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Mantra meditation was originally devised by the ancient sages of India and Tibet to cleanse the soul of impurities and wrongful desires through the repeated incantation of powerful mantras. These mantras are believed to send out vibrations that are aimed at influencing the mind in such a way that the thought process itself undergoes a radical transformation. The “Om” is the sacred sound of Hinduism and is said to mean, variously: It Is, Will Be or To Become.
Though it may sound a bit complicated mantra meditation is the easiest and safest form which can be mastered even by the novices in the field of meditation.
The technique is to chant sacred prayers in the form of mantras while complimenting that action with focussed attention on the sound waves that they generate.

Repeating the mantras will ultimately have a profound impact on the mind and the soul.Meditation Relaxation - Safest Way to De-StressMeditation relaxation, unlike other medicinal depressants, has the unique property of relieving the body of tensions and stiffness, while simultaneously rejuvenating the mind, by dissolving the worries and anxieties. This simple means to relieve pent up stress in the body and mind does not require any specialized equipment or training. Merely concentrating on the breathing process and letting thoughts drift in and out of the mind without struggling with them, is all that is needed in this form of meditation. A clean and quiet place with serene surroundings can be an advantage, while meditating to relax the whole being.Simple Meditation - For Everyone and EverydaySimple meditation has its benefits for people from all walks of life and in all circumstances.
This is a easy way of meditating which requires only a few minutes everyday, to increase the calmness of the mind and encourage rational thinking.

A little bit of guidance is required to get initiated, and anyone can perform meditation at any time that is convenient. All one needs is to sit down in a quiet place, and concentrate on the breaths that are inhaled and exhaled. Avoid getting fixated on any particular thought and just try to relax all muscles of the body with each breath.

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