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These are made from an alloy of bronze, zinc, iron and have a clear delightful and mind-clearing tone. But honestly antique tingshas may have lost their tonal quality and matching synchronous tones after years of use. In ancient times, different mystic schools of different countries like Rome, Athens, Egypt, and Tibet use various types of instrument to create different types of sound for positive effect.
Pythagoras, the great Greek Philosopher and Mathematician had a school that taught the use of sound for healing. In this way, the vibrations of the bowl will penetrate into the person’s affected part of the body. Heirlooms weave a continuous string of memories from generation to generation, an intimate connection to our ancestors and family’s past. The engagement ring is a favorite type of heirloom today, an everlasting token of love with a vintage look and personal meaning. An antique gold locket with a photo of a young grandmother, a sentimental gold charm bracelet with charms collected over decades, or a very special gold Rolex watch beautifully engraved belonging to a grandfather, any type of jewelry heirloom holds a host of special memories that makes it much more than a ring, necklace, bracelet or watch. Which Meditation Bell?Let's get to know some of the different kinds of meditation bells - what they sound like, and what they are best used for. Tingsha(Often called a Tibetan prayer bells) When you knock together the two bells of a Tingsha, you get a wonderful, bright bell sound that can sustain for a surprising length of time - up to 30 seconds in some cases. Modern Meditation Bells While Tibetan bells and Tingshas are traditional choices for meditation, modern bells have something to offer that these older bell styles do not.
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Not too surprisingly, jewelry is perhaps the best type of heirloom as the precious materials its made of are among the toughest elements on earth.
Though, as an heirloom, a piece of jewelry must withstand not only the tests of time but of fashion trends as well, it should also be something very personal to you. As a meditation music composer, and as someone who has been practicing meditation for a long time, I've ammassed a collection of over 100 different bells, singing bowls and gongs.On this page I hope to share a little of what I have learned about how to use bells for meditation, and I'll offer some essential tips on selecting the right bell for you. Smaller Tingshas provide a very thin, but very pure sound, whereas larger ones, which can be quite heavy for their size, will have a lower tone that sustains for longer.
The countless antique jewels that survive today prove definitively jewelry’s durability to withstand centuries of time, making it a venerable favorite memento with which to pass on to kin time and again. Because the two bells of a Tingsha are usually slightly out of tune with each other, the frequencies they emit interact in interesting ways to create sounds that are quite hypnotic.
I’ve selected a few Future Heirlooms that would be wonderful holiday gifts as well as touching first chapters to their stories of the years to come. Now I am certainly not saying that modern bells are "better", I am simply saying that you should not rule out modern bells when it comes to meditation rituals! The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone."Are the tingshas we sell incredibly rare religious ritualistic artifacts of antiquity?Nope. Modern bells are usually free from imperfections in their shape and are balanced in their weight.
Tibetan Bell and Dorje(Often called a Buddhist bell) These are probably the most recognizable and most widely available meditation bell in the world today.

This usually results in a bell that will ring out for a longer period of time, and may have a "sweeter" overall tone.
These bells can be struck with the Dorje, producing a very typical bright bell sound, or they can be stroked with a smooth wooden stick in a circular motion around the rim so as to make them "sing". Having said that, modern bells vary wildly in the quality of their construction, their overall weight and the pitch that they emit when struck or stroked. The bell is struck or rubbed repeatedly to provide a sound that the listener can concentrate their attention on.3. These bells are hand made, so the imperfections in their construction sometimes produce a bell sound that is a little harsh and inharmonic - it's an organic sound that some people find a little "off key", but is often favoured amongst traditionalists.
Let your ears be your guide when choosing a bell that's right for you!Ancient Meditation Bells So called "ancient bells" like the one shown above are usually poor imitiations of the real thing. Most of these bells are completely new, and are simply constructed in a way that makes them look old. The bell is struck in a ceremonious manner prior to the meditation session in order to ward off negative energies and create an atmosphere of purity that encourages deeper meditation.Handy TipCheck out these free zen meditation timers.
If you like to meditate in silence, but love the sound of bells, then you'll REALLY love these free downloads.
These types of bells do make a basic ritualistic sound, but they are unlikely to satisfy you if you like the sound of a beautiful ringing bell.

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