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I teach under the auspices of the Sufi Ruhaniat International which was founded by Murshid Samuel L. According to Inayat Khan it is a mistake to assume that Sufism is simply the esoteric side of Islam.
These songs have developed gradually over the past 10 years and each one in its own way has been of great significance for me. It is based on the philosophy of nondualism, called Advaita (non-dual) Vedanta (Vedic knowledge).
Non dualism can also be discerned in the deeper meaning of Christ’s sayings in the Bible Some of the best known Hindu teachers of Jnana Yoga are Vashishtha, Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta Maharaj. The purpose of SPARK {SPIRITUAL AWAKENING AND RENEWAL THROUGH KNOWLEDGE} is to provide an ambiance for seeking a higher level of wisdom through incisive and thought provoking articles, which are well researched, as well as through weekly blogs which aim at in depth and esoteric interpretation of sacred scriptures and ancient wisdom sayings passed on to us through myths and other forms of knowledge dissemination, thus empowering individuals to live a truly spiritual life. INVOCATION With the twin lamp of knowledge; the wisdom of the east and west - I constantly endeavor to remove the heavy burden of darkness that hangs like an ever present cloud in the dark night of my soul.

The word Sufi is derived from the Arabic word Safa, or Saf, which means, literally, pure, i.e. It was once a reality without a name,” said Abul Hasan Bushanji some 300 years after passing of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
He asserts that according to the sacred history which the Sufis inherited from one another, it is clear that Sufism has never been owned by any race or religion for differences and distinctions are the very delusions from which Sufis seek to purify themselves.
A mixture of music, chanting and meditation this weekly performance includes Qawwali (Islamic devotional signing) and is under constant threat from extremist elements within Pakistan who denounce the practice of Sufism and their quest for spiritual emancipation. A similar non-dualistic view of reality is held by many branches of Buddhism, including Zen, by Taoism, by Islamic Sufism, as well as by some branches of Christianity that follow the Gospel of Thomas.
It keeps the true objective of yoga in sight and offers the blessing of truth getting closer at every step.
Inayat Khan traces the pre-Islamic roots of Sufism back through the early Christian mystics of Syria and Egypt, to the Essenes, the ancient Pythagorean orders, and the mystery schools of the Egyptians and Zoroastrians, among others.

Man's basirah is veiled and covered with rust (rayn) that can only be removed through the sincere practicing of the Remembrance Of Allah (zikrullah) . It is an attitude of life, not taught by any particular principle or dogma; it is to tune oneself to a certain pitch, so that the heart can become tuned to the One and Only Being. We are in the stream of the ages-old wisdom lineage of Sufism brought to the West in 1910 by Hazrat Inayat Khan and developed by his disciple Murshid Samuel L. This work was continued by Pir Moineddin Jablonski, the spiritual successor of Murshid Samuel Lewis, who guided the Ruhaniat from 1971 until his death in 2001. Through a combination of spiritual practices and devotion practitioners by overcoming the false self, the nufs (ego), gradually realize their essential self which is a clear reflection of Divine Reality.

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