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The Mindfulness App has proven to be a pretty popular option in the Google Play Store, and while it’s not all that well polished it has the right boxes ticked. This free option from the folks behind Meditation Oasis is a great option for those that want to get a piece of quiet while at work. One of my personal favorites, Noisely gives you a number of ambient sounds to mix together and create a relaxing backdrop.
Another of my favorites (can you tell I prefer the ambient sound type of apps?), Ambio is great for bringing an ambiance to a room of your choice. Another app focusing on the ears, Meditation Music is an option for serious practitioners, as it feature traditional music to help you focus on clearing your mind and connecting with your inner spirit. A fresh approach to meditation and relaxation, buddhify is a modern approach to clearing your head. How to Use Omvana Meditation AppFollow these free, short guided meditations to relax after a stressful day.
How to Use Take A Break Meditation IconSometimes you just need to take a minute and remember to breathe.
How to Use Calm Meditation AppWork toward a life of meditation and mindfulness with Calm in just seven days. Sometimes meditating by yourself isn’t a effective as going to a class so find one near you with Mindbody Connect. How to Use Mindbody Connect Meditation AppFind a place to meet people, meditate and work out near you.
You can choose to sit for longer or shorter periods and whether or not you want to listen to a guide or just timed bells to aid you. With an option to get a 7 Minute meditation break in during your working day, this is an excellent option for busy people who struggle to find a little time for themselves.
You can use Noiely while meditating, heading to sleep, or just when you’re trying to clear your head.
It does that by offering simple, guided paths to follow as well as the ability to create your own timings and determine just how long you want for each portion of your meditation. There are a number of sounds on offer with Ambio and I’m sure many of you reading will find that one sound you love. Basically, Headspace is for those that need to chill out, take a break and recharge their batteries.
Sometimes though, I need a break from the same old scenery, and the music I usually listen to. All-in-all, this is full of calming music, with a good selection to help you unwind wherever you want with the right sort of sound.
Using a wheel to select your current situation, you’re presented with a tailored meditation program.
Stress leads to many health problems and in such a fast-paced world, people don’t always find quiet time to calm down. Sit down before bed with an full 60 minute session or just make time for a three minute cool down during a break at work.
If you only have a few minutes, just open the app and just look at the calm scenes that are accompanied by relaxing nature sounds. Create an account, enable location services and the app will find meditation and fitness classes near you.

Make an account and go through the easy and fun courses to bring your body down to a place of calm. If that’s the case, and breathing exercises are the only think to help you cool down or chill out, then Paced Breathing is no nonsense Android app for you. Other than that though, we’re looking at another solid meditation app, even if it is a little dated. There are different types of meditation on offer with Headspace and while the service is kinda of complicated ot figure out what costs what, it’s well worth it. Walking Meditations is the app to help me do that, and with this little app I can go for a walk, clear my mind and get a little exercise.
It’s great for catching some headspace at work, winding down to go to sleep and more. These five apps will help you meditate or just show your heart down a little and take time for yourself. The app comes loaded with five or six free meditations that you can turn on whenever you have time. The app comes preloaded with Mindfulness 101 with easy sessions that remind you to breathe or thing of the positivity in your life. Our list of the Top 10 Meditation and Relaxation Apps for Android should help you unwind at the end of a long week. A great relaxation tool, this might suite those who don’t want to learn how to meditate and just want to unwind after a long day. The reviews on Google Play speak volumes about how those leading stressful lives can really benefit from the service, and it’s well worth taking a look at.
A quality option that’s geared towards the modern users, buddhify is well positioned for the modern user.
You can replay those as many times as you want, or buy different ones from the Omvana Store. For those with more time, the app offers a seven day guided course to help you stay more calm throughout the week. If you find yourself attending a lot of classes in different places, the app will keep track of your schedule so you never miss a class. If you think you need more than just one session every once in awhile you can start programs like Beginners Meditation that slowly build you up to a place where you can meditate without the app. Choose between 7 minutes or 13 minutes and which soothing sound you want to focus on for awhile.
These sessions are only 10 minutes and will work to get you to a zen place when you need it. Before you start a session, note how you’re feeling and see if that changes after only two or three minutes. Also put the background photo on for a certain amount of time or just listen to the audio and let the stress fade away. Don’t worry because you can now use your Android device to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. On the other hand, it requires years of training and commitment, which can be difficult for busy people.
Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation is an app that teaches Qi Gong, which is a basic form of Tai Chi, through video tutorials.

It teaches the three methods of relaxation, namely breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery. The app also comes with relaxing audios, such as the sounds of meadows, a mountain cabin, a day on the farm, a magical forest for children and a rainbow of emotions, letting you experience tranquility. This could end up in a mess as you begin to jumble things in your mind when you don’t even know what to do first.
It has a meditation timer to measure the duration of your meditation and it features 10 levels of enlightenment. The app does this by providing sound tracks which have been professionally designed to help the mind find its way to different states of meditation and relaxation.
Metaphors and suggestions are also used by the app to train your mind and your subconscious to be at peace. All that needs to be done is to follow the step by step instructions and to posses the commitment to achieve relaxation. Zen music claims to help the mind reach a state of inner calm that cannot be achieved while meditating even in absolute silence.The app has a timer which you can set based on how long you would want to meditate. The app currently has eight meditation tracks and four of which are available in this free version. This app guides you through your meditation as you listen to a sweet and peaceful voice throughout your session. It also provides you with written meditation tips to enhance your experience and make it more effective.This app is flexible because you can use it depending on the available time you have.
It has a 5-minute Breath Awareness Guided Meditation for your short breaks while you’re on the job, a 13-munite Deep Rest Meditation if you feel like sleeping, and a 24-minute Whole Body Relaxation for a complete meditation that you can do at home. It’s not like what you see in the movies where people get hypnotized by watching a pendulum swing in front of their eyes. Calming Music to Tranquilize is an app that gives you several choices of tranquil sound tracks.
Whether you want to do your Tai Chi session or you just want to meditate, you can listen to these tracks to to relax and refresh your mind.This app introduces you more to the Chinese culture with its Chinese style interface.
Deep Sleep also gives you guided meditation, designed to relax and clear your mind to get you to sleep. All you have to do is listen to the voice audio and you’ll hardly notice when you have fallen asleep. It has several variations and Yoga Nidra Meditation is an app that lets you experience yoga in a different way. Yoga Nidra has several benefits, including relaxation, the reduction of stress and anxiety, improving the immune and lymphatic system, detoxifying your body and more.Yoga Nidra Meditation is easy to learn, and it can be done anywhere.
You can use your own background music and choose to measure your sessions with your own alarm. Try it now, download an Android app that would help you relax and unwind from your stressful day.

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