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As police say lama found in lotus positon was destined for sale on black market, there are claims it was one step away from becoming a Buddha. The mummified remains, covered in cattle skin, were found on January 27 in the Songinokhairkhan province. A mummified monk found in the lotus position in Mongolia is 'not dead' and is instead one stage away from becoming a real-life Buddha, it has been claimed. Forensic examinations are under way on the amazing remains, which are believed to be around 200 years old, having been preserved in animal skin. Over the last 50 years there are said to have been 40 such cases in India involving meditating Tibetan monks.
Dr Barry Kerzin, a famous Buddhist monk and a physician to the Dalai Lama, said: 'I had the privilege to take care of some meditators who were in a tukdam state. He added: 'If the meditator can continue to stay in this meditative state, he can become a Buddha. Born in 1852, Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov was a Buryat Buddhist Lama of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, best known for the lifelike state of his body. Ganhugiyn Purevbata, who is the founder and professor of the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art at Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, said: 'Lama is sitting in the lotus position vajra, the left hand is opened, and the right hand symbolizes of the preaching Sutra. The mummified remains, which were covered in cattle skin, were found on January 27 in the Songinokhairkhan province of Mongolia. However, there is more to the story and now police have revealed that the monk had been stolen from another part of the country and was about to be sold off. An unnamed official said that it was taken from a cave in the Kobdsk region by a man who then hid it in his own home in Ulaanbaatar. He had then been planning to sell it on the black market at a 'very high price', with local media claiming he wanted to take it over the Mongolian border. According to Article 18 of the Criminal Code of Mongolia smuggling items of cultural heritage are punishable with either a fine of up to 3million roubles ($43,000) or between five and 12 years in prison. Add your commentWe welcome a healthy debate, but do not accept offensive or abusive comments. Terrorist threat halted by FSB action in KrasnoyarskPlan for Islamic extremist attack on city during May public holidays marking the anniversary of the end of World War Two. Teenage girls 'killed friend then propped her up so people thought she was alive'Kristina B, 14, and Valeria K, 15, confessed to killing their 'friend' Sofya (Sonya) Potapova after drinking session.
The man who walked all the way across RussiaNicknamed Forrest Gump, he completes a 9,905 kilometre odyssey braving temperatures as low as minus 48C on his 18 month adventure. 50,000 people march on the May Day parade in YakutskDiamond capital of Russia shines with one of the most spectacular 1 May demonstration in the country.
Scottish pubs provide cheer in Urals and Siberia despite economic gloomWhisky proves popular in the land of vodka. Archeologists find 1,500 years old mummy in MongoliaRemains of suspected female of Turkik origin found in at an altitude of 2,803 metres in the Altai Mountains.
Siberians mark end of the snow season with swimsuit skiing dayLocals undress to impress at resorts across four time zones. Lake Baikal 'holds key to new advances in antibiotics'Scientists make crucial new discoveries of bacteria, up to 30 million years old.

The judge presiding over the lawsuit about the controversial yoga program in the Encinitas Union School District shared during a hearing Thursday that he is a yoga student. The suit, which was brought against the school district by concerned parents, claims that the district’s yoga program is religious in nature and is being used to “indoctrinate” children. During a hearing to set a trial date Thursday, San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer said he has been practicing Bikram Yoga for the last month and a half, reported U-T San Diego.
Dean Broyles, the attorney representing the parents in the case, said he didn’t have a problem with Meyer presiding as long as he could remain open to their argument.
Meyers said he was not familiar with Ashtanga Yoga, which Broyles called one of the more spiritual styles of yoga) and also had never heard of Sun Salutations or Lotus Pose. Lululemon founder and chief visionary Chip Wilson resigns while the company's stock soars to an all-time high. Studio owners sigh in relief when the state's taxation department decides not to impose a dreaded tax. Sign in with Facebook or Google and earn a minimum of 10% member discount on all purchases. The following meditation timers come in a variety of lengths to assist in your meditation practice. The first group of free meditation timers below simply signals the beginning and end of your timed meditation session with a bell sound.
If you are uncomfortable doing your meditation with your body seated directly on the ground, you may want to get a meditation pillow so you can sit a little more comfortably. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
New Delhi, India -- The spotlight is back on Jesus Christ and his India connection as the world celebrates Christmas Friday. During one of his journeys, he visited Leh, the capital of Ladakh and spent some time at the Buddhist monastery of Hemis when he broke his leg.
Notovitch noted down 200 verses from the document at the back of his journal which he kept during his travels. Monks at the monastery of Hemis, located 40 km outside Leh atop a hill, corroborate to the legend of Christ in India. In 1952, another Russian, Nicholas Roerich, a philosopher and a scientist, visited Hemis and recorded the legend. Christ’s teachings in the ancient holy cities of Jagannath (Puri), Benares (in Uttar Pradesh) and Rajagriha (in Bihar) earned him the wrath of the Brahmins, forcing him to flee to the Himalayas after six years, historians and authors say. But one expert has insisted the human relic is actually in 'very deep meditation' and in a rare and very special spiritual state known as 'tukdam'.
Reaching such a high spiritual level the meditator will also help others, and all the people around will feel a deep sense of joy'.
The yoga program, which is funded by Jois Yoga Foundation, is an optional part of the curriculum in every school in the district.
The hearing also determined that a law firm representing 130 parents, who formed a group called Yoga for Encinitas Students, could intervene and work with the school district’s attorney.
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For example, if you are a male and wear a "42 inch" size Tee-shirt, you should choose an "XL" size garment from our store. For example, if you are a female and wear a "40 inch" size Tee-shirt, you should choose an "XL" size garment from our store. Utilizing an audio meditation timer is a helpful tool that eliminates the need to check a timer or a watch.
This is very beneficial, especially if you will be doing meditation exercises for a long periods.
Some historians believe he spent 17 years of early life - from the age of 13 to 30 - in India learning Buddhism and the Vedas. He was said to have been growing in wisdom and stature in the missing years,” British film producer Kent Walwin told IANS. Jesus was referred to as Issa - or the son of god - by the Vedic scholars who tutored him in the sacred texts.
He was inspired by the laws and wisdom of Buddha,” a senior lama of the Hemis monastery told IANS. Christ, say archival documents, spent another six years studying Buddhism in the Himalayas. He settled among the Aryans with the intention of perfecting himself and learning from the laws of the great Buddha.
The head of the Drukpa Buddhist sect, Gwalyang Drukpa, who heads the Hemis monastery, also believes in the legend.
He travelled extensively through the land of the five rivers (Punjab), stayed briefly with the Jains before proceeding to Jagannath,” Kersten says in his book. But soon we forget that we are a part of a whole, without boundary, completion, or concept. Such a meditative practice, or state of mind, which exists as the ubiquitous quality of all that could ever be, burns off attachment to the conditional realm, without rejecting its relative existence. So death of the body is inevitable, but such a recognition elicits no immediate sense of otherness or disharmony. To acknowledge physical death acknowledges 'change' as the permanent quality of the impermanent world, which is still without cause, as the Lord simply Is. Such a being exists beyond the want for fleeting bliss or conditional Peace, yet shares pure Love as a pillar of Pure Wakefulness. No circumstance can ever present itself that is not without the perfection of each preceding, proceeding, and potential permutation of Creation. Being from the point where all is indiscernible from Peace itself, Awareness shines through without self, or cause. For fun, try to actively divide space-- see the folly of attempting to separate Peace, or God, or Buddha. Let ease and timelessness course through the body, beyond the confines of paranoia and confusion.

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