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The object of the meditative poses is to offer a comfortable posture to the student of Yoga for Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi and in coordination with other Yogic exercises to help in the awakening of Kundalini. The physiological advantage of keeping the spine erect is very often pointed out to be that it keeps the spinal cord erect and thus keeps it in its proper place and allows it to function properly. Without entering into details we might note here that the spinal cord is invested by three membranes, and is surrounded by an amount of fluid, and also a considerable amount of fatty tissue that serves as a packing material. So there is no chance of any interference with the functional activity of the spinal cord, even if the spine is not kept erect. We are inclined to think that the Yogic texts insist upon an erect posture in meditation to avoid the compression of the abdominal viscera and the consequent train of diseases due to their congestion.
Now all these advantages are secured in the meditative poses because of the erect spine, the broad triangular base prepared by the folded legs, and the hands that rest either on the knees or on the heels arranged in front of the pelvis.
The horizontal position is not available for Yogic meditation, because in that position the student is in danger of falling asleep. The second physiological feature of the meditative poses is their capacity to keep a richer blood supply playing about the pelvic region and thus toning up the coccygeal and sacral nerves. The third and last physiological feature that we have to consider is the minimum production of carbon dioxide. Now it is an acknowledged physiological fact that the activity of the lungs is proportionate to the production of carbon dioxide in the body. According to these physiological facts, when the production of carbon dioxide is minimized during the meditative poses, both the lungs and the heart have a tendency to slow down. Such being the case, the mind of the Yoga student ceases almost entirely to be disturbed by physical movements, voluntary and involuntary. Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga offers a wide variety of group and individual courses in Yogic art and science. The goal of the Divine Yoga Institute is to promote a Yogic system of life with Yoga as a pathway to true, happy, and healthy living.
Divine Yoga Institute was established by a team of qualified Yoga professionals trained in Yogic Studies at Bihar Yoga Bharati (BYB) at Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in Munger, India.
Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop has authored several books on classical Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation. Although Eastern religions accept reincarnation as part of their doctrine, Christianity has rejected it since 553 AD, when it was dropped from their doctrine at the Fifth Ecumenical Council at Constantinople. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the yogis call this dream world "maya", translated as illusion. When we dream at night, this present dreamworld fades into unreality and only that subconscious dreamworld seems real to us.
A modern analogy would be for a person to put on a virtual reality helmet or climb into a highly sophisticated simulator, similar to the ones used for training astronauts.
Many intellectuals inside the simulator may surmise there is something else out there, but other than writing books about it or preaching about it, they have not experienced it by exiting and returning to the simulator.
Just as the only way to come back to reality is to exit the simulator, the only way to awaken from "ego delusion", is through daily deep meditation on God, the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness. To transcend the "delusion of ego", one must be even-minded and unattached to people, things and events.
The plan was for man to remain on earth as an immortal, and after beholding the drama of change (duality), return to the bosom of Eternal Bliss.In beholding the drama of change and using his free will, man developed "likes" and "dislikes" and got so attached to them that he became ensnared in the "delusion of ego". We, God’s immortal children, forgot our awareness of our perfect immortality, and began to desire only mortal, delusive perfection. Many Christians reject the validity of near-death testimonies because they appear to conflict with their interpretation of Christian doctrines.
To stop the uncontrollable spinning of what Buddha called the "wheel of reincarnation", the immortal soul must wake up from its "delusion of ego". Let us now examine the physiology of these meditative poses and see whether that physiology can bring about this object. The erect position of the spine with a view to eliminate the possibility of the compression of the abdominal viscera and also to free the mind from the burden of the body.
A richer blood supply for the pelvic region toning up the coccygeal and sacral nerves and helping the awakening of Kundalini in coordination with other Yogic practices. Minimum production of carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in slowing the activity of the lungs and the heart, and excluding the body consciousness from the concentrating mind.
We know, however, that the spinal column is not quite straight, but has two convenient bents in its length.
Thus the cord is supported in the canal by its membranes, and by means of them and of the fluid and packing of fatty tissue, it is protected from shocks and jars. If a serious student of meditation sits for hours every day in a forward bent, slumped posture, the abdominal muscles would become weak and the abdominal organs compressed. During the period of meditation, the mind must be entirely relieved of the burden of the body.

If we exclude the horizontal position assumed by the spine when we lie down, an erect position is the most comfortable one that the spinal column can maintain. Students who practice meditation find the meditative poses extremely comfortable, leaving the mind free to follow its own activities, without being disturbed by the body. In all these poses, the flexors of the lower extremities are greatly contracted and pressed.
This minimum production of carbon dioxide is due to the fact that these poses involve a very, very small amount of muscular activity.
If large quantities of carbon dioxide are manufactured, the activity of the lungs is largely increased, as when athletes are running, wrestling, rowing, etc. When these poses are maintained for a considerable length of time, even for a half-hour at a stretch, breathing becomes so shallow and the heart beat becomes so controlled, that all activity appears to come to a standstill.
He finds himself free, first to direct his mind inward to fathom its own mysteries, then to isolate himself even from his mental equipment, and stand face to face with Reality, into which he merges at last and with which he becomes ultimately identified.
Classes at the Institute contribute to the development of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy thought. Yogic training eventually prepares one for spiritual awakening, the supreme aim of human life. Uprety uses the name given him by his guru when he was initiated into Karma Sannyasa: Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop. He has been teaching yoga and meditation to both Nepali and foreign nationals for more than fifteen years. At that time, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts: the Eastern Empire at Constantinople and the Western Empire at Rome. As the same person inhabits the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too at the time of death, he attains another body. These activities seem real and sometimes even cause the dreamers to experience fear, heavy breathing, perspiration and screaming. However, if one is so engrossed in the moving pictures all around in the simulator, how does one even know that there is something else out there, let alone how to find the door. Ego is nothing more than the immortal soul being deluded into thinking that it is a physical body. Every unfulfilled desire, every wave of like or dislike, every karmic action, each create a subtle vortex of energy unit, a tiny whirlpool, called a vritti in Sanskrit. Her, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, was featured in the online version of Newsweek Magazine. So when we talk about keeping the spine erect, we only mean that no new curves are to be introduced in the spinal column.
First of all, the spinal cord will not be quite straight, but will maintain its natural curve owing to the curved shape of the vertebral column in which it is held. When the vertebral column undergoes curves and twists, of course within particular limits, it is this protective arrangement inside the canal that keeps the cord safe and sound. This would lead to constipation, which in turn gives rise to a number of ailments of a more or less dangerous character. That means that the body must be given a posture which would be at once easy, comfortable and balanced.
Though not as small as the energy spent in lying down or sleeping, it can still be safely maintained that out of all the possible poses assumed in sitting or standing, the meditative poses entail the least expenditure of muscle energy.
On the contrary, if carbon dioxide is produced on a small scale, the movements of the lungs become very slow, as when we are lying down or sleeping. Under these circumstances, breathing becomes exclusively abdominal and it is only the slightly backward and forward movements of the abdominal muscles that reveal the working of the lungs to a careful observer.
Institute teachers help students achieve balanced, harmonious and integrated development of all the aspects of their personalities.
It has been noted historically that the rejection of reincarnation was personally motivated by Justinian, the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, and his wife, Theodora.
Now imagine being in the simulator for such an extended period of time that you begin to believe that it is reality you are experiencing, rather than just a virtual reality.
It is necessary to find someone who has actually exited from the simulator and later returned.
Before anything there was only the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness, or as yoga calls it, the "Causal World" (the first of the three worlds). They find themselves in the company of similar minded demons (Paramhansa Yogananda spoke of this also). The straight spine is secured by holding the trunk and the head perpendicular to the ground. Again, the anatomical provisions for the protection of the spinal cord are so thorough that there is no possibility of any interference with its functional activity due to the position of the spinal column. Therefore, the production of carbon dioxide during the maintenance of these poses is also reduced to the minimum.

Although the vote at the Council relied on bishops from both the Eastern and Western Empire, only two bishops from Rome came to Constantinople to vote. Suddenly, after physical death, we will wake up in the astral world only to find that the life we thought was so real with our family, friends, career, possessions and desires, was only a dream. As Krishna explained to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: "Through acting I am without attachment nor do I desire any particular outcome from any activity. Thus Yogic texts require an erect vertebral column as a part of the technique of meditative poses.
This provides the pelvic region with a larger blood supply from the bifurcations of the abdominal aorta.
When the action of the lungs is exaggerated, cardiac activity is also accentuated, but when the lungs move quietly, the heart also slows down. As two previous popes had been murdered after they denounced the dropping of the belief of reincarnation of the Bible, many of the Roman bishops were afraid to vote against the wishes of Justinian. Don't you realize that all the experiences in this world are nothing but dream experiences? Yogananda said that "ego delusion" is the "immortal soul" being deluded into thinking it is the physical body.
Sometimes priests or ministers can be helpful, but always look to the saints for the truth. How can the human "finite" mind describe the "infinite" - a concept for which there is no human experience or comparison?
This is the birth of reincarnation driven by the law of karma.This desire for human delusive satisfaction is what causes us to reincarnate again and again, according to the law of cause and effect which governs desires. I have failed at… The vrittis are attracted to and stored in the appropriate one of the lower five energy centers (chakras). Consequently the nerves that issue from that part of the vertebral column, namely the coccygeal and sacral nerves, get the advantage of this richer blood supply. The images on the screen of the simulator can be of good or evil characters, events and circumstances.
Any of the great saints, like Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramhansa Yogananda and many others of many diverse religions can show you the way out."It is not possible for the "delusion of ego" to rise out of ego-consciousness by self-effort alone.
In the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness - the Causal World, the Infinite gave parts of His own Consciousness self-awareness and free will - each referred to an immortal soul, or the "little self".
The more negative and materialistic the thoughts and actions, the lower the chakra they are attracted to. This increased blood supply and the consequent toning up of the nerves, is to some extent responsible for the awakening of Kundalini, when of course, other Yogic exercises for Kundalini arousal are coordinated with these meditative poses.
Although everything around you, including your body has changed, your inner self that is perceiving has not changed. We live in the world of causation, therefore we cannot understand a God without beginning or end. Although each immortal soul (or little self) has self-awareness, it is still one with and an inseparable part of the "Higher Self", the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness. Only by attunement with a true guru, who has himself transcended the "delusion of ego" altogether, can one understand what it means to see things no longer with a personal bias. In the causal world the soul has no "delusion of ego".What good would free will be to the immortal soul in the formless Causal World of God Consciousness?
Knowledge is merely the compilation and cataloguing of facts, while wisdom is the use of those facts to attain enlightenment and self-realization.
These were created as "dream worlds" so that the immortal soul could descend from the Causal World, and through seven chakras experience thought in the Astral Worlds and a physical body in the Material Worlds, and then reascend to the Causal World to remain with the Infinite in ever new ever-lasting bliss.
To put aside these distractions, the ancient rishis and sages of India, discovered how to shut the doors of the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch through deep meditation techniques like "kriya yoga". You must transcend the "delusion of ego" in order to achieve "even-mindedness" and to transcend all karma. The "delusion of ego", imprisoned by self-reminding feelings, is the supreme obstacle to self-realization.
It is in the astral body of pure light that the soul first encounters the delusion of ego consciousness.
Upon assuming a physical body, all of the soul's energy is directed outward through the five senses.

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