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How meditate: guide beginners, Learning how to meditate is easy when you know what to do. A new study being published tomorrow (April 6, 2011) in the Journal of Neuroscience proves that meditation has profound pain-relieving effects in the brain. Another interesting result revealed a dramatic decrease in brain activity in the primary somatosensory cortex, the primary area of the brain that tells you where the pain is on your body and how intense it is. The benefits of meditation can be easily outmatched by the frustration of actually trying to meditate.

If you're one who can't handle too much esoteric sweetener in your spiritual coffee, here's a great guide to starting up a meditation practice from scratch. I also share a very old simple meditation technique that has existed for thousands upon thousands of years called the breath meditation technique.I have shared this method before on this site in the past, however in the video below I will go over why it works so well and why in general it is a great practice to do daily both on a mental stand point and a spiritual stand point. It does not matter either if you are religious or not, one can also do it as a form of relaxation or unwinding. This will help improve happiness and open the door to much more opportunity than you could ever imagine.

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