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The contents of this webpage are taken from the book How to Increase Life Force and to Fight Cancer, by Ven. Ajarn was raised as a monk from childhood, he went to India and was the first Thailand monk to received a doctorate in Bhuddist studies from India. To perform this meditation you will chant sounds and visualize moving colors under your palm while placing a hand over each chakra location. Visuddha: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your throat, mentally imagine a spiraling sky blue cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back. Anahata: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your heart, mentally imagine a spiraling green cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back. Svadhisthana: Continue with your opposite hand, place it a bit below your navel, mentally imagine a spiraling orange cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back. Muladhara: Continue with your opposite hand, place it over your private parts, mentally imagine a spiraling red cloud penetrating the front of your body, going through it and exiting in the back.
To help you, I have sought out and selected the most powerful healing mantras in the world. I’ve made sure to include both English mantras and sacred mantra from Hinduism and Buddhism. 2 cycles de 9 cours de 2h chacun vous invitent a plonger dans la pratique integrale de yoga en Septembre – Decembre 2014. Pour arriver a l’etat de Yoga, l’etat d’Union avec le Soi, la science yogique nous fait travailler sur plusieurs plans : corps physique, pranique, mental, emotionnel et intellectuel pour arriver a toucher notre essence, ce que dans la tradition occidentale on appelle l’ame.
Ce travail donne une experience de paix profonde et colore la vie avec tant de nouvelles subtilites interieures. La pratique de yoga integral fait decouvrir le bonheur que chacun de nous porte a l’interieur de lui. Les 9 smoothies sont inclus dans l’offre de chaque cycle pour remplacer les diners apres la pratique. Meditation is the practice of calming the mind, connecting with the body, and focussing on what is happening in the present moment.
With meditation you can reduce stress and pain, be happier, more focussed, increase your memory, and generally improve your quality of life.
Basic and detailed instructions - one pointed concentration, walking meditation, body sensations, postures, lying down meditation, stretches for sitting, and tonglen meditation. The Gayatri Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, Maha Mrityunjaya, Ganesh Mantra, Lakshmi Mantra, Durga Mantra, Hanuman Mantra, Moola Mantra, Om Mantra, Aakhan Jor and So Ham. Teachers from different traditions answer the same questions in this series of video interviews. A hand-picked selection of the best meditation and spiritual videos available on the internet, from Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Barry Long, both Krishnamurti's, Pema Chodron and Douglas Harding. Everything on this website is offered freely, and donations help us pay for the ongoing cost of this website and are greatly appreciated. To provide information on meditation that is not specific to or funded by one particular meditation organization or philosophy.This website recognizes that we are all individuals, and as such may need different techniques or paths to achieve our personal goals. Mantras are the repetition of words and phrases of special significance, and can be said either out loud or internally.
Many of the spiritual traditions say that the universe began with a word, or sound from God. Thus, by repeating a mantra we introduce the vibrational frequency of that mantra into ourselves, so that we too begin to resonate with the words and vibration of the mantra. By saying a mantra you are literally tuning yourself to resonate at the same vibrational frequency as God, or the specific deity associated with that mantra, or the healing power or intention of that mantra.
Eventually, as you come to resonate at the same frequency as the mantra, the mantra gains its own momentum.
There are numerous tales of mantra practitioners who were so at one with their mantra that if they cut themselves their spilled blood would spell the words of their mantra. Whether or not this is true the message is clear, mantras become a part of us and have the potential to effect us on a very deep and transformational level.

One theory is that mantras allow us to connect to archetypal energies which have been strengthened over thousands of years by the continual repetitions of practitioners.
Similarly, the influence of mantra on the mind-body connection can also influence healing by creating a biofeedback loop that replaces unpleasant sensation with love and positivity. When these thoughts are negative or angry this can be particularly unpleasant and often damaging. By replacing these type of thoughts with a mantra we not only break the habitual negative flow, we also create and reinforce a new flow that is both beneficial and positive. Similarly, when stuck in a downward emotional spiral a mantra can not only break the habitual emotional pattern, but also replace it with the positive emotion that you normally associate with the mantra. In Hinduism they have the concept of Sanskaras, which are impressions derived from past experiences, which form desires that influence our responses and behavior.
Mantras are not prayers, in the sense of using your own words to ask for something specific.
Depending on the type of mantra, you may wish to place your focus on your heart or between your eyebrows as you use the mantra. If your mantra is associated with a deity then you may wish to visualize the deity as you say your mantra, or if it is chakra mantra meditation then you can visualize the color associated with that chakra. Tags: Activating Spiritual Healing, Activating The Heart Crystal, Activating Your Personal Angels, Aligning With Your Higher Self, All Products, Best Sellers, Buddha's Awakening, Dolphin Light, Doorway To Pleiades, Galactic Gateway, Gifts Of The Archangels, Heart Of The Star, Inner Planes, Luminescence, Mantras For Meditation And Healing, Master Collection, Merging With Bliss, Michael Hammer, Music Collections, Music For Ascension, Music For Awakening The Light Body, Music For Self Exciting, Precious Moment Precious Truth, Radiance Spiritual Shimmer, Soul Alignment, Souls Light, The Sacred Heart, Yamala Essence Of Creation.
Get the most music for your money today with the all new Master Collection which now includes instant access to OVER 20 of Michael Hammer’s most popular albums! Most people see clearing away the thoughts in your mind as an impossible task and so never bother trying meditation. Your focus should not be on removing all thought, but instead allowing the thought to pass through your mind without paying it any attention or deep analysis. Often you will find your mind will get caught in a thought and eventually you will recognize what you are doing and you can pull yourself out of it by again saying this sentence. A very simple way to remove the thoughts from your mind is to simply repeat a mantra or phrase over and over again. Find your mantra, test it out to see if it helps to make you feel peaceful, alert, calm and relaxed. The large bead represents wisdom and when you reach this after your mantra circle,begin again, this time moving in the other direction.
These meditation techniques for beginners are a great starting point for your path on the removal of thought from your mind to find the space of eternal peace and stillness.
I chose a mantra on my first day of sunrise yoga my senior year of university–peaceful, grounded and stress-free. These chanted sounds and visualizations activate your body's natural energy centers and revitalize your non-physical bodies. He returned to Thailand, disrobed and taught at Chiang Mai University as a layman for over 20 years.
Mentally imagine a spiraling Indigo cloud penetrating from the in front of your forehead, going through your brain and exiting out the back of your head. These mantras are said to be able to cure heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a lot of other health complication. You should always seek the advice of a professional health care professional before attempting to use mantras or meditation. L’apprentissage de 9 mantras et de 9 techniques de meditation, qui s’inscrivent dans la tradition de yoga classique, complete la pratique des postures et vous permettront d’installer ou d’approfondir votre pratique personnelle.
Although they may differ considerably, most meditation practices aim to calm, or quieten the thoughts. It helps us live more fully in the present instead of being lost in thoughts, images, regrets, and fears about the past and future. They each have that special combination of supportive atmosphere and stillness that nurtures the cultivation of a quiet mind and depth of meditation practice.

Thus we offer a range of methods and techniques in the hope that you may find something that resonates with you, and assists you in finding what you are looking for. To name just a few well known examples, Hinduism has the Gayatri mantra, Buddhism Om Mani Padme Hum, Christianity the Jesus Prayer, and Islam the Sufi dhikr.
By saying a mantra you are connecting to the energy field of all those that have also used that mantra before you. By connecting to the mantra on an energetic level it may be possible to reprogram the affected or diseased area and allow healing to occur.
When saying a healing mantra you are accessing energy fields far greater than yourself, with huge potential for healing. These studies show that neural pathways are either strengthened by repetition, or weakened by lack of use. By using a mantra we can connect and vibrate with a more pure or higher level of consciousness, which is usually a chosen deity or God. Some mantras are specific for chakras, and aim to cleanse, open and purify these chakras so our spiritual energies will flow more smoothly and without obstruction.
For example, with a healing mantra you establish in yourself the specific intention to be healed, and then connect with the power of the mantra with that intention, and say only the mantra, and do not use your own words as you would in individualized prayer.
This is a very personal thing, and over time you may find that how you experience your mantra changes, as it becomes part of you, and you become part of it. Or if the mantra is specific for something such as healing, or for a specific chakra, then place your awareness on that part of your body.
When you realize that your thoughts have wandered just simply refocus, and return to your mantra. If you are angry, you can try saying your mantra louder and at a faster pace, to drown out your angry thoughts. When meditating hold your mala in your hand and move each bead between you fingers as you repeat your mantra. I don’t use a mala anymore, but it did help to stop my mind wandering onto other useless things, like it so often does!! If you have a specific condition yourself, or you know someone who does, I advise you to pay close attention to this article. Our inclusion of these links is for your convenience only and does not imply an endorsement of any material on such linked sites or any association with the site operators. By replacing negative thoughts with a mantra you are literally rewiring your brain whilst simultaneously weakening habitual thinking.
The connection with this higher vibrational frequency then helps to purify the body and mind.
Although affirmations can be very useful they should not be confused with mantras, which work at a deeper vibrational and spiritual level, and as such are fundamentally different to affirmations. Or if you are in a quiet place and are feeling calm, try whispering the mantra and using it to lead you into silence. Instead you must understand that meditation is a work in progress and with practice it gets easier. Include colors, images, words and symbols that are meaningful to you and will help you on your path to self awareness. It is easy to be distracted and be thinking of something else, even while you are saying your mantra. But perhaps the most important of all, are those wondrous mantras that can grant excellent health.

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