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Only Sanskrit provides the vocabularly that could express the totality of the Divine experience.
But the syntax and semantics of most languages are too ambiguous for the transmission of logical data. Placing your focus on a mantra is a meditative technique that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Mantras are effective because they are fast, easy to remember, and they are not statements of belief. Recent studies in neuroscience show us that practiced positive thinking actually alters the structure and function of the brain. In a matter of weeks, I found that I required fewer mantras and deep breaths to get through the day stress-free. The compassion I was busy cultivating in my own self had manifested in other relationships as well. Argawise does not only feature a great product but it has chosen to be represented by symbols that are laden with profound meaning.  Take a close look at the khamsa that makes up the company logo, unbeknownst to many, perfectly tucked into the palm of the hand is the OM symbol. Essentially, Om is the sound that represents a higher power and its connection to each of us. The Fourth state of consciousness is the hardest to describe – in fact, the text calls it “indescribable.”  It is the state where awareness of the world is gone. Today, outside of sweaty yoga classes, the OM symbol can be traced in a lot of Hindu art all over Nepal and India, and it is a common sign for Hindu philosophy and theology. For Hoda, the OM sign is an incredible reminder of the connection between the mind, body, and the deepest spaces of self-awareness and intention. In the end, Argawise stands behind a real product that is natural and can be used for most personal care needs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I believe the meaning of life is slightly different for everyone, because we all have different goals and aspirations we wish to achieve.
Human life is quite short and there are many temptations and distractions to veer us off our path. I have come to the realization that the meaning of life is to obtain spiritual growth through certain lessons we choose before we are born on a soul level. Reincarnation also plays a role in allowing us to reset, choose again and pick up where we left off. Because we have a bit of a collective amnesia about the true origins of our soul and past lives, it allows us to be present and focus on our earth journey.
Having some insight about our past lives can give us greater insight about the nature of our soul and certain patterns we need to work on and master. This spiritual growth is also known as ascension, which is a never-ending journey of experiencing and expansion.
When you master one area of your life, another layer is brought into your conscious awareness to work on next. Many of the masters spoke about this during their time on earth, releasing fear and embracing love. If you are learning to love yourself and others unconditionally you are well on your way to mastering your lessons and discovering the meaning of life.

Brad Austen is an intuitive meditation teacher who has trained extensively in Psychic Development and Mediumship. Enjoy the intricate beauty of Celtic design and mythology by colouring in 32 superb designs. Meditate on these beautiful and deeply spiritual patterns of Celtic artwork – a culture whose beliefs and traditions have passed down through many legends.
Celtic Mandalas will help to make the deeply spiritual symbolism of Celtic artwork more accessible and potentially life-enriching for you, by presenting meaningful combinations of key Celtic patterns and motifs in 32 attractive and thought-provoking mandalas for you to colour in.
The beliefs and traditions of the Celts have been passed down to us through many legends, but are perhaps best preserved and depicted in symbolic artwork. Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is a full-time author who has written widely on meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, perception and various mind-body-spirit subjects.
Each of which is similar to a vortex of energy can control and manipulate various parts of the body. It can be used wherever and whenever you need it, just as soon as a negative feeling bubbles up: while driving during rush hour, negotiating nap time with a preschooler, or even in the middle of a conversation. Perhaps you notice the physiological signs: shortness of breath, tense shoulders, chest pressure, a furrowed brow, sweat, or even an upset stomach. It is both automatic, meaning that we can voluntarily take a breath or hold our breath, and autonomic, meaning that our body is ultimately in control of this function and it happens naturally on it's own.
I had grown a greater capacity for love, and I am a better mom, wife, sister, friend and community member for it. The sacred nature of the representation is reflected in the artistic goal of creating an aura of equanimity, perfection, and holiness. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. As a devotee to meditation and yoga,  it seemed only natural that she would pick a symbol for her brand that resonated with her values and way of life. The OM symbol embodies more of what Hoda is trying to relay:  a healthy and relaxed natural state of being.
This article will explore this theme and also encourage you to think about the meaning of your own life.
While we are living we are gifted with free will so we won’t always follow the plan or master our lessons. He brings this spiritual wisdom to his guided meditations, creating a unique experience for the listener. Celtic designs and motifs can provide wonderful insight into Celtic spirituality. A short introduction, illustrated in colour, explains some of the fundamentals of Celtic symbolism. As an example someone may say, you use your third eye Chakra too much and so you are imbalanced, you need to focus more on the heart. Mantra meditation prevents destructive emotions from escalating, while making room for positive emotions like peace, joy, and kindness. Are you running late, yet again, and that is causing you to feel frustration, guilt, or impatience towards the other drivers around you?
When you respond to these feelings with loving-kindness and understanding, you cultivate your own well-being. Compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, content, patient, authentic, kindness, community, calm, and strength are the mantras that I use regularly.

For example, "I am calm and relaxed in this moment," may be immediately followed with feelings of judgment or disbelief, especially when you are in the midst of an anxious moment.
Negative emotions do still arise in me from time to time, as it is part of the human experience, but now I have a strategy for rising above those emotions, even on the busiest of days.
The large number of rules governing the execution of a portrayal or a statue require an erudite understanding of Buddhist symbolism.
We are fairly lucky in the first world that we don’t usually have to fight for our survival; usually our basic needs are met. Part of our challenge is to learn to silence and balance our ego with the nudging of spirit. This not only gives you deeper insight into ancient Celtic ways but will also help you to get the most from the guided meditations given with the mandalas themselves. This is one example of balancing.Each Chakra is said to be a force center consisting or whirlpool whorls permeating form a point on the human body, each whorl different to the next in color and balance. I knew that I would benefit from meditation, but I couldn't always make time for the seated, silent practice. It heightens your fight-or-flight response, sending a signal to your brain that you are in danger. Any Buddha figure made by a skilled artist exhibits a multitude of characteristics that communicate subtle meanings and intentions to the viewer.
The designs include the Endless Knot, the Salmon of Wisdom, the Tree of Life and the Seven Spirals. By the common belief of Chakras, each vortex or whorl of energy, each Chakra is a transmitter of energy to different parts of the body. Just as the intention you set at the start of your yoga class, the more you come back to that intention, and check in on it throughout your practice, the more beneficial. When we choose to take deep, slow, deliberate breaths, it delivers a message to the brain that all is well. The most important of these characteristics are perhaps the mudras, or hand gestures, of the Buddha. Your relaxation response is activated, slowing your heart rate back down, decreasing your blood pressure, and relaxing your muscles. By keeping the Chakras in balance with meditation it is said to help keep the body in spiritual shape as well as the organs each one governs.Each Chakra can be used in forms of meditation techniques to heal certain parts of the body as well as heal others by focusing on there energy centers.
It is also believed Chakras help the body go deeper in meditation attaining more levels of enlightenment or meditation bliss in another word.All in all there are said to be 21 minor chakra excluding the common 7 as seen above, which are all more reflected points of the major chakras.
The word CHAKRA itself commonly translates to mean  wheel and therefore suggests to be a spinning sphere of bio-energetic activity that runs along the spinal cord of the body. Generally, six to seven of these wheels are described, stacked in like a column like style of energy that moves from the base Chakra of the spine to the middle of the forehead (Third Eye Chakra), the seventh Chakra lying beyond the physical world (astral body influence). Each person is different in this balancing as you can imagine by the way we are all different in how we feel and how are Chakras are aligned.To do this one must learn the right form of meditation that can tune each one in the right way. I am very interested in the chakra system and perform chakra meditation once in a while, though I tend to focus on the third eye chakra and Swadhisthana the most, as these are the chakras I find the most fascinating and mysterious.

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