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Kids have astounding capabilities because their minds are still open, and its important that adults give them the opportunity to let their minds flourish. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is trying an experiment teaching elementary school kids how to do Mindful Meditation and the results are astounding. The kids are also learning how to be in touch with how they feel about things and given an opportunity to express that in a healthy way to others. What a beautiful thing to do Wisconsin, implementing in the classroom how to promote a state of well-being.
I would very much like to invite one of the individuals in charge of this project to be interviewed our radio show, Answers for the Family. Janet, I am not sure who exactly to try at the University of Wisconsin, but this article on their website does mention several staff members. Meditation, I believe, is used in all religions and even by those who don’t support religions, David. Children between 4 and 11 at Lafayette Elementary School in Washington DC are taught meditation and mindfulness every week to help academic performance and behavior.
The benefits of meditation in all areas of life are well documented and used by people from all walks of life. Washington DC's Lafayette Elementary School, the largest in the American capital city with more than 700 students, has pioneered a weekly "Peace Class" that is taught to all students, from Pre-K through to 5th grade. Designed to help children cope with their feelings and emotions and to perform better in and out of school, the program teaches children how to practice mindfulness, develop empathy, manage anger, accept differences and learn conflict resolution.
Children are taught to be mindful through weekly practices and rituals in Peace Class, some of which are reinforced daily by the student's regular classroom teachers.

The reason mindfulness in the school setting has gained so much attention is the myriad of benefits it offers the students and the entire school community. Children learn to slow down, calm down and pause before speaking, getting upset or doing something without thinking.
Jared Catapano, a 4th grade teacher at the school, believes mindfulness and meditation are key for focus, participation in class, and ability to manage difficulties. Ryden echoes the belief that mindfulness is key to reducing anxiety in children while helping them focus on their work. In a nearby Virginia high school where there have been multiple suicides over the last few years, the school administration has introduced mindfulness to help the students cope with adolescence in general. Furthermore, for schools with low academic performance and a large number of troubled children, mindfulness can be key in helping them learn. Paul MacGowan, the director of the upcoming documentary on meditation, "A Joyful Mind," visited Lafayette to film the children practicing meditation and mindfulness during Peace Class. Ryden is busy promoting mindfulness and her curriculum to other schools in the district, as well as to educational conferences outside of DC. Students say meditation club helps them calm down when they are overwhelmed by the things they have to do at school.
Nicole Larocque said she only expected a few students when the club started, but it averages around 50 people each time. Students learn mindful breathing and how best to control their emotions in the meditation class. The Olde Towne Bake Shoppe is a bakery and weekend breakfast place that operates in the McGregor-Cowan House, one of the oldest surviving buildings in Windsor.

A local theatre group has commissioned a play about Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women. Mindful meditation is being practised by students and teachers during school. Had I learned what these lucky kids are learning now when I was a kid, the amount of times I turned into a psychopath when my little brother got under my skin, might have been few and far between. At first, the kids thought it was strange, but it didn’t take long for them to look forward to their meditation session after lunch and recess (the time when they seem to be the most unfocused).
The kids have become more available to learn and teachers have seen a huge transformation, in fact, students are now practicing mindfulness without being asked to.
What they are finding is, the kids are much more ready to sit down and learn and have a better ability to focus.
But did you know that children as young as four-years-old can be taught meditation and mindfulness too?
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. Meditation was practically prescribed for Michael Poole who recently had a heart transplant.Meditation was a last ditch effort for Lisa Bair, who has spent many sleepless nights worrying about finding a new job.

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