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Il suffit de l'observer et cela suppose l'accepter comme une partie de ce qui est ce moment. It seems like everyone has been talking about the winter solstice this year because of the lunar eclipse that happened on the same day. Its still not too late to make a collage if you haven’t yet as the solstice energies are still around and can be tapped into for a few more days.
Here is a collage about how Time can hypnotise us all and then a moment later it can dissolve like a dream. Its my first time attending this long-standing event which has been going on for at least 21 years. This is one of my earliest collages that came through as I recalled how connected I was to Nature as a child. This morning I started up the fountain in my office which had been emptied and turned off for about a week while I was traveling. Over the 4th of July weekend I was invited to swim several times in my friends’ pool.
Dr Emoto’s main premise is that all water is sensitive to our words, emotions and prayers. But this underwater event which seems to have no end in sight has hit a very deep nerve in my being. But the true Powers That Be must surely have something very big in store for us with this one. Here is a collage I found in my Collage Quest deck from a few years ago that seems related to the spill’s affect on the beings that live in that ocean and all of our oceans. Let us help them to hold the vision of their sacred waterways being restored with fresh, clean H2O once again. Here is a collage I made about a week before the explosion of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull. The interesting thing about this piece is that the images I used had been hanging around my collage bench for a long time.
I kept thinking about how volcanoes ultimately bring us more color, more beauty and richness. Perhaps it is related to the wonderful You Tube videos about the Maya I was watching this morning…. Then one day I suddenly realized that it was missing something- a photo of Eckhart Tolle whose work often references Christianity and Buddhism. I listened to a wonderful radio show this morning hosted by The Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell.

When you sit down to collage consciously as a spiritual practice where you open up to Guidance from your soul and beyond, Step #1 is to BREATHE deeply and fully. Lorsque le processus de la meditation s’approfondit, il devient simultanement un processus de purification.  En realite, nous ne savons pratiquement rien de la veritable nature de l’univers. Une profonde relation avec le moment present nous apporte paix, amour et abondance dans tous les domaines de notre vie. Although tendencies towards sense-objects [vishaya vasanas], which have been recurring down the ages, rise in countless numbers like the waves of the ocean, they will all perish as meditation on one’s nature becomes more and more intense.
As long as there are tendencies towards sense-objects in the mind, the enquiry `Who am I ?’ is necessary. Meet The Creator Jody Walker is the creator of Simply Being Spiritual & Free Spirit Revolution Club, He is a Teacher, Mentor, Author, Writer, freedom fighter, Modern Day Mystic . Winter solstice is always a powerful time to set intentions for the coming year of what you want to create in your life. Cut, paste and travel the world in style with color and intention, every day, every minute. I had just returned from a week long seminar on the four elements- Air, Water, Fire and Earth.
So the more love and grattitude we express toward water the more the water absorbs this vibration and gives it back to us. And living in the suburbs of NYC as I do, and did then, that world shaking event hit mighty close to home.
A few were in a basket together of small images I keep to fish through when I’m in search of some unknown embellishment to a piece.
It will be interesting to see what depth of color, beauty and riches come from the event in Iceland…. For a long time, several years as I recall, this was just two images- the cathedral scene with the monk in the background and the meditating Jesus statue. It was as if until I added the Eckhart photo I didn’t really know what this collage was all about. This will allow you to begin to relax and switch over from your left brain to your right brain where you can create more freely. If other thoughts rise one should, without attempting to complete them, enquire `To whom did they rise?’ What does it matter however many thoughts rise? If one then enquires `Who am I?’, the mind will turn back to its source [the Self] and the thought which had risen will also subside.
Without giving room even to the doubting thought, `Is it possible to destroy all these tendencies [vasanas] and to remain as Self alone?’, one should persistently cling fast to self-attention.

As and when thoughts rise, one should annihilate all of them through enquiry then and there in their very place of origin.
Just as a pearl-diver, tying a stone to his waist, dives into the sea and takes the pearl lying at the bottom, so everyone, diving deep within himself with non-attachment, can attain the pearl of Self. If you want to dive into the mysteries of Water I highly recommend you read anything by Dr.
And like us they are all weighed down by Mother Earth’s blood spewing into their homes. As I dug through my collage bench stash of images these are the ones that came forward, asking to be part of the solstice seeding. For me it speaks of the mysterious years where Jesus disappeared and we don’t officially know where he went. Just listening to him and his guests talk left me feeling so much lighter and more spacious. Not attending to what-is-other [anya] is non-attachment [vairagya] or desirelessness [nirasa].
If one resorts uninterruptedly to remembrance of one’s real nature [swarupasmarana] until one attains Self, that alone will be sufficient. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, cutting edge ideas, spontaneous humor and proven practices, Bhavajalanji motivates, provokes and inspires you into surrendering into your own greatness.
He lives to help people to find their true Self, Live spiritually, with passion and purpose, doing work that really matters!
Suddenly I had the urge to make a volcano collage and these images all came forth very quickly.
Through reading this page, and the associated links and resources, you will be pointed in the direction of truth. But sometimes I listen to favorite spiritual authors on tape like Robert Moss, Marion Woodman or Gregg Braden. Their work on dreams and the Divine Matrix is a close cousin to my type of collage work so it can be really interesting to listen to them and see what unfolds from my stack of images….

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