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1)  Sit in a dignified meditation posture, loosen your jaw and relax other body muscles, and begin to breathe gently in slower, calmer, deeper fashion. 4) Each time you become aware of your brain’s autopilot taking over your mind, simply bring attention back to the breath and counting. 5) Continue this basic practice for as long as you can, but do not do it beyond your kind heartedness.
6) You may note some small gratification that you were able to use your mind to counteract auto processes of the brain, heart and body. Yoga Nidra and Your Inner Peace Yoga Nidra will allow you to relax like you may never have relaxed before. Risks and Solutions for Compassion Fatigue Perhaps nothing more than compassion fatigue causes more helpers to prematurely exit their fields. Using Meditation, Yoga and Breathing… You can Anchor your Choice Making A key outcome of serious practice is  that you now reduce auto-pilot reactivity to people, places, things, emotions, sensations, craving, and memories and at the same time notice your mind CAN BE in charge of your brain-body reactions. So Many Ways to Self-Medicate –  It Just Brings More Suffering Very often poor child-parent (child-caretaker) object relations, attachment with care takers, and attunement by care takers negatively impact young children early in their lives. Concentration, Contentment, and Loving Kindness I have written various entries on concentration meditations in prior posts. Advanced Meditation Practices on Perception As the Sutra story goes, the Buddha instructed Ananda to visit the ailing venerable Girimananda, who was very, very ill. Stress In America – How to Deal with it Effectively The American Psychological Association just released the results of its annual stress survey for 2014. Buddhist Thought on Joy and Suffering 1) You actually DO have some control over your emotional destiny. Tips for Improving Your Mindfulness Practices The following practices may improve your mindfulness skills. Using Mindful Movement as a Form of Meditation Practice with the Body In Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices Hatha Yoga has been used as part of the recovery process from both psychological and physical suffering.

The Holy Year of Mercy Like the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, Pope Francis in The Church of Rome, is sharing his opinion on compassion and mercy in life. Our Brains React to Worry According to research by The American Psychological Association in 2015, some of the core sources of severe stress reaction for Americans are: financial problems, job-related problems, family problems, and health problems. Our meditation group is for everyone if you have a meditation practise or this is your first time you are very welcome to join us.
In just 20 minutes of silent meditation you will feel the flow of energy change within, this brings a quietness to the mind and body.
The experience of being silent and still within has far reaching benefits to it.That is why meditation is the perfect way to unwind, relax and release the pressures of daily life.
Our Community of Meditators are from far and wide and you will enjoy being with like minded people.
Liz teaches Vedic Meditation which is an ancient Indian practise dating back to over 5,000 years. Membership has its privileges: you will receive our newsletter, be able to post reviews and classifieds. If anyone interested in practicing meditation, pls contact via mobilephone at anytime to start. Self Description: In my 50s, academic background, long interest in meditation, mainly Buddhist. Mind training leads to liberation from brain-mind-heart-body automatic processes and reactions. These important skills allow you to have improved personal control over cognition, affect, behavior as well as sensory processing (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory) in the present moment. Do not force your breath; simply allow your intention to focus on a relaxed breath to guide you.
If continuing this practice makes you upset or aggressive with yourself, stop and begin again at another time.

Liebman Center for Secular Meditation We humans have a unique way of perceiving and processing emotional experiences. These boundless or infinite space meditations, working with deep absorption and projecting kindness outwardly, may lead to positive changes. Our aim is to bring people together to enjoy a the simple, natural, innocent process of Meditation that brings huge benefits.
A well-trained mind allows you to utilize executive functions (attention and concentration) to alter auto-reactions of the brain, body and heart. Prolonged mind training enables you to better deal with such CABS-VAKGO experiences in your past and in your future.
This will reduce the possibility of other thoughts distracting you from attending to your breath.
Simply note and let go of your thoughts and allow your MIND to focus attention on your breath and counting. A trained mind liberates you from unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors via reduced attachment, craving and clinging. Becoming aware that you DO have some control over what you think may be an important discovery for some. A very basic way to begin mind training is to practice breath meditation (or meditation on a selected object of mind). Often this liberation appears as both the dearth of cognition and the expansion of experiential awareness.

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