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The worlds first and, to our knowledge, only meditation cartoon book: Sit Illustrated is a collection of drawings compiled from the illustrated journals of a small group of spiritual aspirants. This entry was posted in Happiness Consciousness, Living the Best Life, Love & Relationships, Spirtual Corner, Success Strategies, Wellness and Healing and tagged author, BEAUTY, books, de-clutter, destiny, detoxify, dreams, emotional, entrepreneurship, focus, future, Goals, heart, Hope, inner voice, inspire, lessons, Life, LOVE, manpreet kaur, men and women, mirror, music, Passion, Past, Peace, physical, Present, Purpose, quotes, relationships, SELF-LOVE, SOUL, Spiritual, Success, values, vision, well-being, Woman, Women, worth on March 8, 2016 by admin. To make the New Year, your BEST year yet, dump and ditch these Five Things – forever! Yet, as with any other negative emotion, it is very much possible to deal with anger, in a rather constructive way.
For anyone, even slightly interested in self-development and self-mastery, it is imperative to learn how to deal with an emotion as ruinous as anger. People with a natural inclination towards anger are generally driven by the ego-centric, fear-based emotions, such as insecurity, complexes, and anxiety.
With deliberate and calibrated effort, you can achieve both – commanding a steady temperament and creating momentary deflection when anger surges without warning. The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that whatever you think and feel, will multiply and come back to you.
In contrast, there is grace and beauty in becoming truly independent – it infuses a sense of confidence, replaces timidity, and saves heartache. Anything that stops you from expressing your highest potential ought to be thrown out of your life.
Three, always remember that you simply can’t change the behaviours of others, if they’re based on ego. The human spirit, through years of fear-based conditioning has become soiled, drained, and ebbed. As an empath, I have always faced difficulty in looking at the darker, the sinister, and the demonising side of our world. Let each day be the birth of a new me and a new you – a better me and a better you, so that we never ever decline or decay.
Here are some lovely messages that I stumbled across and felt like sharing with you here, only to exemplify, how positive transformation is possible, with the help of all the cheer and gaiety around us. This entry was posted in Happiness Consciousness, Living the Best Life, Prosperity & Abundance, Spirtual Corner, Wellness and Healing and tagged Awaken, Blessings, Celebrate Life, Cheer, Christmas, Diwali, Festive Spirit, Goodness, GRATITUDE, Gurpurab, HAPPINESS, Higher Consciousness, Hope, JOY, LOVE, Thanksgiving on December 23, 2015 by admin.
This entry was posted in Happiness Consciousness, Living the Best Life, Prosperity & Abundance, Success Strategies, The Art of Manifestation, Wellness and Healing and tagged 2016, Beginning, Best, Cheer, HAPPINESS, happy, Hope, inspiration, JOY, LOVE, motivation, New Year, quotes, Resolution, Smiles, Wisdom, Wishes on December 17, 2015 by admin. DISCLAIMER All Self-Development, Educational, and Motivational content on this website is based on authors’ personal views, insights, life experiences, and arduous research in the field of positive psychology, laws of success and scientific techniques of self-development. Its deep attitude reminds of the Melencolia of Albrecht Durer: , The pessimistic, eigenbrodlerische attitude turned in itself is in any case elgantere. The most important relationship in the world is the bond that you share with your own self.
Remember this Gorgeous – Sometimes, breaking down, completely falling apart, is the most beautiful thing to happen. Anger – Anger has often been described as the most destructive and debilitating emotion. It is possible, with a little conscious effort to avoid the two extremes – anger explosion and anger repression. Conscious effort, awareness, meditation, and spending time in solitude with nature, are some of the most effective ways of creating a perceptible shift in one’s temperament. Criticism, Condemnation, and Complaining – If you’re indulging in mindless criticism and often complain about the harshness of life, then you’re not resting your focus on the good and the bright side of it. Since your thoughts and feelings are powerful magnets, you attract more of the same negative energy as difficult situations in your life. Such an attitude may not bring about a sudden U-turn in your circumstances, but will surely give you the wisdom, courage, and faith to move ahead with grace. When you begin expecting gracious behaviour from yourself, you align yourself with the lofty goal of self-development. All those deleterious habits including distress eating, lack of exercise, and harmful addictions need to be dumped forever.
Habits have a way of sticking to you, unless you consciously coax them out of your life with steely resolve and discipline. Children can have the most powerful influence, if only you realise that they personify the essence of who we actually are.
Consciously, carefully, and constructively, I have rested my focus on the good, the sane, and the positive side of our existence.
Let each day become a blessing, a celebration, an occasion for us to rise, and shine, and make our planet the most pious place in the Universe.
The content however, is designed to supplement and not supplant medical or psychiatric treatment.
Your weight, your height, your eyes, your scars, your idiosyncrasies, your complexion, and your sartorial choices have nothing to do with beauty. You’re not allowed to treat yourself badly, just because others fail to see your worth. Sages of the past and psychotherapists of the present have likened it to poison, emphasising that the only person who suffers most with its toxicity is the one who breeds, feeds, and seethes it. Anger explosion is the venting of rage in vehement, stormy, and fierce ways, such as high-voltage emotional outbursts in the form of physical and mental abuse or violence.  Anger repression on the other hand is bottling up the rage. Becoming more and more aware, receptive, and appreciative of the present moment, without dwelling in vengeful emotions and pain of the past, allows space for temperance. We cling on to our wishes and desires in an ignorant way – so that our happiness becomes a slave to the fulfilment of our wants. The more you want, crave, and yearn, the more empty you begin to feel; until you have what you want.
When you feel rich, prosperous, abundant by expressing gratitude for all that you already have, you attract more wealth and wellness into your life.
An attitude of Gratitude requires absolute thankfulness – an all embracing, blanket appreciation for everything that life offers, including, of course, the setbacks, challenges, hurts, and failures.

Toxic relationships that eat up your peace of mind, confidence, and dignity, require good riddance. Have gigantic and awe-inspiring goals in order to bring in big change, but take small, realistic, and incremental steps. Gather your grit and gumption when the going gets tough, rekindle your passion when no one in the whole world seems to believe in your vision, and stay aligned to your dreams. The infinite intelligence of the Universe already knows what’s best for you to grow, expand, enrich, and awaken. Through all the highs and lows, the only thing that can guarantee success is to keep going on. They have their own journey and they will learn through their own experiences, because the only real realisation is self-realisation. Even the hardships are meant to enhance the quality of your life and deserve a prayer of gratitude.
You ought to constantly nourish and replenish yourself with newer insights, lessons, experiences, and wisdom. It is the process of restoring the balance, if you’ve witnessed a state of chaos or imbalance in your life. Every morning is the promise of new hope and excitement, and the possibility of creating a better life.
Our history is so replete with reprehensible crimes, blood-lust, and monstrous vestiges that we have unwittingly accepted the demeaning part of our mortal existence as natural and human!
I stopped reading newspapers long ago, because they never made me feel good about humanity. They somehow elevate us collectively, and help us not only “see” the beauty and goodness around, but also “be” the goodness. If you believe you have a condition that requires medical help or therapy, you are advised to seek professional assistance and care.
Are you able to live up to your own expectations or often end up feeling inadequate and incomplete?
Remember, no matter what, the Universe is always – always on your side, and you’re never alone.
We can only appreciate the beauty and miracles of life, when we’ve seen the ugliness and witnessed the pain.
It is all about suppressing anger or holding it back and turning it inward for a prolonged period of time. Finding proactive outlets to channel unbridled feelings and surging wrath is also extremely helpful. The end result is temporary buoyancy – limited in time and space, and contingent upon the manifestation of our wishes. And then, you want more, you crave more, you chase more; you subjugate your joy, and put conditions on happiness. When you cherish and love yourself for who you are, you magnetize more love and appreciation.
Therefore, a saner way of looking at life’s absurdities, vicissitudes, blows, and obstacles is to find an opportunity to grow. Everyone around you is guided by their judgement, priority, and inclination; and it is innate humanness to give utmost primacy to the self. Even the job that leaves you de-spirited and drained needs to be given up for the sake of your joy.
You can offer hope, help, love, care, and concern; yet, you can do nothing to change someone who doesn’t want to change for the better. You can choose to replenish by consciously taking out time for your growth and self-development on a daily basis. Renewal allows you to keep the past behind and construct a new future, by focussing on the present. It means that you value your peace more than the energy-zapping effort of making other people realise ‘something’. I have often prayed in solitude for all the children who have been and are being abused, exploited, criminalised, or brutalised. Festivities are times, when I see the human spirit rising again, becoming a witness to its own grace and glory, which it had long forgotten. Are you being true to yourself and your dreams or you’re trying to live someone else’s definition of success? The fact that an emotion as damaging and noxious as anger erupts, at the slightest vexation, is reflective of how we’re all becoming increasingly implacable. Both extremes – anger explosion and anger repression dent the mental make-up and physical well-being of an individual, besides causing irreparable damage to relationships.
For achieving a state of total control and spiritual awakening, one must be able to tame anger by tapping it towards renewal. Yet, the truth is that happiness is real and lasting when it isn’t conditional, and when it sprouts from inner peace, contentment, and bliss.
It is acknowledging and appreciating your gifts; yet it is inclusive of the process of constant evolution and expansion, without the feeling of desperate attachment.
When you begin expecting others to defy their basic nature, and appease your expectation, you’re committing a great blunder. If things don’t look too good on the surface, trust that the ground beneath is being prepared for something wonderful.
You can do this by becoming immune to what others think or say about you, and by believing in your own truth. You can create a positive shift in your emotions, almost instantaneously when you give thanks for everything that your life offers, including the challenges. My way of nourishing and expanding my thinking process is reflection, contemplation, and reading.
You can choose to seize this moment, and begin afresh, no matter how bad or broken your past was. Sometimes, I feel that every day of every year should be given the same import, significance, and vantage as Diwali, Christmas, or Gurpurab, so that every single day we care and share and greet and love and hope and express and be the best – the best of ourselves.

Those are some vital questions you’d have to answer to determine how you feel about yourself and your life.
For holistic wellness of the Mind, Body, and Soul, learn to create the right balance between venting and suppressing through positive channelling of this unruly, yet enormous energy.
The subconscious mind begins to believe in the falsity of lack – and your life reiterates the same message – “You don’t have enough! When you enjoy both the process and the pace, and have a purpose engraved on your heart, the journey becomes beautiful. Express gratitude for the trials and the tests, for they become the foundation of your character.
When you react or feel ruffled, by the distorted actions of others, you base your happiness on outward circumstances and relationships. We feel depleted and drained, and need to re-energize ourselves, on all levels – Mind, Body, and Soul. The wars, genocides, and killings have made me doubt the proclaimed divinity of the mortals. This moment in time and space belongs to you and YOU have it all, within your power to celebrate Life in all its glory, irrespective of the messes and misadventures. Then, the NOW, this moment, and all its gifts become a source of your richness, and there is nothing that you lack. If not for the low tide, the dark nights, and the heartaches, you wouldn’t know the real meaning of love and light. Yet, retaining peace is so much easier; all you have to do is to have a fantastic relationship with your Inner Self, and choose to remain unaffected by others’ ego-based dramas.
One of the most beautiful ways of rejuvenation is travelling; yet it is not always possible for everyone to make sudden travel plans, in the middle of difficult times. I do so everyday, by renewing my passion and commitment towards attainment of my goals, through positive affirmations.
I have often shunned people who even unintentionally or faintly, seemed to favour any sort of inequity. Because I have seen some really nasty people become compassionate, helpful, polite, courteous, and kind, during festivals and celebrations. When you’re cool and tranquil on the inside, you will echo the same peace in all your relationships.
Begin to jubilate, by appreciating how far you have already come, how strong you have emerged, and how remarkably you have evolved. Find a purpose that drives you and dedicate your heart and soul to that one primary purpose, that defines you and fuels excitement. The hardships propel you to gather fortitude and faith, which invariably become the raw material of your worldly and spiritual advancement.
What others do is rooted in their insecurities and fears, and you need not take everything personally. Some teach us by hurting us, while some teach by loving, comforting, cajoling, and encouraging us.
If a Thanks-Giving Day or a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year can bring out our wiser and saner side, and demolish the ignorant and the sinner in us, then I hope, wish, and pray for more, many more, festivals, celebrations, and new beginnings – each day of our lives. When you’re all messed up inside, your actions and reactions too will resonate your inner chaos. Never walk out without a smile on our face, a zing in your step, and a high dose of faith in your heart. The worst upheavals, hurts, and failures have a way of turning out as biggest strengths, lessons, and successes. Choose to rejuvenate yourself often, by diving within – explore the deepest corners of your heart, and stir your mind awake.
Reading history books never assuaged my sentiments; only roused the wrath and the rage in me. I earnestly feel that celebrating life is the most powerful way to AWAKEN THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.
To have beautiful and worthy relationships, begin by having an honest and fulfilling relationship with yourself.
When you go inward, into silence, you’re sure to come back with the treasure of peace and calm. It simply means that you disallow the demeaning behaviours of others to affect you, and that trifles don’t deserve your energy and attention.
The sounds of crying, bleeding, begging, mourning children, women, and men, have echoed in my ears, many times, as I dared to even distantly feel their pain. Hence, it isn’t the best thing to always get attached to people and their opinions, and then get hurt.
Yet another beautiful way of feeling rejuvenated is witnessing the life force, the vital energy, in the company of Nature. It means you’re strong enough to overcome the past, say “Thank You!” for the experiences that made you strong, and that you have the courage to move on.
My heart has often been bruised, not for my own sake, but for all those innocent people (including non-human beings: animals) who continue to be crushed at the hands of “the distorting devils”. The Vision, The Dream, The Purpose is YOURS – It is YOU who has to live up to it, because that’s what makes you come alive!
You can choose to stay detached, learn the lessons, allow different experiences to enrich you, witness varying emotions, transcend, advance, evolve, and let go!
Go out and celebrate life in all its hues and shades – appreciate the auburn leaves, the clear blue sky, the sound of streams, the rainbows, the butterflies…!!! In forgiveness you will find your spiritual strength and you will be able to turn scars into stars, setbacks into comebacks, wounds into wisdom, and losses into lessons.
You are enough and the only thing you ought to understand is that Happiness doesn’t come from some place outside of you.

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