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Houseplants are an easy and effective way to purify the air in the home while soothing the spirit, Dr Dow said3. Electronic devices emit blue light which triggers the production of a hormone that keeps us awake.
Drink tea or red wine and eat cinnamon and raw vegetables to minimise spikes in blood sugar levels7. Minimise omega-6s such as soyabean oil - found in mayonnaise - as they promote inflammationOther good sources of omega-3s include chia seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds and protein.13. Old-age spiritual traditions of praying, singing, meditating, and chanting may soothe anxiety even better than prescription medication, Dr Dow claims18.
Sleep boosts learning and creativity, and acts as the brain's 'self-cleaning' cycle to prevent brain fog and gets rid of Alzheimer's-causing plaques20. As I mentioned that meditation not just offers physical benefits but also psychological and social benefits.
This definitely is one of the effects that is very easily noticed in individuals after they start meditating.
Ita€™s really difficult to think clearly when your mind is full of worries, and that is why meditation helps in promoting brain health.
Many experts say that fish is the ultimate food for the brain because of its omega-3 content. N-back tasks are a series of performance tasks used as an assessment tool in cognitive neuroscience to evaluate a certain area of the short-term memory. Through a number of experiments have been conducted over the past decade, Susanne Jaeggi of the University of Maryland, College Park, and others have found that participants who train with n-back tasks over the course of approximately a month for about 20 minutes per day not only get better at the n-back task itself, but also experience a€?transfera€? to other cognitive tasks on which they did not train. If only squirrels can talk, they could have said that it only takes nuts to boost your brain power. This got me thinking about people, like me, who may not believe all of the hoopla  going around about how fantastic meditation is, and how life changing it can be. Who doesn’t want a great relationship! This is something we all strive for and some never attain. About Latest Posts Staff Curator Latest posts by Staff Curator (see all)10 Reasons For White Spots On Your Nails - May 6, 20167 Natural Remedies For Heart Palpitations - May 6, 2016The 3rd Highest Cause Of Death In The U.S. AVOID MEDICATION UNLESS IT IS ESSENTIALA There are many people who do suffer from serious diseases such as depression and are in real need of medication.However, many of us are over-medicated, taking over-the-counter and prescription drugs a€“ including aspirin, antibiotics, birth control pills, asthma medications, ibuprofen, and steroids a€“ all of which can deplete B vitamins which are essential for boosting mood and energy.
PUT HOUSEPLANTS IN EVERY ROOMHouseplants are an easy and effective way to purify the air in your home while also soothing your spirit.A Plants such as lady palm, dwarf date and peace lily are particularly effective at cleaning the air you breathe.
The busy life style and faulty food habits render us sleep less for most part of the night.
When meditation helps you to conquer stress it indirectly helps you to control your blood pressure as well. It can also be due to allergy. During asthma a person is unable to breathe due to inflammation and swelling in the respiratory track especially the air pipe. A person becomes visibly more energetic than he has been earlier  Lets combine some of the effects that we have seen earlier in the article. Meditation helps you to focus and concentrate better which is the pre requisite to remember anything and to memorize it.

A It is a rating of how much scientific literature is out there that supports the activity in improving brain function.
These essential fatty acids have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and are thought to reduce the incidence of hemorrhagic stroke. Considered as the cornerstone brain-training exercise, the n-back task is also considered as a method to boost fluid intelligence. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that help prevent dementia. Do you have the energy to jump out of bed each morning and face the day with a positive attitude and a smile on your face?
Science confirms it, meditation can prevent disease, keep you healthy,keep mentally vital, physically strong and make you happy and optimistic.
My own experience is that I have become a lot calmer and energetic after doing meditation for close to a year now.My wife is into this for close to 5 years now and she looks a lot younger, very radiant looking even at close to 45 years and very patient and liberal in her assessment of people.
PRACTICE MINDFULNESS AND EXERCISE YOUR PREFRONTAL CORTEXA We no longer have the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time a€“ we work whilst looking at our phones and we watch TV while checking social media.A This has caused our attention span to diminish. Meditation helps you sleep better in the night and it also lowers your stress levels significantly. Also the memory center of the brain becomes more active when its utilized every day while meditating in recalling all the events and analyzing each event all over again. Aside from decreasing onea€™s worries, meditation was also found to improve memory, attention span and decision-making.
And just like spices, these foods are rich in polyphenols that shield the brain from injury and disease.
A group of physicians at the Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina have studied the effect of zinc on the transmission of impulses in the brain, and discovered that zinc enhances nerve function by regulating the plasticity of synapses (gaps in between neurons that serve as areas of impulse transmission). Me and my son, were at logger heads for a number of years and now, I observe that our relationship is truly transforming due to my changed behavior after I started meditating. This ancient practice of meditating today has been acknowledged by various research centers , neurologists, psychiatrists etc as effective in an amazing way. Meditation has shown to increase the connection and transmittance of signals between the two hemispheres of the brain. You are also suggested to think of a series of events that are occurring one after the other. This enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood while at the same time reduces your respiration rate. As it controls the respiratory rate it decreases your body’s oxygen demands by increasing its efficiency of utilization  It also modulates the immune system there preventing on sets of auto immune attacks.
It helps you to build a positive attitude towards life and helps you control your emotions from going extreme.
According to Gomez-Pinilla, omega-3 fatty acids increase levels of molecules important for neuroplasticity such as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a neurotrophin that regulates the survival, growth and differentiation of nerve cells.
The antioxidants found in leafy greens have also been associated with preventing the recurrence of strokes and the delaying of symptoms of Parkinsona€™s and Alzheimera€™s disease.
In addition, nuts and seeds contain vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant that enhances cognitive skills.

Now we all have a very harmonious relationship with all the people we come across and I have to thank Tom apart from some other people.
MEDITATE FOR 12 MINUTES DAILYA Meditation not only helps you feel at peace but also greatly improves your focus and memory.A When acclaimed neuroscientist Dr.
This improved connection enhances the ability to analyze a situation and take decisions accordingly.
This people who suffer from asthma should definitely practice meditation as a part of their therapy.
Your ability to learn becomes faster and more accurately you can recall all that you have learnt. Andrew Newberg studied subjects with memory loss after they engaged in 12-minute daily meditations, brain scans showed that they had increased activity in the prefrontal cortex as well as increased blood flow to the brain. Be it yoga , cardiac , aerobics etc all forms of health work outs recommend incorporation of meditation in the daily schedules of individuals for an over all effective health care.
You spend time meditating thinking about things that make you happy and try to forget all that bothers you. People who meditate regularly have shown better control at work place and better adaptive capacity.
Thus overall it helps yo to be more energetic  You are more enthusiastic about life and tend to take everything as a challenge worth accepting. In the long run this enhances your ability to focus on your work or personal life. Thus with meditation you get a better ability to concentrate. Kudos to your wife, I wish I had discovered it sooner in my life.Tom is the person I have to thank for my calmness today!! Without an equally leveled mental fitness it is impossible to live a healthy and happy life. Hence meditation gives yo a better control of your emotions and prevents out bursts when in situations.
While meditating we also tend to analyze the situation better and see aspects that we avoided before. Thus meditation is always recommended by psychiatrists for patient going through depression. Now there has been a lot of emphasis on meditation solely when the benefits arising out of it came to the front. Various psychiatrist suggest their patients to practice meditation for their effective and quick treatment. You can incorporate a few minutes of meditation in your schedule and see the change in your personality for your self. The list of benefits from a few minutes of meditation is long but here are the 10 benefits of meditation that you can surely see within a few days of practicing meditation.

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