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Cities in which one per cent of the population were instructed in the Transcendental Meditation program showed decreased crime rate the following year in contrast to matched control cities.
This effect was subsequently confirmed by numerous experiments and in the summer of 1993 a major demonstration project was undertaken in Washington D.C. This study presents the final results of a two-month prospective experiment to reduce violent crime in Washington, DC.
This National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness brought approximately 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs to the United States national capital from June 7 to July 30, 1993. The dependent variable in the research was weekly violent crime, as measured by the Uniform Crime Report program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; violent crimes include homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project.
Several additional analyses were performed on HRA crimes to further assess the strength of the main findings. Based on the results of the study, the steady state gain (long-term effect) associated with a permanent group of 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs was calculated as a 48% reduction in HRA crimes in the District of Columbia. Given the strength of these results, their consistency with the positive results of previous research, the grave human and financial costs of violent crime, and the lack of other effective and scientific methods to reduce crime, policy makers are urged to apply this approach on a large scale for the benefit of society. To me, the greatest benefit I've got from Transcendental Meditation is the feeling of being grounded within myself. The benefits of Transcendental Meditation are wide in scope extending from personal benefits such as mental clarity and improved health, to collective effects on society as a whole. Dr Lovell-Smith took part in this assembly of 3000 practitioners of Transcendental Meditaton and the more advanced TM-Sidhi programme. As if there weren't enough ways to avoid what’s going on in our minds, e-mail and social media are now routed to our mobiles to distract us all day long.
The modern world makes it difficult to "turn off." Rather than attempt to stop or change the presence of technology (which has also brought us so many wonderful things), we need to look at how we can relate to it skillfully and not feel overwhelmed. The digital age allows us to engage with positive causes and social missions in a way once thought unimaginable.
How often have you sent an email to the wrong person, or taken to twitter without considering the consequences? Whilst technology may have increased our frequency of communication, it has come at considerable cost. In our frantic, fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to completely switch gears and let go of our competitive natures, even when we're trying to slow down and find balance.
Those of us that live life in recovery from substance use disorders, mental health concerns, or other behavioral health disorders know full well the value that daily rituals provide us in our journey for wellness. Mutual-aid program participants (think 12-step programs, SMART recovery, etc.) often have very strict regimens of daily rituals. For those participating in other forms of recovery philosophies (or pathways), these daily rituals often times take the name of self-care. Now -- it sounds like these rituals are ironically very similar, perhaps just labeled different things? We are bombarded on a reoccurring basis on how so very different we are from each other -- when often times we really need to be reminded of how similar we exist. At the end of the day, being in "recovery" or being "normal" is really the exact same thing -- we are finding positive ways to live a life that is full of happiness and meaning. Music legend India.Arie gets raw and real to talk starting over, inspiration and transcendental meditation. Saying things on paper that I would never, ever say, and saying things to myself, admitting things to myself, about myself and my personality, just putting it on paper, is how I deal with emotional pain. Then I woke up one night two weeks ago in the middle of the night and was thinking about all these things that I am feeling as a woman, and having a very unconventional lifestyle as a woman.
ORIGIN is the conscious culture national print magazine bringing together art, yoga, music, humanitarianism, and sustainability to shift the planet for good.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Singer India Arie arrives at the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute To Paul McCartney held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 10, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. A 27-member independent Project Review Board consisting of sociologists and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and government of the District of Columbia, and civic leaders approved in advance the research protocol for the project and monitored its progress. This data was obtained from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department for 1993 as well as for the preceding five years (1988-1992). The maximum decrease was 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project.
These indicated that the reduction of HRA crimes associated with the group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs could not be attributed to changes in police staffing.
June and July 1993 to prove the efficacy of the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the advanced TM-Sidhi programme to reduce violent crime.
As convenient as this may be, this hyper-connectedness means that now even the slightest feeling of boredom or restlessness is a trigger to get online and keep busy.
When we live in a way that encourages this reactivity, such as grabbing the phone as though it were an emergency every time it rings, we encourage this pattern to continue. In a fast-paced world it can stimulate change, disseminate knowledge, build community and encourage support. The digital space is seen by many as a place to say what they want, how they want and when they want. Touting itself as an "ideal training method for this generation's short attention span," Buddhist Boot Camp is a new title instructing readers on the basics of Buddhism and meditation using a no-nonsense approach.
Whether you call them a design for living, self-care, or a daily routine, these habits often keep us on the straight and narrow path to happiness. I myself find time for these, as it provides a sense of calm and serenity over the course of the day. These include things like meditation and mindfulness throughout the day, nutritious eating (including breakfast!), regular therapy and counseling sessions (writer's note: some of the healthiest people I know, have been in therapy for years -- just saying), or finding time to decompress and process the day without distractions.
From a member of a mutual-aid recovery program, working a different type of program can often times be a very taboo thing. Just as I practice a new way of living, focused on being a decent person and being aware of my actions and their impact, so do most people we would consider "good human beings." My path, and most paths of those in recovery, may have flowed to that way of living by a different road, but being there is what matters. Because of what I’ve chosen to do for my work in the world, almost every time that there’s something that I’m afraid to do that I need to do, I have to do it in front of other people. Tapping into your higher self to get a glimpse of yourself from the outside and get insight into what’s going on in your life. How much I’ve learned about music and producing music and arranging melodies over the last three years. My old school song writing partner who I’ve been writing songs with all these years, he said, “So what’s the message this time?” Because I always have something that I’m dealing with and I want to talk about and it’s the theme of the album. I’ve been owning my own house since I was 24, living alone, traveling the world, never been married, I don’t have kids and all that stuff. Additional data used for control purposes included weather variables (temperature, precipitation, humidity), daylight hours, changes in police and community anti-crime activities, prior crime trends in the District of Columbia, and concurrent crime trends in neighboring cities. These secondary analyses also found that the reduction of HRA crimes was highly robust to alternative specifications of the statistical model-that is, the effect is independent of the isolated details of the models used to assess seasonal cycles and trends. Social engagement of this kind has the power to break down barriers, to bring us closer together, allowing us to shape and define the values we wish to live by, for both ourselves and others. Sure, freedom of speech has its place, but not if the desired result is to intentionally hurt or harm others.
Sign up for the free Take10 program to get the basics just right with guided audio programs and support to get your Headspace, anytime, anywhere on the Headspace app.
A typical day may start with a dose of meditation and prayer, continue with self-reflection and a mid-day "personal inventory" (being aware of our actions, feelings, and reactions), and end with a verbal account of that full-day personal inventory with another person in recovery and taking action where we must. For members of the general public, whom do not consider themselves in recovery, any type of recovery program is often taboo as well.

Recovery status and the way that recovery is maintained isn't a reason for xenophobia among those in the recovery community, or those outside of it. The thing that makes me feel most alive is knowing that there’s something that I have to do that I’m afraid of. I told someone the other day, “I can’t do this, I don’t have the tools right now to be this vulnerable.
While that other album did not come out, this album is a very clear seed planted by that album. I said, “The message this time is that I’m emotionally exhausted from the last album, and I just want to write songs that are simple and that feel good and that are accessible and inspirational.
You can find ORIGIN in Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Pharmacas, Central Markets and 15+ other National retailers. Average weekly temperature was significantly correlated with homicides, rapes and assaults (HRA crimes), as has also been found in previous research; therefore temperature was used as a control variable in the main analysis of HRA crimes. No significant decrease was found in any of the prior five years during this period of time, indicating that this effect was not due to the specific time of year.
Get smart with technology, choose wisely and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you.
The reality though is, regardless of our recovery status and regardless of the way that we work to thrive in that recovery, we are all pretty similar.
TM, as you may know, is completely different -- it’s about that stillness and allowing yourself to just be still and be in the stillness. I started understanding that I want to be able to be on stage again, in fellowship with the audience and all the stuff that I love to do. Now I have this very simple and non-emotional and inspirational side, and this very emotional side. Using time series analysis, violent crimes were analyzed separately in terms of HRA crimes (crimes against the person) and robbery (monetary crimes), as well as together. Furthermore, the intervention parameters for the group size revealed that the effect of the group was not only cumulative with the increase in group size, but also continued for some time after the end of the project.
I want to do a whole series and I want to get Oprah and all these people together where we can just talk about real shit that we’re going through, and not just talk about light spiritual stuff, but talk about real issues and how we move through it. You know how you have that moment in your day when you really get hungry or sleepy or irritable, it’s almost the same time every day?
I love the track ["Cocoa Butter"] -- I was rubbing cocoa butter on my heart last night and I was dancing all around my house.
It was done, the album was done, it was mixed, we were getting ready to master it, album cover photo, everything. To do that, I need an album, and to stop limiting myself and saying I couldn’t do it in this short period of time -- and just do it. If the research is accurate, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be doing at least one of these things at either end of the day, if not all of them.
I spent the last three years doing that over and over again, and before that I spent the rest of my whole life before the last three years avoiding that.
As humans, we find ways to cope -- for some these things are positive, and for others they are negative. That’s what makes me feel most alive, is the afterglow after doing what I know I’m afraid to do.

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