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You spend your days near overdosing on coffee just to keep yourself conscious and by the time you get into bed at night you're so hyped up on the days events - emails, phone calls, texts, social media, work, that guy who pushed into you on the train (eugh), that you are unable to drift off. Now, if we had the time, we would love to run ourselves a bath, dot a few candles around our bathroom and lie back with a glass of red every night (we do still do this when we can, by the way), but recently a new wave of meditation apps seem to be the easiest and most convenient way to fit some chill time into our crazy schedules.
Think of this as your own personal mind trainer, all you need to gain some extra calm and quietness in your busy mind is 10 minutes each day, really not a lot when you think about it. This meditation app focuses on mindfulness when going through life day to day, something we all struggle with. Coined the worlds number 1 mediation app for increased focus, relaxation and improved sleep, this app lets you choose from over 500 transformational audio tapes from around the globe. Custom meditations let you pick your meditation at specific times of the day; there are ones specifically for travelling, being online, going to sleep and taking a work break. This week on Neurogadget, we’re reviewing the MindWave Mobile headset, one of the most popular consumer brain-computer interfaces available on the market. Longtime readers of Neurogadget probably need no explanation as to how the technology works, and can safely skip this section. Your brain is constantly producing electrical signals while it operates, as the cellular components of the brain (neurons) communicate with each other.
The Mindwave headset picks up your brain’s electrical activity and divides the signal by frequency into various types of waves, allowing it to infer your mental state. Unfortunately your body makes a lot of other electrical noise, in addition to the activity coming from your brain. The MindWave mobile comes bundled with a few applications and there are many available, both free and paid, in the NeuroSky Online Store, and also the Apple and Android app stores. As stated earlier, the Brainwave Visualiser, which actually shows all (or more at least) of the signal picked up by the headset is easily the most accessible app, displaying brainwave data in three ways (raw electrical signal, decomposed signal frequencies as a bar graph, and the same frequencies in a circular ‘radar’ style dish with associated wave-types labeled).
The Meditation Journal app is probably the most useful included software, which while simple still manages to give you the tools to meaningfully view your brainwave data over time.
Another enjoyable app is Man.Up, a simple platformer game that rather than being controlled entirely by your brain uses the signals gathered by the mindwave to alter the circumstances of the player.
The Mindwave Mobile is an impressive and convincingly responsive brain-computer interface. The technology is still in its infancybut despite reservations over the less than stellar bundled apps, the Mindwave Mobile is an excellent piece of tech. The MindWave Mobile and additional applications for the headset are available online at the NeuroSky store.
Thousands of people use these products quite happily including some 300+ universities and hospitals. Enter your email address to subscribe to Neurogadget and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Powered by NeuroSky’s Brainwave Technology, the Mindwave Mobile uses a single sensor positioned on the forehead to allow you to view your brainwaves in real time.
At a macro scale, they produce a range of frequencies that scientists have found relate to particular mental states.
For this reason there is a ‘reference’ contact, in the form of a clip that attaches to your earlobe, which allows the headset to filter out non-brain related electrical activity. The primary sensor sits on your forehead pretty comfortably, although it will take a minute or two to adjust it the first time you put it on.
Pairing the Mindwave up to your device via bluetooth requires almost no effort, and after that all that remains is downloading the bundled apps, or simply installing them with the included CD if the device isn’t a mobile of some kind. This is fairly apparent even in the tutorial, but becomes most obvious in one of the simplest app bundled with the headset, the Brainwave Visualizer. It even has thorough, unobtrusive informational popups placed throughout the interface so anyone wondering what a particular part of the image they are seeing means can easily find out. The player bounces on platforms, which disappear after the first landing, and scrolls infinitely upwards trying to go as far as possible. Zombie Pop is a game where you concentrate to inflate zombie’s heads, then blink to burst them at the right time.
Allowing you to ‘edit the movie with your brain’, the idea is to watch a film, then at strategic points use your mind to alter the flow of the action as it happens.
You might like to read that email from Neurosky because they are probably saying the same or similar. I used it once and within a half hour of using it started experiencing a very strong migraine headache.
Includes 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty, a pose dictionary and detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment and benefits. Daily Yoga includes a wide variety of HD video sequences with vocal instruction as well as specialized programs to suit your needs.
Try Relax Melodies with 50 ambient sounds and 4 brainwave beats including Binaural & Isochronic frequencies.
Study up on meditation, spirituality, style, reviews, and expert guidance, in an intuitive, easy-to-follow format, plus bonus material you won’t find anywhere else.
For so may of us, the stress and anxiety of our daily lives doesn’t allow us any time to settle our minds. For example, a sleeping person’s brain produces an abundance of delta waves, whereas an alert and awake person concentrating hard on something will produce far more beta waves. The ear clip is likewise pretty comfortable, and the whole apparatus has the advantage of easily allowing you to wear over-ear headphones at the same time if you so choose.

We noted that concentration in particular responds immediately and obviously to mental distractions; even something as simple as turning away for a moment to check the time, or look around for the source of a noise behind you is pretty clearly reflected in concentration as the Mindwave measures it. It also has a neat function that pairs up with iTunes to make a basic recording of how your brain responds to a song, and allows you to play these recordings back later. Movement left and right are controlled by the arrow keys, but how high the player bounces every time they hit a platform hinges on how concentrated you are, and how wide (or tiny) the platforms are reflects how relaxed you are while playing. If this sounds like a fairly shallow mechanic, then you are not far wrong: the game has no other means of control (zombies come to you on a conveyer belt, you are told when to concentrate and when to blink to pop them) and you rapidly feel like a zombie yourself after doing the same thing over and over and over again.
It’s a great idea, but this iteration of it was lacking in polish and even basic functionality. While the $99.95 price tag (MindWave headset only) can be seen as a reasonable price for this new technology, $129 for the MyndPlay bundle could be little daunting for someone just looking for a nifty toy. Control your melody with the ability to mix and match sounds and adjust the volume of each individually. Ability to create and customize your own class as well as schedule and sync them to your calendar. Blinking also Although simple, it is very enjoyable, and a good example of how simple brain control can enhance a gameplay experience.
The films had jumpy, obvious cuts from normal ‘movie’ time to ‘concentrate here’ junctures, not to mention having no way of doing basic things like skipping forwards or backwards in a single clip. I thought it was a one off and didn’t use it again till the next day and it occurred again. Also we would like to take the opportunity to thank Neurosky for providing us a review unit of the headset.
This time I waited 7 days, with not such pain in between and on the third occasion it did it again. I saw my doctor and he told me that I may be electro sensitive and that I should not use a product of this nature and send it back to the manufacturer telling them what has transpired.
Their answer was not one of concern, but basically telling me that because I hadn’t contacted them prior (I did) then a refund will not be honored.
It’s a product that has basically been used a handful of times, for very brief moments, but most importantly caused me a medical problem that should be addressed by the manufacturer.

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