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A brand new product from TOGU in Germany, this DynAir XXL Meditation cushion was designed specifically for those of us who need to sit for longer periods of time while meditating. About usWe carry a large range of homewares along with handmade one of a kind handbags, canvas prints, tin signs, teapots, tea sets, garden art and handmade Queensland soaps.
Our charity donations are aimed at knowing better and improving the life circumstances for people around the globe through the means of education. To round out their education at Bentleigh Secondary College southeast of Melbourne, Australia, students can practice meditation.
Technically students can meditate anywhere, but a beautiful spot can certainly lead a person to peace more quickly.
The Meditation and Indigenous Cultural Centre was designed by DWP Suters to help teach students about meditation, sustainability and indigenous cultures.

Crafted of sustainable wood, the multi-purpose pavilion is efficiently heated and cooled, serves as a CO2 sink and is powered by a wind turbine, all of which helps serve the ultimate goal of teaching mindfulness. DWP Suters completed Bentleigh’s sustainable campus in South East Melbourne in 2009 and is now responsible for their new Meditation and Indigenous Culture Center (M&ICC).
The small building is set in the school’s forest landscape and works as a piece of furniture – something to be used, sat on or around.
The centre is used to support the school’s curriculum, which focuses on environmental and indigenous themes.
The angular exterior is clad in sustainably-harvested silvertop ash, which will age and turn grey over time. The building is also meant to reflect how people should age over time, with the exterior turning grey, but the inside remaining young and vibrant. A soon-to-be-installed geothermal heat pump will provide energy efficient heating and cooling and passive design and daylighting help to reduce energy use. Wood material acts as a carbon sink and a wind turbine installed nearby provides 100% of the energy needed for the building. Traditional chair designs and hard floors are frequently not applicable to the meditator as he or she finds extreme discomfort when sitting for long periods.Meditators regularly experience some degree of discomfort when sitting in various positions, and this becomes a very notable distraction when meditating.

So much talent is wasted in this world because many people (children and adults alike) do not have the opportunity to get the education they would need to make a difference in this world. Meanwhile inside the space is open, flexible and smooth and can be used for a variety of activities.
Inside, plywood is moulded to the curving interior walls to create a soothing, meditative space. When you put them on they totally change the way you hold yourself,\" says designer Sophia Webster.
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