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Wer positive Erfahrungen mit Yoga und Meditation gemacht hat, mochte diese auch an andere Menschen weitergeben. Unser Verlag hat tolle neue Bucher im Angebot, auf sie sei hingewiesen. In unserem Online Shop kannst du sie bequem von zuhause aus bestellen. Lasse dich aber auch von den anderen Artikeln, etwa zu Ayurveda, Yogatherapie und Kochen, inspirieren. Das Yoga Vidya Journal ist selbstverstandlich kostenlos und liegt ab sofort in allen Yoga Vidya Hausern und Zentren aus. The companion journal to Conner’s latest book, The Lotus and the Lily, helps readers crack the abundance code by linking the wisdom of the inner voice with the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. Janet Conner is a major voice for spiritual growth and understanding, who became a catalyst for deep soul change after a series of personal traumas.
This self-paced four week session with Bear explores healing practice with hands, voice and energy, the study of archetypes, reading signs and symbols, death and honoring the divine beauty of the life cycle, as well as creating a foundation of gratitude with the Give-Away ceremony. SouLodge 2014 offers affordable support for your soul path, taking you deep into your grounded power, connecting you with your guides and ancestors, illuminating your spirit, and fortifying your ability to self-heal. As the founder of Femail Creations and the booming home-party business, Barefoot Parties, Lisa Hammond brings her own success and wisdom to readers with The Permission to Dream Journal, along with quotes from other great role models like Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others.
In this one-of-a-kind journal, sections include Remember Your Dreams, Building Your Dreams, and Living Your Dreams.
The Permission to Dream Journal sets out to motivate readers not only to dream, but to make their dreams happen on their own terms.
This in an 8 session creative expression and magic manifestation course led by intuitive life and business coach and spiritual teacher Allison Crow. Grab a sketch pad, your journal, and your favorite markers and get ready to doodle meditate! You may have heard the term in a yoga class or seen a chakra massage on your local spa’s menu of services.
One, you will learn a free form doodling technique I use to focus my thoughts, calm my nerves, get out of depression, and create and launch the visions I have for my life!
Second, I chose some cool mind-body-spirit content (the Chakra energy system) to weave throughout the course.

Dazu findest du wertvolle Tipps in dieser Ausgabe des Yoga Vidya Journals: Mantras, heilige Silben und Klange, konnen eine gro?e Hilfe sein.
Da bietet es sich an, Kursleiter fur Meditationsgruppen zu werden oder Yogalehrer, der naturlich auch Meditationen anleiten kann und soll.
In a profound yet simple 30-day program, Conner guides the reader in soul writing through the journal and the book, to create the personal receptive conditions that nourish a bountiful life.
In her books, events, and worldwide courses, Janet shares practical spiritual tools that engage your soul, activate your divine voice, and magnify your creative potential. Snuggling down with the Earth Mother finds participants in this course healing areas within which require deep nourishment and healing of the mother wound. Strong and well-nourished, this Earth Mother will take us through the session with strength and nurturance. In our busy and often overbooked lives, it is sometimes difficult to discern what our true dreams and passions are. Each section begins with a wish list and various prompts like "What is your craziest dream? She is the recipient of the Small Business Person of the Year Award for 2000, as well as the National Association of Women Business Owners Woman of Distinction Award for Woman Entrepreneur for 2003. After you register you will receive immediate access via email to the Home Study Kit Page for this course. When you take info from your heart and mind…and you let it come out through the tip of a pen onto a piece of paper—You make amazing shit happen!
Nope (even though I GUARANTEE you actually are one)… It is totally up to you how you participate in this class, and they way you take notes and journal. At times you will be taking notes, at times you will have templates to work with if you want…and of course taking charge of a blank page is always PURE CREATION and MAGIC! This content is colorful AND will help you understand yourself better from a physical, mental, and spiritual point of view. All text, graphics, audio files, java applets and scripts, downloadable software, and other works on the web site are the copyrighted works of Allison Crow and Soul-Full Living, LLC. Dazu brauchst du nicht auf indische Sanskrit-Klange zuruckgreifen, wenn du das nicht magst.

We’ll be taking 7 days to honor the Equinox during with another 7 Journeys, inside of this SouLodge session. The Permission to Dream Journal is designed to help readers discover their dreams and to aid them in achieving them. Hammond and Femail Creations have been profiled in O magazine, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal.
Of course I recommend that you DO give the markers a go!There will be lovely fun content delivered visually and over the phone—and you have the opportunity to take notes, journal and create during the class- or later in the week. Das christliche Herzensgebet kann eine passende Alternative sein. Wenn du ein Mantra fur deine Meditationspraxis verwendest, hilft es, wenn du in das Mantra eingeweiht wirst.
Previously, she created "Spiritual Geography", the soul writing system that heals the broken heart. As a live session, this was a very sweet and restful season, perfect for those of us who wanted to take a break, unplug, do some cellular and medicinal healing and lumber along at Bear’s pace. We journey to go deep within, connect with Spirit and locate the nuggets of intuitive knowing. Any unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any copyrighted materials on the web site is strictly prohibited. Der Schulterstand gehort zu den wichtigsten Asanas in der Yoga Vidya Grundreihe, wie sie bei uns unterrichtet wird. A strong and willing protector known for her fierce mothering skills, Bear takes us into her herby cave and shows us the opportunity to do soul work while replenishing our reserves. Also enjoy seven live recorded shamanic journeys as part of this course, to strengthen your practice and receive messages from your guides and Bear about how to create a vital state of being during trying times.
This class is going to support you, each week to spend some time being mindful about your whole being—by drawing or journaling or just taking notes.
I want teach you some steps to begin manifesting those things in your life…by using MARKERS (journaling and doodling).

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