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Although tendencies towards sense-objects [vishaya vasanas], which have been recurring down the ages, rise in countless numbers like the waves of the ocean, they will all perish as meditation on one’s nature becomes more and more intense. As long as there are tendencies towards sense-objects in the mind, the enquiry `Who am I ?’ is necessary.
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Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. If other thoughts rise one should, without attempting to complete them, enquire `To whom did they rise?’ What does it matter however many thoughts rise?

If one then enquires `Who am I?’, the mind will turn back to its source [the Self] and the thought which had risen will also subside. Without giving room even to the doubting thought, `Is it possible to destroy all these tendencies [vasanas] and to remain as Self alone?’, one should persistently cling fast to self-attention.
As and when thoughts rise, one should annihilate all of them through enquiry then and there in their very place of origin. Just as a pearl-diver, tying a stone to his waist, dives into the sea and takes the pearl lying at the bottom, so everyone, diving deep within himself with non-attachment, can attain the pearl of Self. Not attending to what-is-other [anya] is non-attachment [vairagya] or desirelessness [nirasa]. If one resorts uninterruptedly to remembrance of one’s real nature [swarupasmarana] until one attains Self, that alone will be sufficient.

Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, cutting edge ideas, spontaneous humor and proven practices, Bhavajalanji motivates, provokes and inspires you into surrendering into your own greatness. He lives to help people to find their true Self, Live spiritually, with passion and purpose, doing work that really matters!
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