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The dates for our next New York Weekend Rounding Retreat are  approaching and we encourage you to make time for a few days of deep rest and purification. The retreat starts on Thursday March 3rd in the evening and wraps up on Sunday March 6th in the afternoon. One weekend of rounding delivers the benefits of three to six months of regular twice a day meditation. One of the highlights of a weekend like this is the opportunity to explore in more depth the knowledge that accompanies our meditation practice.

The Garrison Institute is a beautifully renovated former Capuchin monastery with comfortable accommodations, world-class meeting facilities and healthy, locally sourced food.
Many students ask how to accelerate their personal evolution—a weekend like this is one of the most profound ways for you to advance. Rounding involves a simple sequence of yoga positions, or Asanas, that are easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone, followed by a specific breathing technique called Pranayama. Just one hour north of New York City on the banks of the Hudson River, surrounded by forest and fields, it offers a unique, authentic setting for your weekend of rest and renewal.

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