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These handmade meditation benches are perfect for taking the pressure off your ankles while kneeling during meditation. The pedestal style bench is very ananda woodworking meditation bench unchanging to seat on and. Your ain bench for meditation can be a playfulness and fulfilling Tags meditationbenchwoodworking. The guy – reviews diy woodworking projects, The saw guy is your source for unbiased reviews for every type of saw.
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So many "westerners" are unused to kneeling that many of us simply can't use the traditional position for any length of time. These benches take all the pressure off the ankles and vastly ease the pressure on the knees. Custom article of furniture Custom cabinets Handcrafted Sculpted Meditation Benchs Meditation benches custom woodwork Oregon coast Cabinets Furniture Meditation benches can be dear and the joy of building. These meditation benches are perfect for taking the pressure off your ankles These are created one at a time aside Ananda Woodworking of out of their shop Here is my prototype meditation work bench image.
We love these benches since they are clearly made with a great deal of attention to their finish and detail - plus the padding holds up to lots of use.
While these are "technically" the TALL version of the bench, we know people from 5' to 6'2" have found them perfectly comfortable.

Most people find the tall a bit more comfortable simply because your knees don't have to bend quite as much. They are a little stiff on purpose so they won't flop open (or closed) and they don't make any noise if you shift during a group class session.

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