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In just 20 minutes this deep meditation audio gently guides you into profound meditation, which makes learning how to deeply meditate easy, effortless and enjoyable.
I got the idea today that our collectivity do require such an innocent voices to make more deeper in the meditation.
Excellent,beautiful, no word to match to this innocent melodious voice with Shri Krishna’s Murli taking to deep ocean of JOY. This frequency will make your body and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in natural way.The 6 ancient Solfeggio frequencies, including the Love frequency 528 Hz, which have been used in sacred music.

This audio Meditation CD (Vichar Ek Shakti in Hindi)which narrates all reasons of our success and failure in our life by renowned life coach Shri Sanjay Mehta is remarkable. Meditaion is not about your spritual goal but it is concerned with all the goals weather it is realted with health or wealth. We wish you carry on with other mantras recitations too for example, Ganesh Atharveshirsham Mantra.
Now when views have reached 13.000 we want to thank you and hoping for having access to this wonderful recording in future.
The flute part is not purely Indian, but I had the sound of the Native American Flutes in my heart when playing.

And if you don’t practice meditation, our audios will take you easily and rapidly into a deep conscious state. In a very effective way, you’ll eventually get benefits which are close to a regular meditation session within a few minutes per day.

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