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Just as meditation takes time and skill, Zen Posture meditation benches require the same level of dedication.
Meditation benches encourage aligned, open posture so you can stay comfortable, maintain a higher degree of focus and make the most of each meditation session.
Their sturdy steel hinges empower you to collapse the bench into a compact size and take your Zen with you wherever you go. Precision-cut, air-dried silver maple, also known as wormy maple, is sustainably harvested and hand-selected for the beauty of its distinct grain patterning. Expert Colorado artisans handcraft each bench—from assembly and sanding to jointery and finishing. These little beches sit a person above their ankles in meditation at a slight forward angle to align the spine and keep weight off of the feet.
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Not every alternate way to refer to a product has been set up yet (though we're working on this). Meditation Benches are made from beautifully finished birch plywood and feature folding legs for ease of storage and portability.

A meditation bench (also known as Zen Kneeling Meditation Bench) provides a simple and comfortable way to sit for meditation because the angle of the bench allows you to sit easily with your spine straight, yet relaxed. Each of our benches is handmade from the finest hardwoods, padded with cotton batting and a layer of foam, and covered with a variety of beautiful cotton or raw silk fabrics.
Our padded meditation bench helps you sit up straight and stay relaxed and comfortable for longer meditations.
The folding bench is good if you will be taking your bench to other places to meditate, or for traveling. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Connect and be the first to hear about our new products, specials, and other useful yoga information! Our craftsmen carefully merge modern design with old-school woodworking techniques to create products that get even better with time. Every bench is different, and the wood is treated with a natural oil and beeswax finish for a natural feel. The one-inch foam cushion that tops our bench is covered with durable cotton fabric that can be removed for laundering.

Rounded The angled legs generally provide the meditator with greater support for the back to stay straight while staying relaxed.
Folding The standing bench is great if you will be using the bench primarily in your own home.
Tall The standard bench is 6.5" tall at the front and 8" tall at the back (with the angled legs). Our tall bench is 1 inch taller than our standard bench (for both angled and rounded legs).
All you have to is unscrew the legs at the hinge and mail them back to us and we will mail you your desired leg style at NO charge!!

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