012, Uebert Angel introduced this phenomenon of miracle money in Botswana were he left parishioners dumbfounded when he raised more than P2,4 million during a “miracle money” crusade. In a broadcast carried on his television — Miracle TV — the flamboyant Prophet performed miracle acts which rewarded part of the bumper congregates with “miracle money” ranging from loans, airtime and cash multiplication. The miracle money crusade was attended by people drawn from South Africa, Angola, Namibia and Zambia. Prophet Angel told the congregates that God would work more miracles on them despite the sick having been healed. And from that simple prayer from a Major Prophet on that day in a stadium in Botswana the miracle money phenomenon was kick started and today Hyderabad India is partaking of the miracle. REVIEW OVERVIEWMiracle Money, Miracle Money, Uebert Angel Astonishes HyderabadSUMMARYProphet Uebert Angel has been described by some as a prosperity preacher and he certainly is not a proponent of poverty. Have you ever felt really inspired to work with the Law of Attraction by making a vision board, using manifesting rituals and allowing your heart to dream your wildest dreams? You feel so energized and excited by life and the possibilities that you’re open to receiving. Negative thoughts are a perfectly normal and essential part of the creation process but most people don’t understand this occurrence and how to use it to their advantage. Your thoughts do something that is perfectly natural and yet we don’t see it as part of the ‘happy happy, joy joy’ energy associated with manifesting. But what if we cultivated the awareness to stand back and allow our doubts and our fears to be expressed without feeling like they are sabotaging our manifesting efforts? So next time you start to doubt yourself or your ability to call in your desires, remember that this realm we currently live in is just a mere echo of what has already happened and unfolded vibrationally. If you’d like to learn more about how to remove those pesky energetic blocks you might like to try my online course called MANIFEST.
Increase your natural ability to manifest your dream life with these proven habits, techniques, and secrets to the science of manifesting!
Over the years I have learnt what are the easiest & least expensive ways to promote myself, how to attract and keep clients that 'get me', while creating media connections to enhance my profile. I will SHARE WITH YOU all I know, because it is time for YOU to live the life you always wanted, and help people live theirs, while 'MAKING MONEY AND MANIFESTING MIRACLES'! In the early years I lost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$'s (and nearly my mind) as I did it the hard way because I did it on my own - there wasn't a coach out there that could tell me what to do, and had actually experienced success in similar work to me! Forget "The Secret", forget Anthony Robbins, you will be amazed how much wisdom Maria has accumulated in her life. It was exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey.   Thank you Maria – you really are a Miracle Worker.
Remember I am 'The Miracle Coach' and I'm here for you, with REAL-LIFE experience with running a purpose-filled business, creating a media profile and staying strong in an industry that is highly competitive and fickle.
When it comes to delivering results you cannot argue with miracles that produce tangible evidence such as miracle money. The people of Hyderabad could not believe the miracles that were manifesting right in front of them but as they say seeing is believing there were plenty to testify and many handled the crisp new bank notes which miraculously appeared in their wallets and purses.

Hundreds of people queued up some even went on the stage to share and show their testimonies of money miraculously appearing.
He pulled other miracle that confounded imagination as many were healed of a number of ailments. We make ourselves wrong for teetering over to negativity momentarily and then pull the proverbial plug on the whole notion of desiring a better life for ourselves.
The final and most important piece of the alignment process is to fully commit energetically.
Your job is to align with those desires, remove the blocks and be present in each moment, because that is really all that exists. I currently have thousands of manifesting students in my mastermind community that are manifesting money, love and opportunities like wildfire.
I'm truly devoted to teaching people about how to follow their heart, manifest their desires and create their own miracles.
This combination has led me to create a profitable 'purpose-based' business, that is ETHICAL and enjoyable!
I have read just about every self-help book on the planet, but no-one has inspired me, or assisted me on my path to true happiness more than Maria Elita! I want you to immediately let me know, so I can give you a full refund on the entire purchase price.
He prophesied of things in the lives of particular congregates with such accuracy as only befitting the definition of forensic, pin-point prophecy, as he dealt with deep and personal issues in the lives of those to whom he was prophesying to. Uebert Angel, has since repeated this miracle several times in different locations around the world.
This is the Great Commission and the last command that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us before He ascended to heaven. Trust me, you will be offered multiple opportunities to give up until you fully understand the cosmic mechanisms that are playing their role to test you.
Check the comments everyone loves your prophet, Anastacia wants to lift Angel’s name on high. In my knowledge of theology, a major prophet does not mean there was a value upon his head. Is it in one’s power to summon a certain miracle and then personalize it as a trade mark? However when they are performed i am not quick to think highly of them or their performers. Check when the young ruler in Luke 18:18-19 called Jesus Christ the Good Teacher, The Lord went on to ask “why do you call me good? The changing of water into wine in John 2 symbolized His blood that was given out for many. The raising of the dead is two-fold firstly, symbolizes resurrection from the death of sin into a new a life and also the final resurrection into eternity.
Just as He could give sight to physically blind, Christ gives sight to the spiritually blind.

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