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Each of these Medical Meditations has a specific psychological effect, targeting afflictions from arthritis to ulcers to cancer. As any practitioner of Kundalini Yoga can tell you, the unique combinations of special postures and movements, exact positioning of the hands and fingers, particular mantras, specific breathing patterns, and a focus of concentration can change the entire biochemical profile, easing the participant into a very calm and healing state.
KUNDALINI YOGA TIPSKundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the 72,000 nerves in the body, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. Wynn: I would define a mystic as someone who has a sense of the higher powers that are always involved in mundane life.
I am basically someone who is on a path of self-development, and I do a lot of yoga, meditation, prayer, and spiritual practice. It's my belief and the belief of my teacher, Yogi Bhajan, that we're born as human beings to be healthy, happy, and holy. Wynn: When you were a young man, before you met Yogi Bhajan, were you brought up with these kinds of concepts, or did they come to you later?
Khalsa: I wasn't brought up with it, but I remember being about eight or nine years old and standing on the corner at 75th and Collins in Miami Beach, Florida, watching the ocean. When I was young I spent a lot of time alone because I was raised by a single mother who was often gone. Khalsa: I first met Yogi Bhajan in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when I was taking yoga classes. I decided, right at that moment, that I would make this change and would go on the meditative path. It took me about twenty years to get to the point where I could evolve and write a book like Meditation As Medicine, and put it all into practice. Wynn: Meditation As Medicine talks about using various mantras that can have an effect on the body and heal the body.
Yogi Bhajan came to the United States in 1969 and decided to teach these secret things openly, which was totally unheard of at that time and violated the ancient tradition. Wynn: So in your book Meditation as Medicine are you repeating what you've learned from Yogi Bhajan? Everyone knows that TM, basic relaxation response, all kinds of meditation, are very useful.
Another study that's been done recently shows that by using certain sounds from these teachings, not only can you globally activate the whole brain, but also you can direct energy to specific parts of the brain.
Wynn: Have you gotten any feedback yet from strangers who have successfully utilized the techniques in your book? Wynn: What are some of the other kinds of conditions that Medical Meditation seems to work best for? I have a patient right now, in New Mexico, who has metastatic melanoma, who's done much better than was expected, just by using a certain healing meditation.
Another man had positive results with polymyocitis, a muscle-wasting disease almost like muscular dystrophy. Khalsa: There are a couple of techniques for cognitive disabilities in that book, but the ones that are specific for the brain are in my earlier book Brain Longevity. Wynn: If someone is seeing a medical doctor about some kind of condition, and they read your book, how should they relate to their medical doctor? I want to present the facts and let people know what they can do to detox themselves and build themselves up nutritionally. Dharma Singh Khalsa, is an easy-to-follow book providing an in-depth look into the practice of Medical Meditation.
Especially when practiced in conjunction with other treatments, this cutting-edge Medical Meditation from Dr. It all goes toward the final goal of liberation, which means that we are one with God when we're alive — we don't have to have a near-death experience to see the Light, and we're living as elevated as we can possibly be in the real world.
We can live all those three things with regular spiritual practice, and live in a way that also serves other people — and by doing so, we clean up our karma and we live our dharma, so that we liberate ourselves while we're alive.

Then I looked up at a bank building, and became mesmerized for some reason by the clock on the bank. In my solitude, I would have these meditative experiences where I felt there was something beyond life. Then later that year, in November, I attended a White Tantric yoga class which Yogi Bhajan was teaching — and for the first time, I put on a turban. They have been passed down through a Golden Chain of teachers going back thousands of years. His life was threatened for revealing these techniques openly, but he had a passion to contribute to mankind. In fact, research has shown with every single illness that has been studied that meditation has a healing effect. It's been studied to show that even after one session there is a condition created called ''self efficacy,'' which means that the person gets the feeling that something is working.
There are 84 meridians in the roof of the mouth which are touched by the tongue and vibrated by the sounds. The chakras are associated with psychological and physical correlates as well as glands and organs. Someone who bought the book for their father reported that the father, using the techniques in the book, lowered his blood pressure down to normal and cut his medicines in half. I came out of an airplane and a woman came up to me who read my book and heard me speak and said she was an ex fibromyalgia patient. When I first met him, six years ago, he was supposed to be dead in six months, whether or not he stayed on the prednisone steroids.
I just did a workshop at a health spa this past weekend for people who had issues about cognitive problems. It's primarily an educational organization, but I work with people all the time in a clinical setting who have cognitive decline of all types — subjective feelings that their brains are not working, AAMI (which is just getting older), mild cognitive impairment (which is dense, short-term memory loss), early Alzheimer's, and Alzheimer's. I wouldn't tell someone to go to their doctor and tell him they're not going to take the medicine that was recommended, I won't be coming to see you anymore because I'm doing meditation as medicine. Dharma Singh Khalsa is both a Western medical doctor who specialized in anesthesiology, and a yogic adept tutored by the Indian master Yogi Bhajan. Khalsa then analyzes the five unique attributes endowing this type of meditation with much greater power than standard meditation. He is the author of a number of very popular books covering a range of lifestyle and healing issues, a trained anesthesiologist, acupuncturist and leading authority on Alzheimer's Disease. It's not as though I had a near-death experience or a past-life experience, but a future-life experience.
As a doctor with a strong Western background, as well as having studied these Eastern perspectives, I learned that a body can heal itself if we give it a chance.
There are specific techniques for specific problems or ailments, such as aging, menopause, heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart problems, etc.
We also have breath, certain postures, mudras (fingertip or hand positions), and a special focus of concentration for each meditation. Certain permutations send signals to the command centers of the brain — the hypothalamus, and the pituitary, primarily, and also to the pineal gland. The medications had been really bothering him, making him drowsy and dizzy, and causing inpotence. I'm not saying that Medical Meditation cures cancer — but we've seen that people tolerate chemotherapy better, have less nausea, and are in a better mood. And I did one three weeks ago with people who had all types of problems — chronic fatigue, psychological problems, breast cancer, and the like. I would just say that I had found this book, and there have been a lot of studies that show the benefits of meditation. I want to find out what the scientific information is that there is global warming, that there is pollution in the environment, that arsenic is bad, that inspection of meat is careless.

So he has both the scientific knowledge and the spiritual wisdom to merge Eastern healing modalities with allopathic medicine. By balancing and regenerating the body's ethereal and physical energies, the mind, body and spirit can be united in a way which, in turn, will revolutionize any healing process. The tradition used to be taught secretly from master to student, and a master would have only two students. All of this acts on the physical body and the ethereal body to change the energy flows, get certain glandular systems secreting, and bring blood flow to certain areas. Last week's Newsweek magazine had an article that described how, with meditation, various neural pathways are activated depending on the meditation that's done.
These centers can then orchestrate a healing response and send out packets of information in the form of neurotransmitters and chemicals, in the brain and throughout the body. Mantras are only one of the five meditative ''attributes.'' The yogic postures also work to increase blood flow to certain areas.
If it's possible to activate the innate healing powers of the body and stimulate the immune system, Medical Meditation will do that.
He said, ''If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die off these medications.'' I taught him a certain meditation from the book, called the Meditation to Heal Self and Others.
But we've shown that there are things that can be done, by following what you might call a holistic approach. Most doctors know about the benefits of meditation regarding stress reduction, which alone can reduce the negative effects of any illness. I want to find out what the health risks are, and what a person can do right now to maintain their health in the face of a toxic environment. He has researched the benefits of how meditation can assist the body in overcoming disease. I realized that instead of using powerful anesthetic drugs to put people to sleep, I could use the new techniques I was learning to help people wake up — and heal in their body, mind, and spirit.
Yogi Bhajan's teacher here on the physical plane had two students: Yogi Bhajan, and a man called Lama Lidlan Po from Tibet.
As a doctor I can say without hesitation that meditation is our most powerful form of healing medicine. Aspects and parts of the nervous system and brain are stimulated very specifically with Medical Meditation.
So if there's a problem in the liver, somehow the information ends up there and reduces inflammation — or whatever the situation is.
In his recently-published book Meditation As Medicine, he gives instructions on how to utilize specific meditations for healing specific conditions. Lidlan Po died, and Yogi Bhajan became the Mahan Tantric, which is the highest living yoga master in the world, according to this concept. They are prescriptive in a similar way to drugs, because if you've got a heart problem, you're not going to be treated with a drug for your liver. When you touch your fingers in certain permutations or certain sequences, certain parts of the brain are stimulated, and this brings increased blood glucose and oxygen to the brain.
I don't think these recent proposals by the current president are going to do anything except make things worse. If you have a liver problem, you're not going to be treated for something for your bladder, and vice versa. This creates a healing mode, which then helps heal the body, because the body, the mind, and the spirit are all connected.

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