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Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes are meant for everyone who desires to find his or her true self, which is full of peace, joy of life and love for others. Founded and developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970, Sahaja Yoga Meditation involves the awakening of a subtle spiritual energy known as the Kundalini which lies dormant in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine. Obtain the benefits that accrue from practicing yoga and perhaps meet some positive people in the process. Joining the South Atlanta Yoga & Meditation movement you can connect with others and express, encourage and empower yourself and others. Your own self-discovery to unfold beautifully as you participate and share with others in group classes. Yourself to be open and receptive to all and ONLY that which is for your highest and greatest GOOD with having to compromise you, your beliefs or your character. The Sandy Springs Insight Meditation Group is for people interested in learning about and practicing Insight (Vipassana) Meditation.
Despite the growing popularity of meditation, prevailing misconceptions about the practice are a barrier that prevents many people from trying meditation and receiving its profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Truth:  This myth is rooted in the image of meditation as an esoteric practice reserved only for saints, holy men, and spiritual adepts. A teacher will help you understand what you’re experiencing, move past common roadblocks, and create a nourishing daily practice.
Truth:  This may be the number one myth about meditation and is the cause of many people giving up in frustration. We are very happy to announce that our iPad Application is now available to download on iTunes. Self Realization - The most important & very first step for those who are serious about their spiritual accent.
All comments and replies I got about the app were amazing, and that kept me motivated to do more, more that I can.. Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily.
Invitation for a special end of Year Meditation and Celebration Event on the Occasion of Osho's Birthday.
I agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personal physical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation . Vincent van Gogh, one of the greatest painters, sacrificed himself totally just to paint: painting was far more important than life itself. He used to give his paintings to friends just free, because nobody was interested in his paintings; not only were they not interested, they were not even courageous enough to put his paintings in their sitting rooms because people would laugh at them. Now, this love for painting, this love for art, is something higher -- higher than biology, higher than chemistry, higher than physiology.
But there is still a higher state: the spiritual love, the love of a Buddha, the love of a Jesus, the love of a Krishna. At the lowest when love is just lust, physiological, it is an exploitation of the other, it is using the other as a means. But in the spiritual world there is no question of means and ends, there is no question of the other; there are not two. Hence when the poet is in his poetic mood he is almost like the mystic, but it is only a question of mood. But the man is not abiding on those heights; only once in a while clouds are not there and the poet can see the sun, the ocean, can see the open sky and can give you a glimpse of it in his poetry, in his music.

So you can find a poet drunk, lying down in the gutter like a dog, shouting nonsense, and the same poet brings such beautiful flowers from the unknown. A woman with a baby, next in line in the crowded anteroom of a station of the Infant Welfare Society, was shown into the doctor's office by the nurse in charge. If you go on repressing things, then on the surface you may look like a saint, but only on the surface. The old maid was walking down a dimly lit street when a holdup man jumped out of the bushes. It is not just a book or a set of exercises but a living science that will open up to you gradually as your meditation becomes deeper and your experience stronger and more fulfilling ! Meditators feel a cool breeze on their hands and head leading to a state of bliss and peace.
1-888-858-4259 for any other information Follow us on Facebook Try the free online classes !
We are not a teacher-led group but instead a group of practitioners who meet for group meditations and discussion of our practice.
In reality, when you receive instruction from an experienced, knowledgeable teacher, meditation is easy and fun to learn. The techniques can be as simple as focusing on the breath or silently repeating a mantra. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness.
We have a free shared library pool of great books and media related to meditation and spirituality. Cost - Suggested Contribution - Recommended amount $10 per person to cover food, media and other associated costs. It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation in meditations and celebrations.These are informal gathering of friends of Osho who want to meditate in the group.
Because of the painting he could not work; he was continuously painting so there was no time to work.
You will be surprised to know that not even a single painting was sold while Van Gogh was alive; now each of his paintings is worth millions of dollars. The art, the poetry, the painting, the music, the dance, becomes the end, they are no more means. When he is not in his poetic mood he is just as ordinary or maybe more ordinary than the so-called ordinary people.
If you read THE PROPHET it is almost like a prophet, but if you meet Kahlil Gibran and see him in his ordinary moods you will be surprised: he is a very angry person, jealous, quarrelsome.
The seed may be ugly -- seeds almost always are; the roots may be ugly, but remember, it is on the roots that the tree has to grow. An inner transformation takes place through the regular practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
Teachers who practice in the Insight or Vipassana tradition include Sharon Salzburg, Joseph Goldstein, Gil Fronsdal, and Jack Kornfield. We can’t stop or control our thoughts, but we can decide how much attention to give them. Then I remembered a saying of Buddha: "SABBA DANAM DHAMMA DANANA JNATI" -- the gift of truth excels all other gifts. The meetup group is not part of or afiliated to any formal organization in the USA or abroad. The people who think that lust is love have created great religions in which love has to be renounced.

His brother used to give him just enough money to live by, because nobody was interested in his being a painter. He has written that "I am committing suicide not against anybody -- I have no complaint against anybody or life -- life has been a great fulfillment to me. It is as passionate as lust or more so, because very few people die for a woman and very few people die for a man.
Once you have exploited the woman or the man you lose interest; the interest was only for the moment. You may have observed it: when a musician drowns himself in his music he rises to such peaks, such ephemeral peaks, that you can feel the presence of great mystery. Although we can’t impose quiet on our mind, through meditation we can find the quiet that already exists in the space between our thoughts. I am committing suicide because all that I wanted to paint I have painted; now there is no point in living.
The biological love reduces the other to a means; the psychological love raises the other as the end. When there is no lust, when you don't want to get anything out of your love, when you simply want to give, when you feel obliged because others accept your love, the flame is without smoke. And the same musician you can see sitting in some hotel drinking tea, talking all kinds of nonsense.
If you deny the lower you will never be able to reach the higher, because the lower rung is a necessary step. It is only a potential, a seed, but it can become a great tree and it can blossom in its own time.
And between the two is the psychological phenomenon: something of lust in it, passion, and something of compassion in it. He looks too ordinary; you cannot believe that this man was creating such beautiful music, such celestial music! And when a tree blossoms, when thousands of flowers have arisen on the tree branches, there is great joy in the being of the tree, great ecstasy.
And without psychological love affairs with art, music, sculpture, there is no possibility of spiritual love.
They think they are falling in love, but if hormones could laugh they must be laughing inside you -- you are befooled. If you go a little higher, a man's love for music is not chemistry, it is not hormonal, it is not physiology; it is psychological. He is burdened by the love released in him; the love has to be shared with the trees, with the birds, with people, with animals, with whosoever comes by. To use another human being as a means is the most immoral act in existence, because each human being is an end unto himself.
Poets and painters and dancers and musicians are a necessary step towards becoming a buddha.
I understand that I will follow the parking guidelines and I am participaring by my own will and I understand that I will take care of myself, my health, and well being during the whole event. And then he committed suicide, because he had painted the sun from the sunrise to the sunset, all the faces, all the colors, all possible clouds. These two things have to be remembered: one is, not to be obsessed with it, not to stop at it, and the second is, not to reject and deny it but to use it as a stepping-stone.

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