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With the Digital Zen alarm clock you will wake to the gentle sound of Tibetan bell-like chimes so you could start your day more renewed and refreshed. A luxurious eye pillow filled with organic flaxseed and semi-precious stones, with a removable cover of pure silk.
For a peaceful transition, a few lighter and faster chimes immediately precede the last three louder chimes that signal the end of the programmed meditation period.
Some therapists have found the Meditation Timer to be a precious partner in their practice. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This set of 25 cotton flags are the traditional colors: yellow, white, red, blue, and green.
PacMan was one of those old arcade games that was popular with all ages and has remained popular over the years.
Such classic games just never die and if youa€™re feeling nostalgic then you may want to get yourself the PacMan Chair.
The Pacman Chair was designed by Joe Jorge Hinojosa and will make you feel like youa€™ve been transported into a video game and PacMan is ready to gobble you up!

Timers & ClocksZen & Enso Clocks, Meditation Timers Free your mind from the preoccupation of time. No more of the awful electronic buzzing of most alarm clocks, because from now on you will wake to the wonderful, soft E tone of the ultimate Zen alarm clock, gradually taking you from a lighter sleep state to becoming fully awake.
It’s made from an eco-friendly rattan and can be used as a meditation chair as well as a beautiful, natural accessory for any room. The pillow adapts wonderfully to the contours of the face, the fine silk fabric has a soothing, cooling effect. It is built to the perfect proportions of the Kheops pyramid, which Feng Shui specialists consider as a source of powerful energy, stability and balance. Even now, in the age of complex 3D games, people often choose to relax after a hard day with a simple game of PacMan. Looking just like the eternal eater in its traditional bright yellow with mouth gaping open, the PacMan chair invites you to sit down and go back to a time when things were much simpler.
This looks like a concept at the moment, but if it becomes a real product I hope we would be able to adjust the top portion of the chair so PacMana€™s mouth opens and closes.
Press the + and a€“ buttons to select the number of minutes you wish your session to last (max.

A very special blend of metals is employed to produce the long lasting resonance, with its rich overtones.
Press the + and a€“ buttons to select the number (01 to 04) corresponding to the chime you wish to hear: 01 = dordje, 02 = bell, 03 = low-pitched gong, 04 = medium-pitched gong.
Acting as guardian of the time, the Meditation Timer frees the individual meditator as well as the time-keeper in group practice a€” and it plays this role harmoniously. Press the + and a€“ buttons to select the number of minutes you wish to set the intervals for (max.
NOTE: You may change these selections by pressing the MENU button until you reach the icon symbolizing the menu you wish to change.

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