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4) Expect, listen and allow it to happenWhen we try to manifest money, we often get it wrong at step 1.
Manifesting money and all of your other dreams is really possible and even easier than you think.All you need to learn is how to manipulate your thoughts into a FEELING and BELIEVING place. I have made this PowerWand with genuine 23 karat Gold flakes, Copper, Silver, Titanium and Brass with the intention of making something that will be beneficial for everything from Psychic protection, Chakra healing, Manifesting to Meditating it is a very versatile device, you simply need to hold it in your right hand whilst meditating and manifest your desires. Please note that the crystals are not perfect Grade A crystals they are double terminated but may have a double point and may also be slightly chipped. I wanted the full colour spectrum to radiate out of this device from every direction, something which I have wanted to do for the last few years but until now it had eluded me. Please see below I have complied a list of properties each gemstone, metal, colour and crystal within the device hold.
Yellow: Intelligence, Mental Clarity, Alertness, Open Mind, God Energy, Solar Energy, Planetary Influences. Blue: Psychic Ability, Psychic Vision, Premonitions, Prophetic dreams, Peace, Tranquillity, Serenity, Healing, Kindness, Psychic Awareness.
Haematite - Concentration, Memory, Grounding, Protection, Earth Connection, balances meridians within the body, Dissolves negativity, aid for addictive substances. Pyrite - Deflection of harm and negativity, protection stone, Shielding, Inspires creativity, increases leadership qualities.
Kyanite: Never Needs Clearing or Charging, Attunes, Align Chakras especially 3rd Eye, Throat Chakra, Stimulates Communication and Psychic awareness on all levels. Amber: Opens Energy Channels, Electrically Charged when Rubbed, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Citrine: Raises Vibrations to the Spiritual Realities, Wealth, Confidence, Psychic Enhancement, Stimulates Mental Creativity, Eliminates Toxins in Chakras, Opens our minds to superior ideas, Helps asthma sufferers, Wealth, Confidence, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aries. Turquoise: Use with Amber, Native American Indians Protective stone, Dispels Negativity, Clears Aura, Changes colour at time of Impending Danger, Protect against Pollution, Hathor, Buddha, The Great Spirit, Associated Metals Gold. Photon Orgone's devices are made in a very specific way, I have been developing and researching Orgonites and Orgone Energy for nearly 15 years. During this time I tirelessly worked on combining Crystal and Colour Therapy together with my Photon Orgone devices.
After researching and using a Kirlian camera the aura was noticeably brighter and larger if within a 3 metre radius of this device over a period of two months for over 5 hours a day. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any product that we sell, we do not claim that our items are designed to treat or cure illnesses and my products are for experimental purposes only.
I read "The Secret" and got very excited about the whole concept, only I could not quite get the manifesting money portion right. This is the only hard part,but if you can master it, you will have no problem manifesting more money in the future.
If you wanted to add a Mobius coil and succur punch to the device there will be enough room on the crystal to wrap this yourself but it would have to be a small one. I have found that only specific combinations of metals and crystals will work in creating positive energy.
Crystal and Colour Therapy alone are very powerful but if you combine this amazing technique within an orgonites device you will have harnessed a super powerful force! Our test subjects Chakras have also become more balanced and attuned for the user of the Photon Orgone Pyramid and many people have noticed an increase in their sixth sense by making better business or personal decisions.

We recommend that you consult your doctor or health care professional before using any of our items. I tried really hard to channel my thoughts in the right way, but the money just was not coming.
This device will give of all the colours of the spectrum so it will be a very powerful device because of various frequencies in all directions it emits and the frequencies will reach further radius than any other device I have created before this.
So, to manifest money, you have to be in a good FEELING place about it.I applied these techniques and within 2 months I found a sponsor( He gave me double the amount I was hoping for). Colour has a massive impact on our life without us even knowing it, the more balanced of the colours and frequencies of the device is the better and more powerful it becomes. Needless to say, I did get despondent and frustrated and I even started believing that this whole manifesting money hype was a croc - but I decided that I needed to learn more about it. The balance of metals, gemstones and crystals have been chosen based on the principles of colour therapy, of which I have been studying and experimenting with for the last 15 years. Perhaps I was not doing it right and therefore not manifesting the money I needed to get this book published?

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