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Working out at the gym for long hours, training our taste buds to eat only healthy - you might have already tried all these and more to come back to good shape. If you are on a weight-control program, you might be keeping a regular check on your body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). Have you noticed that the minute you stop working out for a few days, you immediately tend to put on a lot of weight?

By practicing yoga and meditation, assimilation improves and desire for calorie-rich food decreases.
Excessive weight gain and weight loss are sometimes outcomes of hormonal imbalances in the body.
Your craving for all kinds of food could be your biggest roadblock when it comes to losing weight.
The next time you gorge on chocolates or anything junk, observe for a while why you are doing this? If time is stopping you from working towards weight control, your all time solution – ‘meditation’ will help you find more time in the day! Note: Each body type is different so the results of yoga and meditation practice may vary in each person.
Based on inputs by Bharathy Harish and Piyadarshini Hariram, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teachers. Recommended as a stress-reducing technique by hospitals and doctors across the country, meditation's myriad benefits include reduced blood pressure, healthier arteries and an enhanced sense of well-being. What happens on the physical level is what Herbert Benson, MD, the Harvard doctor who initiated meditation studies in the 1970s, calls the "Relaxation Response." He discovered that during meditation, brain waves shift into a state similar to — and sometimes more relaxed than — sleep. When distracting thoughts occur — and they will — simply notice them and gently bring your attention back to the breath. Any outside activity not only contributes positively to my fitness, but it also keeps my mind healthy. The mind asks some deep questions about reality and truth, and these questions lead to deep research and finding answers. Last Tuesday, while I was running (after the first five minutes of difficulty – warmup), I asked myself who I am and why I advocate a healthy lifestyle. My thoughts and research make me understand that maintaining all my dimensional areas is what keeps me healthy and having a high quality of life.
Here is an example: an anorexic who has her mind corrupted will exercise excessively to the point that it is not beneficial for her anymore.
Just like this example, many people practice destructive behaviors that have become addictions. When we let society lead our mind by leading our thoughts, it starts controlling us and the mind gets corrupted. When we take our time to meditate (do outside activities alone, with no distractions) we can touch our spirit and find out exactly who we are. Meditation allows our spirit to connect with a High Power which helps us make wiser decisions about who we are. Sandro Torres is the founder and owner of Custom Body Fitness, a training studio in Carbondale, Colorado, that specializes in weight loss and body transformation. Sandro is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer, life coach, and weight management specialist. He found positive ways to overcome this mental state, and he then understood that the only way to achieve happiness is by helping others. Read moreExcellence at WorkplaceThis offers Micro, Small, Medium and Enterprises, techniques to eliminate stress & achieve work life balance of its employees.
Now, how about adding something that’s natural, has no side effects, is extremely easy and hardly takes 15-20 minutes of your day?
Wondering how something related to the mind can have anything to do with shedding pounds and kilos? Meditation helps restore that harmony in the system so that if you are overweight, you lose pounds and if you are underweight, you gain the ability to put on.
How easy is it to stop yourself from buying a doughnut each time you pass the bakery shop with the fine aromas floating around?

The next time you stretch out to grab a packet of chips or chocolates, you are immediately aware that it’s not going to help you reduce weight and you can substitute them with healthy alternatives. Sleep, junk food, sweets – all of these have the power to make you drop out of your weight-control plan very easily. Wondering why is there a need to lose weight when you have already accepted that you are fat?
A few decades ago, it was known only as an Eastern religious practice or as mysteriously bohemian (the Beatles, for example, were avid meditators). With all these benefits going for it, meditation is an ideal tool for relaxation and self-discovery on the way to your weight goal. This level of relaxation lowers the amount of stress hormones that can contribute to pain and illness. Find one that resonates with your beliefs, and make sure your instructor has plenty of experience.
I thought about my body and the ability that I have to run and feel good – I know I have no limitations. These wiser decisions help us stop the unconscious negative and addictive behaviors that we have developed over the years.
The more silent the place is, the more ideas come to my head; I can solve my mental problems and feel peace.
I add three to four days of outside activities to improve my fitness, but the reality is that I do outside activities to meditate and find my whole self. Sandro is also the author of Lose Weight Permanently: Effective Body Transformation Through LIfestyle Changes. Read MoreWisdom QuotesShort quotes to brighten your day - Sometimes all it takes are a few words to change your life. Exercising at the gym simply increases your appetite but may not necessarily improve assimilation. Also, over a period of time with regular meditation practice, you will find that your cravings have dropped. That of course can be easy to squeeze out anytime of the day as per your convenience, isn’t it? That’s because when you accept your physique, you become calm and settled within and stop worrying about things.
Fill in the form below to learn more about how meditation can aide you in overcoming daily issues and improve your life. However, the mind is molded according to society and the beliefs someone has created in us. Even if you are not able to exercise for some days, you won’t start gaining weight suddenly. Daily meditation practice helps strengthen your intention to lose weight so that you become more committed to exercising, following a moderated diet and other healthy practices.
With such a state of mind, it becomes much easier to work towards losing weight and your effort is also more effective. And when your work efficiency increases with meditation, you can finish all your work in less time and also find more time to plan out your weight-loss strategy.
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