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Earlier this year Nintendo announced a new 3D Mario title for the Wii U, and players became tense with hype and expectation. For some gamers, the official reveal shattered their hopes, at least initially; and most skepticism was met with the question, why did Nintendo choose to play it safe? What we tried to do with Super Mario 3D Land, was try to create a Mario game that was set in a 3D world that fell somewhere between the openness of the Galaxy games and the sidescrolling of the New Super Mario Bros. So, what we wanted to do was extend that broader appealing 3D Mario game to Wii U in a way that allows more people to experience it. Nintendo wanted to build on the success of Super Mario 3D Land by enabling simultaneous multiplayer within that same fun, easy-to-play, three-dimensional space.
Few people disagree that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, so hearing that a third iteration could be developed is good news indeed. I do as well and mario sunshine that’s why I was a little bit put off, but I had fun playing this game. If Nintendo read the NSMBU posts on Miiverse and posts in the E3 community they would see alot of people want online in 3D World lol. People asked the same thing about New Super Mario Bros Wii, and when I played it, I finally understood why there was no online mulitplayer.
My point is that online multiplayer is just as necessary and important as local multiplayer. I wouldn’t play online co op for NSMBU prolly for those reasons, but I think a lot of ppl would.
When the revealed Wii U Reggie said the system’s name is meant to signify how the system can be for others(Wii-We) but at the same time tailored to you (U). Nintendo is doing the right thing, they appeal to the broader demographic to attain their user base and then convice 3rd parties to jump in.
He seems to say, pretty much, they’ve run out of ideas and are thinking of galaxy 3 as a result. With that dreamworld-setting, they could easily combine the exploration-style collection gameplay of super mario 64 & sunshine with some lineair obstacle courses and gravity-based gameplay from galaxy, while adding a lot of new elements that match this dreamworld setting. Men let Nintendo do their job because they have amazing games and still you don’t nothing yet.
Honestly, I would like to see a Super Mario Galaxy 3, a Super Mario Sunshine 2, and a Mario 64 U on the Wii U.
I have always been a Huge Nintendo fan and supported them no matter what critics say but Nintendo seriously needs to get their shit together. I think its a good buisness i mean true multiplayer in a 3d game is a tech achievement and should be explored. Nintendo Needs To just give the people what they want thats it and Wii U Will Be Perfectly Fine. If you want your kid to be a genuine gentleman later in life, you could do no better than to introduce him to Mario and all his many virtues. Mario has fought his way into lord knows how many castles (eight in the first Super Mario Bros. With Mario as a role model, your child will understand that princes and princesses must be treated with respect, dignity and a never-ending willingness to keep them safe.
Mario never harms an animal unless his life is threatened (or unless he wants to rack up his score…) and this is another mark of a true gentleman.
In fact, one of Mario’s closest friends and allies is Yoshi, a loveable dinosaur in whom he trusts his life and regards very highly indeed. A gentleman isn’t afraid to try new things, especially in the world of culinary arts. With Mario as his guide, your little gentleman will learn that trying new foods is often a fascinating experience, full of delightful surprises. Mario, as a role model, will teach your kid that brotherly love is among the noblest loves of all. In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario battled through EIGHT different worlds, each containing FOUR separate stages, including dungeons. You could certainly do a lot worse than put Mario up on a pedestal before your child’s eyes. Geeks Raising Geeks is the only community on the Internet where geeky parents can convene, find awesome geeky gear that they can use in their daily life, learn how to help their children embrace their inner geek and share in all the fun together. For those interested, these maps were created using FCEU, a free Nintendo emulator for Windows.

Some anticipated Galaxy 3, others a return to Delfino, and still others felt certain we’d see a revival of Super Mario 64.
In an interview with Mario’s inventor Shigeru Miyamoto, he revealed the direction and purpose behind Super Mario 3D World. And yet, many of us don’t buy Mario games so we can jump around with three other players.
My own secret hope, however, is that 3D World is the testing grounds for whatever comes next; you know, like Windwaker HD and the inevitable Zelda U.
Many guys find similarities in my upcoming game to Mario’s Galaxy series, which is weird, but you can play my game instead if you do miss the Galaxy series. They don’t want to add mutliplayer to a game that may not be received well, like so many Western titles have done. I’m just a bit confused, they want to create the broadest appeal for the game, but what can be more broader than internet co-op interaction? There are MANY who do not have anyone to play with in person and would love for there to be online. If they did think it was suited for online multiplayer, like Mario Kart, they would put it in. It’s worked well for Sony with many of their core franchises like Sly Cooper, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid.
But I have to admit, that 3D World looks very interesting and Miyamoto said the exact reason: Because it combines those big explorable levels with the simplicity of the Mario Bros.
But after Mario 3D world was shown, I’m a little worried about the 3D Mario series now. I dont want another Sunshine, I dont want another Galaxy and dont want a Super Mario 64 sequel. I want a brand new Mario but in addition, I want Luigi to be a playable character with his skill set.
I think that, because a dreamworld doesn’t have to make sense, the designers could have even more freedom in level design. If Nintendo made a sequel to Mario 64, that will get a lot of people who abandoned Nintendo back because it would be the same thing the experienced when they were like 15. YOU should go back to school if you think the tsunami had a major impact on sony and nintendo. I am a bit sick of the hardcore audience only tailored to if they collect the 3 star coins… Not a horrible thing just a bit of an annoyance that the levels are usually very easy unless you collect the star coins. Sales for the 2d multi player games have been huge compared to the 3d games as great as both galaxys were so this could be big money for them too. There still is so much more they can do with the worlds of Sunshine, and Galaxy is getting kinda tiring anyway.
But for the child who wishes to grow up to be a true gentleman, Super Mario is perhaps the best role model of all. This little dude is chivalrous, kind, inquisitive about gastronomy, loving to his family, courageous no matter his size, and willing to walk through hell and back (and back and back and back, several MORE times) in order to save the woman he loves from the creepy claws of dragon-turtle-monster-dog…things.
Without his friendship with Yoshi and the kindness he displays to him, Mario would never have achieved his goal in rescuing the Princess. Just as a prince would never decry his princess for ordering a dish not traditionally to his liking, so Mario would never deny the tasty virtues of a wild power mushroom just because of its electric technicolor hue.
His Princess may always be in Another Castle, somewhere maybe far away, but his family will always be by his side. He battled untold numbers of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, Lakitus, Bullet Bills, Spinys, Hammer Brothers, Buzzy Beetles, and Bowsers in order to save his beloved Princess Peach.
He displays nearly all the virtues of an authentically noble dude, including several more I’ve not even mentioned. He is the founder of GeeksRaisingGeeks and enjoys everything from killing orcs & trolls to building ergonomic workstations.
But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there’s a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series. We simply enjoy the exploration, the challenge, the quirkiness and, most of all, the masterful level design. It would be too hard to cooperate with other players if they’re not sitting right there on the couch. After they get people on board with this multiplayer and simple 3D Mario game then the great 3D Mario games we know and love will be here.

I want something completely new build around the gamepad but that could be played with the Pro Controller. Then for them to carry on galaxy to the Wii U would mean that they would have broken their trend of having a completely different game than the rest of the console 3D Marios with their own specific gimmick and in some way, they broke with galaxy 2. Tried playing Smash with the classic controller for the Wii to see if it would work out but the Gamecube controller is just more Smash oriented. You do realize that the tsunami had no effect on the market value of the Japanese Yen, right? They were not the creators of the first generation of cars but for certain the best on the market. Here’s why, Galaxy already had a sequel, Sunshine was more creative than 64, Sunshine could be appreciated more bumped up to HD than 64 because it already had good graphics, and because the world was much more open.
I see this expanding the user base faster than a traditional mario which is what they have to do now.
Didn’t the developer say something about 3D Land originally being developed for Wii U as the target platform? He shrank his body, he threw himself through gross green pipes without seeing where they end, he faced adversaries thrice his size, and he has never given up. For us, it was really about trying to find the right 3D Mario space in which we’re going to allow the widest audience to play. Naturally, Miyamoto was asked if he and other developers intended for the franchise to include multiplayer as a standard. NSMB Wii and NSMBU are both so chaotic when you have 3 or 4 people playing, and it can often get frustrating.
I want something innovative that will make us WOW like the first time we saw 64 then when we Sunshine and the same for the galaxy series. My friends were jealous and wished they preordered theirs they waited 6 months to get an Ipad.
And we still haven’t seen a MAJOR first party game for it that is superbly unique and fresh. So I still say that if Galaxy can get a sequel, Mario 64 and Mario sunshine should be able to too.
Nintendo is making more money then you ever believe but the only thing is why Sony and Nintendo is losing money because they cannot cover the lost their companies suffered from tsunami in 2011.
Apple representatives told me Japanese economy and china shipping effected deeply by the tsunami so he told me if you wanna change that do charity across those website in order to help those people. It’s time we actually have a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy instead of an alternate timeline which was given in Galaxy 2! If they make a sequel that makes this look beyond amazing compared to 1 and 2, it would be a HUGE system seller.
Let us say that Nintendo had it’s down since tsunami which happened at the same time the 3DS came out.
Nintendo suffered and Sony was been hacked by anonymous and many questioned whether Sony lost it’s momentum towards the emerging video game market. Anyways bro stop saying I don’t know nothing because you basically so how the chart went down heavily. So after an year of bad reputation they fixed their priorities and made a ground punch on the market.
But making a ground punch toward a 3DS requires a miracle and that is something the PSP never did while it was on the market. If Vita wanted to change their position toward what reputation it is garnering now then they should have done it on e3.
Because still 3DS will have more games coming soon and this is something really tough for the Vita. As far as I can see the PS4 and Xbox One garnered the same positives and negatives the WIi U had before launch.

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