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Dans la pratique, on trouve exactement ce que l’on y met, rien de plus, rien de moins.
Bruno Lallement formateur en developpement personnel depuis 1987, auteur de plusieurs livres a succes il anime stage, seminaires et conferences.
Mais heureuse de vous avoir trouver et merci pour toutes ces explications et j’arrete vite le 3 G !
Je vais essayer la meditation comme vous en parlez, et je souhaite et c’est un de mes objectifs de participer a un de vos stages. Concentration while meditating is defined as the faculty of mind which focuses single mindedly on one object without obstruction. Whenever you start something new you should always take some sort of expert help or observe the situations around people which would help you understand how you need to work at it.
For proper concentration you need to be mediating in a place where you would have very less noise around.
De fait, les personnes à tendance obsessionnelle (par exemple) ou les perfectionnistes risquent de renforcer cette tendance.

De telles pratiques sont dangereuses et peuvent perturber votre équilibre sur le long terme.
True concentration is a complete one mindedness which comes after a lot of dedicated practice and hard work. It is the realization that you need to take your mind off a lot of things which you usually keep thinking about and resting it all upon one particular object, visual, sound, mantra, etc. While you watch an action movie in the theaters try and look at someone around and see their eyes. If you meditate for a long time this would be important because too much of overdoing would not be beneficial.
You cannot have loud noise in your surrounding as that would never make you a good meditator.
La pratique doit toujours rester plaisante pour ne pas devenir une contrainte, ce qui serait un comble dans une telle démarche.
You might not have realized but there are times when married couples start looking like each other after years of marriage.

Take deep breaths in between or take a brisk walk and then get back to your task freshly charged up. As you concentrate on your breathing you will slow down and so will your mind, this has been scientifically proved. Choose a proper place where you can be left undisturbed for the time span while you meditate. It is free from contaminations and is a state where your mind is gathered together to gain power and intensity.
Try to have suitable place where you would be meditating, a yoga mat or an asana or a meditating chair if you posses.
Take in deep breaths whenever you feel a little diverted, this will help you regain your concentration.

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